Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Magick Comes In All Packages

My kids rarely get ill. Wait, I seem to be saying that a lot this year. Alright, pre-2012 they rarely got ill. This year the germs have taken up residence in the Robin's Nest (the Robinett's house). I have gone through many cans of Lysol and several Mr. Clean cleaners. Without the deep freeze that we normally get in Michigan, I fear that the viruses and bugs are not just strong, but have donned capes and little swords. I tried to lock the kids in their rooms, but that isn't fair, they still need to come out at least to do their chores (joking)!! So as I attempted to duck the influenza, I read a couple books (as I was telling Madelyn - it takes me about three hours to read about 400 pages), played Words With Friends, got caught up on my emails, harassed friends on Facebook, and watched Youtube. From Oprah's Life Class to Wicked, I tried to inundate myself with positive messages. When my family is sick, I tend to sponge the energy into my being and become teary and sad, so I bubbled myself off, did a lot of meditating where I allowed the 'rain' to wash over my energy field, and fought the blues with happy. As I was doing that, I came across a video from Britain's "America's Got Talent". Charlotte, a 15 year old pop singer, teamed up with a disheveled and shy 17 year old Jonathan. He spoke of how his size has always made him try to blend into the background, while Charlotte spoke of how she was his protector. Well, I won't ruin it - you have to watch for yourself.   

Magick comes in all shapes, sizes and forms and most of all, it comes from within.

Spiritual Signs: The Crystal


Remember that is it not only through dreams that our guides, angels and higher consciousness give us messages. We also received messages in our waking life that consist of signs, symbols and synchronicity. I've already mentioned that my guides use music to offer me messages but tonight before I go to sleep I'd like to share a recent experience of another type of sign I recently received.

What is a spiritual sign? It can really be anything that attracts your attention and speaks to your heart in a effort to communicate a specific message or point that you are supposed to know. Signs can be religious or spiritual or even something as simple as a rainbow. Recently lotuses have caught my attention. I see them everywhere and then my friend told me a dream she had all about lotus flowers. I know now I need to study the symbolism behind the lotus flower, and without even typing in the words "lotus+symbolism" into google I already know part of the message deals with the urging my guides are giving me to do yoga. I'd better be in Child's pose soon!

In my example here it was more than a reminder... it was my spirit guides giving me a gentle slap upside the head, like "duh why don't you see?" I bought the crystal, along with a few of the same, shown in the picture above a few years back at an antique store with the idea of making them into a pair of earrings. Yet a few years later they still sit in my jewelry box in their raw form, earrings unmade. In previous posts I've explained that my guides had been urging me to get back to my art, once again find my inspiration. Start creating again. So one morning I slipped on a simple necklace to wear to work. I grabbed it out of my newly organized jewelry box. It was a single strip of leather, nothing fancy or intricate. I wore it all day. At home later when I was in the kitchen making dinner I felt something slide down my back. I reached in my shirt and pulled out...

This crystal.

I looked at it laying in the palm of my hand and briefly wondered how the heck it got in my shirt. I was busy at that moment making dinner and washing dishes {my abnormally normal part of life} so I didn't give it much thought. I placed it on the counter and finished my evening routine. The following morning I walked into my perfectly clean kitchen to find this crystal standing on its side, on it's skinny little crystal edge, in the middle of my counter top.

Just standing there. Like it was waiting for me.

Yep- waiting for me balanced on its terribly thin faceted edge. It was then that it hit me- how did that crystal get in my shirt? Did it really remain accidentally connected to the necklace I wore all day without coming loose until that very moment when I would be sure to feel it on my skin? I find that hard to believe. And when I put it down on the counter, working around it for at least an hour, I did not balance it on its edge.

My guides did.

