Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September Energy


We Are All Alchemists

I'm thinking a fine way to {sorry- this is a reoccuring theme lately} explain my absence on the blog is to explain what I've learned about the upcoming energy of September.  Nipping on the heels of an explosive and tumultuous August comes a more peaceful, calm, forgiving and decisive September.  Allow me to explain...

My personal life has been going through some, er, growing pains for the last year. The changes were like the steam inside a faulty pressure cooker: building and building but with no means of escape until I finally listened the the guidance of my "helpers" {go figure} who were beseeching me to surrender my worries to the Lord.  They wanted me to quit trying to control the situation and assured me everything would work out as it should if I would only relinquish the death-grip I had on my troubles.  Well my friends I am here to tell you that I am a stubborn one; a Leo through and through.  I am perfectionist who is very hard on myself.  I should be able to handle it all!  I got this!  I don't need any help... until I'm crashing :)  I was only able to "give it up" once I hit rock bottom and was forced to hand over my pain, stress, worry and indecision over to a Higher Power because I simply could no longer handle it myself.  I would like to say I surrendered gracefully but no- I did not give up peacefully or quietly~ sometimes we have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the night to find out there is really nothing to fear in the dark after all.

We are entering a time of Enlightenment where major life problems or situations that no longer serve a higher purpose are being taken from us, resolved, in order to create space to learn and grow.  Achieving resolution can become a struggle if, like in my case, we hold on to those issues in order to control instead of letting them go with ease.       

The accumulation of months of stress are the reason for my absence.  Thank you again to Kristy for holding it all together.  I can attest to the insane energy of the last few months because my own issues finally boiled over.  The pressure cooker broke releasing weeks and weeks and weeks worth of steam very quickly.  Over the last months my situation has resolved itself and will be concluding here soon.  I can breathe again.  I am happy, free, light and very very thankful to God and my helpers for sticking with me through months, no years, worth of nearly disabling self-doubt and disbelief. Those were necessary dark dark times of sorrow and despair that taught me invaluable lessons as they helped me find answers to my problems.  Now as I look back over all that I've documented for the last year I can see a pattern of guidance: "trust, believe, surrender, have hope, banish doubt, embrace faith."  And LOVE- above all love.  "You are loved."  When I was at my worst their messages were strongest, kinda like the Footsteps Poem where Jesus explains that when we are at our weakest He then carries us.  They carried me through- and they will you also if you can find it in your heart to believe.  Have faith.  Trust.  Hear them and truly listen.  But don't let me be the pot calling the kettle black.  Believing is hard hard hard- yet know they will never ever give up on you, even when you might be tempted to give up on yourself. 

September Energy

Thanks to B. Devine of Devine Miracles because much of this information comes from her. 


I've been doing a lot of reading on what September will bring us as individuals as well as for humanity as a whole.  I need my tools, want to be prepared with information while I allow the Divine to guide me.  Autumn is on its way, my favorite time of year and a season that I feel is highly magical.  Allow me to share what I've learned because it resonated with me and hopefully will with you as well.  The wisdom of the past is ready to be manifested into answers in the present.  Spiritual cosmic energy is strong and moving quickly which is allowing people to manifest thoughts into reality at a rapid rate.  Never before did the phrase "Be careful what you wish for!" hold more meaning than right now because our thoughts have the power to become things at an accelerated pace.  Be aware of what your are thinking about, where you are placing your energies, to ensure it is not only positive for you but also for a higher good.

New beginnings are overlapping endings this month as various cycles in our lives come together into a new level of being- a more peaceful, reassured and knowing self.  Take heart that this month will begin to feel more *still* than the rest of the year.  There should be no manipulation of Truth within you because this will impede the process of manifestation.  Do not doubt your own power to create.  Own it.  Calm your doubts.  Trust your intuition because it will become stronger and stronger.  Continue to study but also pay attention to the wisdom within- soon you will be called upon to impart that wisdom upon others with strength and self-confidence.  Right now you are nurturing your spiritual knowing so it can become second nature, who you are as a person instead of just what you are learning, hoping, to become.  Your dreams will become your reality if you simply believe and have faith.  

Love of self is very important right now.  Hunker down and reign in your energies, love and nurture yourself.  Take bubble baths.  Journal.  Read.  Indulge in good music and nurturing food.  Drink plenty of water.  A time will come for you to share with others but for right this moment go easy on yourselves.  It is a time of gathering- information and energy.  Allow yourself to be selfish with your time and energy!  Now is the perfect time to change eating habits to become lighter- lighter in person equals lighter in spirit.

Personally I was glad to read that the tempers and fiery energies that were mounting over the summer have now come to a head, been released and are tempering.  Many people experienced over the last few months physical symptoms like skin and stomach issues, anxiety or fear.  I myself had copious amounts of nervous energy and was lead to work outside in the yard or ride my bike... for miles.  My son saw more of the bike trail than ever before.  And at nearly forty years old I've been spoiled with good skin- until this past month when I felt like I was back in high school with breakouts, rashes and flare ups of my rosacea.  Yeah roiling energy!!!  This was all due to the process of being awakened and purging lower energies from the body.  Getting rid of bad stuff.  I find that when I get that nervous energy feeling I must go outside and be in nature- it is the only thing that will diffuse the"high."  Now that the energies have calmed we are beginning to let go of the old to make way for the new which is, for me personally, a huge theme in my life.  With assistance from my Divine helpers I am releasing that which no longer serves me to clear the way for my Divine purpose.  I know in the future I am meant to "help people" spiritually in some way; I don't need all the answers right now- it's in the preparation phases :)  I am simply supposed to trust, study and learn.  

We are finding relief to long standing issues in our lives which goes along with the theme of release.  Upgrades are happening within us, abilities are being awakened and strengthened.  There are new beginnings to look forward to, and September is a month to find people, those we once knew or new faces we've never met before, who will be in our lives forever so be aware of who you meet!

Embrace the joy of release and relief.  Enjoy peace within.  Be gentle on yourself and as always remember to live your lives through love!  And remember~ at those times when you think "Could this be magic?" it is!

~Love, Light & Blessings,