As soon as I saw it there standing on edge my mind became still and I heard my guides speaking to me. They put this crystal in my shirt as a reminder to begin working on my art again. The thing is- I am so utterly dense that finding it slipping down my back was not enough to jar my brain; I still found a way to rationalize the mysterious appearance of a rogue crystal appearing out of nowhere, on my body. Oh no- they had to take it one step further by conspicuously leaving it for me in the middle of my kitchen counter standing straight and tall. And finally I saw. It was the last nudge I needed. Since that moment I have made about fifteen new pieces of jewelry. And as always I am thankful for the divine reminder that without my art I am not fully living up to my God-given potential.

Remember that often signs and symbols are very personalized; be aware of the world around you. Really aware.  Not Jen-dense aware! If the symbol of a rose comes to you many times over the course of a week, visually, maybe in a quote or poem, or you catch the sweet scent of rose-scented perfume this may be a message to relax and slow down to smell the roses, or stop looking at a situation through rose-colored glasses. You'll know the meaning of the message once you notice it. Do not discount these signs.  Banish any second-guessing... once your intuition has sparked the thought in your mind of "wow this might be a sign!" know that it is.  Don't let your doubt wash away your intuition.  This sign came to me on the heels of my guides using my pendulum to literally spell out to me that it was time to continue on with my creativity. To anyone else the crystal would have meant nothing. To me it meant everything.

I'd love to know what signs you have noticed in your life! Please feel free to share!

Love and Light,


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Celebrating Love and Life... It's National Puppy Day!

This particular Goddess's participation is going to be noticeably sparse for a few weeks more as I finish up a long awaited IN CHARM'S WAY (hurray!) and run off to Chicago to see my #3 son graduate from Navy bootcamp, leaving you all in the very capable hands of my very charming and bewitching fellow Goddesses, Jen and Kristy. 

In the meantime and most especally in honor of National Puppy Day, I wanted to share a video with you all that celebrates the love we have for our furry friends who bring so much joy {and a few much needed lessons} into our lives, the extreme love and compassion of all caring souls who watch over them, and one wonderfully sweet puppy in particular.

Love to all,

Mad {madly}

Have you hugged your own furry friend today?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Moon Wishes (March 2012)

According to Jan Spiller, it is the most potent Moon of the year for making wishes involving new beginnings! The best wishing times are (according to Eastern Standard Time): Thursday, March 22: 10:37 am – midnight, Friday, March 23: all day and night and Saturday, March 24: 12:01 am – 1:17 pm. So, make your 10 wishes and your New Moon Check. 

New Moons are a great time to begin new projects, new love, new careers or anything else new you want to do (or are afraid to do)!  Over the next couple days try to spend time thinking and meditating on new beginnings rather than what hasn’t been working for you.  Here are some good exercises for you to do!

Each month on the new moon write up a list of 10 wishes. It can be anything from romance to finances to security. 

Don’t write more than 10 wishes AND handwrite (don’t type).

Try to make your wish list within the first eight hours of the new moon. If you miss the first eight hours, you can still make your wish list within the first 48 hours of the new moon. 

Writing an Abundance Check is an exercise you can use to create more abundance in your life and the check is to be written within 24 hours after each New Moon. 

1. On your check where it says "Pay to," write your name. 

2. On the same line where you would fill in a dollar amount write "Paid in full." 

3. On the next line where you would write out a dollar amount, write "Paid in full." [Some say it works better if you don't add the squiggly line.] 

4. On the signature line, sign your check: "The Law of Abundance" 

It is not necessary to put a date on the check (although I do). DO NOT write a specific dollar amount on the check. Then put the check away in a safe place and forget about it. The Universe will take over from there.

It is a really old video, but ya get the point!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Everyday Magick

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” 
Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

The Dragonfly

The grass was still wet from the morning dew even though the sun had been shining for several hours. Freshly turned dirt lay plastered to her right cheek as the tears moistened the soil into mud. She knew that she must’ve looked like a mess, but didn’t much care. 

Her cotton paisley printed dress didn’t do much to keep out the wind that was softly blowing around her and she shivered a bit as she grabbed the bottle that lay deep within her pockets. She had counted them out before she left her home, making certain not to be short any. Without sitting up, she counted them out again. Fourteen in all, she confirmed. Her hand shook as she closed the lid and waited for just the right moment. 

Movement startled her until her eyes focused through her water-filled eyes on the creature that landed near her nose. The dragonfly contemplated her for a second, as if to say that she didn’t belong, and gently flew away. Its royal blue color matched Abby’s eyes and instead of feeling comforted by the divine creature, she again broke into sobs hugging the grey marble stone that portrayed her daughter’s name; Abby Grace, age five.

Life goes on, everyone kept telling her, but how could it? Time only deepened her wounds. There was nobody left now that Abby lay buried in the beautiful white casket, holding her stuffed hippo she’d called Hickory. She would only have pictures and memories which she so feared would only fade and haunt her night and day. Life didn’t have to go on; it was a choice. A choice she continually contemplated. 

"To let a sad thought or a bad one get into your mind is as dangerous as letting a scarlet fever germ get into your body. If you let it stay there after it has got in, you may never get over it as long as you live.”
Frances Hodgson Burnett

As swiftly as the dragonfly had departed, it landed once again, perched in front of her. The moment rang serene as she looked at the sunlight, shimmering through its transparent wings and the coloring of its body, even more brilliant than seconds before. For the past few weeks she had been asking for some sort of a sign, receiving nothing, but now she wondered if perhaps there had been signs all around her and she had ignored them all out of grief. Could this be a sign, she wondered. Had Abby sent this glorious bug as a sign that she was ok and watching over her? Even if it was merely coincidence, just the thought made her feel content. She felt a little silly, now, a little wrong; this sudden peace, a betrayal against her anger for God. She smiled at the dragonfly and extended her hand out to it. Without hesitation, it crawled upon her index finger and softly fluttered its wings and flew into the tree that hovered over the burial ground.

She slowly rose, sitting she took the bottle out of her pocket and opened it. Emptying the contents into her hand, one by one she laid the colored M & Ms upon the tombstone; Abby’s favorite candy. She had promised her that they’d get them the day of the accident. She only wanted to keep her promise.

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.”
Mary Anne Radmacher
We all have our own trials and tribulations. Some of us keep our pain held deep within our soul, hidden; a mask over the trueness that smiles all is fine.  Others roar, showing their discontent with life to all within the range. And yet others may just numb their soul altogether and walk around in the muck of life. How do you handle your sadness? Do you get mad, angry, point fingers, or simply smile through it? Are you patching or fixing? Or are you even trying anymore?

I was just getting ready for bed when my phone rang and my Spirit Guide, Alto, told me to pick it up. It was after 10:00 p.m. and it had been a long and trying day, the last thing I wanted to do was talk to anyone. I honestly just wanted to cuddle up in bed, put the blankets to my chin and drift away into a magical land where nobody yelled at anybody, where nobody was upset with anybody and where I could create my own magic. I didn’t recognize the phone number, but I did as told. On the other line was a teenage girl of about sixteen years old. She told me that her name was Paige*.  She explained to me that her mother had seen me a few years back when she was going through the divorce with her father. Paige further explained that her mom had been suicidal and I had sought out assistance for her. I held my breath, expecting bad news, because after all, wouldn’t that just put a great big exclamation point on to the day? Instead, she simply said thank you.  

Thank you.

Those two words set my waterworks off. We spoke for about fifteen as she told me how her life was miserable for years and she felt she was taking care of her parents instead of being able to be a kid. When her mom came home from getting assistance, Paige said that she consciously made the decision to see magick in every moment. Almost sixteen years old and she consciously made this decision. So, before we ended our conversation, we played a bit of a game. I asked her what her magickal moments that day were. She told me that a cute boy had smiled at her, that she got a B on an exam she was sure she failed and that her car started on the first try. She asked me what my magickal moments were, and wouldn’t you know that all the bad that had piled up that day disappeared. I told her that Guinness, my Australian Shepherd who has cancer, was still alive and sleeping next to me, my kids gave me a hug, my husband did the dishes and my daffodils were in bloom. Some people may not see this as magick, but to me it is everyday magick, and we are surrounded by it every single day, but instead many sign up for the belief that life is going to stink, that all the bad that will continue to pile up, and although the magick isn’t lost, it just doesn’t sparkle as bright, that is until you consciously choose to allow to get rid of the past garbage and look around at all the good that is there.

Just as my story Dragonfly pointed out, although bad things happen, you can find the signs and the magick through the pain.

By finding your everyday magick, I believe you too will be able to accomplish great things, meet great people and have a great life.

What everyday Magick have you have seen TODAY (Monday, March 19th)? Post below for your chance to win this small trinket, a Handbag Hanger that will daily remind you to believe in the magic!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Premonition - No Ordinary Dream

Premonitions are not merely ordinary dreams, but instead a forewarning of what is to come. 
Are you listening?

Pay Attention to Your Dreams.  They May Be Visions of the Future.    

What is a Premonition?
A premonition is a forewarning of something that is going to happen before it does without having any concrete evidence to support it.

Premonitions can come in many different forms; dreams/nightmares, messages from spirits, intuition (that gut feeling) in the waking state and automatic writing. Premonitions are just another piece of the psychic abilities that everybody has, but not everybody may be in tune to using. Men may call it a “gut feeling” and women call it “intuition” - take your pick, it all adds up to a sixth sense.

The phenomenon of premonition is most often associated with anxiety or an uneasy feeling suggesting impending disaster. Premonitions of plane crashes or murders have been documented throughout the years, even throughout The Bible, however it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom.  It can also be casual and innocent. Knowing that it is Aunt Edna on the other end of the phone even before you pick it up or before un-wrapping your birthday gift knowing that it will be a beautiful white angora scarf.

So YOU Are Having Premonitions?
The most common way to receive premonitions is through your dreams.   Most people spend an average of one third of their lives asleep so it isn’t uncommon to have premonitions.  Dreams give us insight and understanding even when our conscious mind doesn’t.  Dreams can also hold message to the future. 

So you are experiencing them – so now what?
  • The best thing to do if you are encountering premonitions is not to panic
  • Keep a notepad and pen by your bedside
  • When you wake up in the morning, try to stay in your same position and relax
  • In your mind, drift closer to the dream
  • Do not think of the days activities. Stay close to the dream.
  • Start writing.
  • Document every detail, even the tiniest ones such as colors you saw, numbers that popped up and your feelings that you felt during the dream
  • Symbolism plays a huge role in premonitions. Do not take everything literal. Instead keep an open mind.
  • Date stamp each dream/premonition.
  • Talk to your friends or family about it.

My Premonition Came True!!
If you witnessed a disaster in your dream and it indeed happens, don’t feel guilty as if you could have stopped it. Remember that you cannot save the world. Premonitions may occur the very next day of the vision or it may happen years later.  Or never, as there is free will and free choice and something may have stopped the premonition from coming to fruition.  


Monday, March 12, 2012

A Gift from An Abnormally Normal Goddess!

Madelyn, Kristy and I decided from time to time we'd like to gift our reader-friends with some little prize may it be a book, a piece of jewelry or any other trinket we have up our sleeve {or laying around on a bookcase or absconded away in a treasure drawer!}  What better day than a Monday to let the gifting commence :)


This beautiful artisan floral lampwork glass bead was created by me and has a lovely iridescent glow; it glows like a gem in the sunlight. Wire-wrapped with sterling silver into a pendant with Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls it is a sweet reminder of spring. Hung from silver-plated chain it makes for a simple but elegant necklace.

Spring is in the air! We'd like to know your favorite signs that spring is right around the corner, pushing Old Man Winter back to his den for another year. For me it is that first wet balmy breeze mixed with the sounds of Celtic music which means St. Paddy's Day is approaching with spring not far behind. So please respond with your favorite signs of spring and we'll choose a winner by letting our resident fairy, Matilda, sprinkle fairy dust over her favorite response {don't mind the glitter when your necklace arrives in the mail... fairies tend to go a little overboard with the sparkles!}




Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Message of Love


It seems my Goddess Partners in Crime are very busy in the workings of their Abnormally Normal lives so for now dear blog readers you are stuck with me :)

Today I planned on writing a blog about Synchronicity. I love this concept of Synchronicity- even the word is fun. "Synchronicity." I've always wanted to try to channel a message to share but have never done so... fear maybe? Possibly I wouldn't get anything and then feel discouraged? But today I gathered my courage and asked my guides and angels to share their guidance with me; I've always secretly felt this is something I am meant to do. I thought it would apply to what I planned to write today but it does not. Seems they have their own ideas in mind.

I'll write about Synchronicity at another time!

So here, without further ado, is my very first channeled message :)

"Love yourselves totally. The earth needs tenderness and light now more than ever. Person-to-person trust is imperative. An Enlightenment will occur dependent on whether the quest for love between yourselves and others can be achieved on a monumental scale.

A total shift must take place and this occurs one by one.

The mean rape of the earth must end. You reap what you sow so sow love and you will harvest food for nourishing the soul and this in turn will nurture the earth.

Personal power and strong love will bring about rapture, bliss, hope and charity.

This is God's message through His angels."

And that is all my lovelies! Awesome huh???  To my angels I say "thank you" for affirming me that I can do it. And what a wonderful heartwarming message.

*Happy Dance Time!*


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Source Energy

I would like to share my rudimentary thoughts on the basic fundamental idea behind the energy that makes up the universe {God} and all of us.  I am Christian so it is my belief that God created everything.  The universe.  The earth.  Mankind.  And to me God is source energy.  Source energy is God.  It is the energy that we are all created from, that everything is created from.  The earth has a soul and it is source energy.  Source energy is the power that connects us all.  It is the pure, right, clean one-and-only perfect energy that we all have access to... but as a society we fall away from being attracted to it.  The ancients, the old civilizations, they knew about it.  But then Christianity came about and spirituality became of lesser importance.  Do I believe in Jesus?  Absolutely.  God?  Yes!  But God is source energy and He sent Jesus down to save us.  Jesus' message, His teachings, were of source energy, unconditional love for God and for each other.  "Agape."  But as humans began preaching about Jesus' message they, because we are flawed and subjective in our wants and desires, started skewing His message and borne of that was rigid religion which is far from spiritual.

Greed can take over.  Greed shouldn't reside in religion but it does.  Many people die under the name of "God" and that is blasphemy and the last thing God would ever want.  Greed and personal desire for power took over spirituality in some religions.  Led people away from this idea of a source energy.  Do you know why?  Because "source energy" is POWERFUL.  And mankind as we know it, especially in developed nations, has this ultimately *male* desire to reign over people.  To rule them. Religion has stolen from people this idea of personal power or a link to source energy.  One of the largest organized religions in the world does not teach about personal power.  It, in my opinion, uses this idea of sin as a way to hold people back, causing them doubt their every thought and move.  Becoming preoccupied with sin can move a person away from source energy which is ridiculous because it is in essence moving them farther away from God. I am not saying we should not live our lives trying not to sin... but there must be a healthy balance.  We shouldn't let those efforts strip us of our love or our personal power.  Jesus wants us to concentrate more on loving God and loving others than trying not to sin.  Know why?  Because when you do love God, and you do love others, then it's hard to sin. 

My point is this- at this time in the world there is a need for people to become enlightened about source energy, God-energy.  It is a powerful energy, abundant and good.  Completely available to us... and when we know to trust it, love it because it is God and the very same energy our souls are created from, then we can USE it.  It is manifestation or The Law of Attraction.  We are all made of "good stuff."  When we trust and believe in source energy then we draw it to us and good things can happen.  Source energy is "agape love"- the love God has for his people.  Pure unconditional love.  Love is THE most powerful important energy, emotion, in the universe.  Ever.  We are all made to love and this is why in The New Testament Jesus died on the cross to have our sins forgiven.  The Ten Commandments, rules that no human can follow without consistently breaking and sinning, were made into two main commandments: Love God and Love others {as you would love yourself.}  How easy is that?  Love God.  Love others.  If your God is "different" than my God {they are all source energy} so what?  Don't you love your God/Goddess/Buddha, etc.?  Of course you do!  It is all about love- and this is source energy.  The energy the entire universe is made of.  If we all concentrated on LOVE instead of: hate, greed, fear, doubt... there would be an entire shift in the paradigm of EVERYTHING. 

Our thoughts are energy.  This is why it is so important to stay joyful.  God {mine or yours!} gives us this duty.  We may not always be happy but we should be joyful, even in the face of pain, anger and loss.  Happiness and joy are two different things; happiness is an emotion and joy is a state-of-mind.  If you woke this morning then you can be joyful.  If one extra person each day woke joyfully then that is one more person sending joyful energy out into the world... and this creates a shift in the overall consciousness of life. 

Does this make sense to you?  In my opinion, and I am by far no spiritual guru, this is what an Awakening, a spiritual ascension, is all about.  A mass positive change in group consciousness.  The more hate in the world then more the world will hate.  We will draw to us turbulent forces/energy such as earthquakes and tornadoes- all full of tumultuous angst that is a reflection of the energy we, as a whole of humanity, are emitting out to the universe.  Not only sending out to the universe but consider this.  We all stand with our feet firmly rooted to the earth.  The earth.  When we experience fear, pain, angst, worry, hate... where to you think it goes?  It leaves our bodies through our feet and our head.  We have chakra centers in our hands and feet.  Shake hands with an evil person and how does it feel?  Icky- because they have shared with you a taste of low-level energy and your high-level energy recognizes that.  So when we have negative emotions we shoot it right down into the earth through our base {feet} where it is manifested into negative energy.  It also leaves our heads and flows out to the universe.  On a personal level he who thinks only bad things will draw to him bad things.  On a larger level if you have a person who makes a conscious decision to be positive then she will draw to her positivity.  Concentrate on love and you will draw love to you.  Concentrate on love and you will draw love to you... and the you will send that love back out into the world to create more love...

You will be a Love Generator!

Now take 10,000 people and place them in an arena.  Ask them to all at the same time pray for peace... concentrate on joy.  This is why there are "prayer circles."  Praying is concentrating on source energy.  Group energy is a powerful thing.  Do you have any idea how connected to source energy they would become?  THIS is what an Enlightenment is about.  Opening the consciousness of people, one by one, about love.  Because as people begin to love, become positive and joyful, that connection with source energy can CHANGE THE WORLD.

The Bible says to love as God loves.  And that is source energy.  It IS the same thing.  We do not need to be divided based on our beliefs.

Love, my friends.  Stay positive.  Pray and be thankful.  Be joyful.  And you will change the world.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Suspension of Disbelief


This is actually a picture of my son looking out the front window at the snow; I've had the picture of the window tucked away for a while and used it to create this fantasy image of PJ The Butterfly {waiting for his mommy to let him outside to play with all his little butterfly friends.}

**Warning... Warning... Long Post Ahead**

There is a story I tell my son when we meander through the neighborhood or park concerning the numerous dragonflies that seemed to be wherever we are: in the yard, on the fence, on the antena of my car, in the flowers, etc. etc. Dragonflies are always around me and if I am quiet and patient they will gently land on me, my finger, arm, allowing for some great photo opportunities!  One even let PJ touch its wing last year!

The story is about a kingdom of the past, a land that was inhabited by fairies of every shape, size and color. Beautiful fairies with huge glorious wings that were iridescent and when caught the light glimmered like jewels in the sun. These fairies were known for their wings which were very precious and worth their weight in gold.

This kingdom of fairies reigned in peace for hundreds of years with no enemies. Their leader was the Fairy King and he was kind, fair and good. The fairies in the kingdom got along perfectly well with the wood nymphs, the mermaids and the unicorns of nearby neighboring lands. Occasionally the elves in the next kingdom over could be a bit of a problem because they liked to play their harmonicas too loudly but it was nothing the fairies couldn't handle. They all worked together to create a sweet little life for themselves. There were shoemaker fairies and baker fairies and clown fairies and jewelry fairies and chocolate-maker fairies and market-owner fairies... in other words, a fairy for everything that was needed to make a kingdom run smoothly and happily.

During the day they gathered the harvest from the fields, crops of the tiniest most delectable strawberries and the sweetest of corn {it would taken 10 fairies to harvest one ear of corn and they ate it kernel by kernel because they were so tiny.} They took buttercups and used them to collect the morning dew to drink, and at night they would have mini festivals where they sat to celebrate the wonderful day they'd experienced together. They sang the song of the Fae and played their tiny lutes and good times were had by all. Every day was a celebration in the kingdom of fairies.

Until one day a darkness fell upon the land. A terrible and most Wicked of Wicked Witches learned about the fairies and their precious wings. She cast a spell over the fairy kingdom which placed an invisible net all around the land so no fairy could escape. Immediately fairies became trapped in the net, thrashing to and fro so their little wings were torn. Luckily their friends were able to help them escape but no fairy could flee from the kingdom. The fairies were terrified. All celebration came to a screeching halt and none of the wee creatures would even venture outside of their homes for fear of being caught. For fairies this is a fate worse than death- to be deprived of the gift of nature and freedom.

The witch's second spell was to coat all the flowers and fields with a stickiness that would capture the fairies, trapping them so the Wicked Witch could grab them and snatch off their wings to sell, leaving the poor little fairies to die. This witch didn't care at all about the welfare of the sweet fairies who had lived together content and peaceful for years. All that was important to her was selfishness and greed. She would obliterate a species of creature purely for the sake of capitalism, killing them off forever. Extinction.

How sad. Makes one feel a bit despondent, doesn't it?

But what the Wicked Witch didn't realize was her sister, The Very Good and Happy Witch, knew about her evil sister's plotting and would do everything in her power to stop the madness. She couldn't banish the spells but she could counteract them with white magic of her own. She plotted and pondered until she came up with a plan but it was a plan that would change the fairies' lives forever.

She would cast a spell upon this particular kingdom of fairies, transforming them all into dragonflies. They would be disguised so the Wicked Witch wouldn't recognize them. They would also be so small they could fly through the netting and escape to find a new and better land for themselves. After consulting with their leader {they were a democracy, of course} the fairies agreed this could be their only hope and asked The Very Good and Happy Witch to work her magic upon them. That night, before the enchantment was to begin, the fairies had the hugest celebration in the history of celebrations: The Celebration of Life.

And the next morning as they began to awaken... they felt different. Lighter, like air. Even more ethereal than they had been as fairies. As they threw off the covers and lifted into the air the first thing they noticed was their wings were even more beautiful than before. Shining and glimmering in the morning light they buzzed from house to house greeting one another in excitement. Inspecting themselves in droplets of morning dew they realized that while they looked different they felt the same if not better!

So the dragonflies flew off to find another kingdom where they flourished and lived happily ever after all the way up until today.

The End

So... whenever you see a dragonfly remember~ with those beautiful wings they are really fairies in disguise!



Imagination, oh how I love thee. Remember when we were children and anything was possible? When we believed in Santa Claus and The Tooth Fairy? Oh how easy it was back then to *believe!* Just trust and believe. We really didn't know any different, did we? Blissfully unaware.

Wouldn't you love to revert back to that old childhood state of mind? To stop the constant questioning of motives, debunking of facts and overall skepticism of everything that is beautiful in the world? To readily believe in what some call the unbelievable: UFO's, ghosts, and The Loch Ness Monster?

To believe in... magic? 

And fairy dust? 

And low-calorie chocolate?!

If my Hungarian ancestors were alive and were asked about things that go bump in the night, like ghouls and vampires, there would be no rush of doubt; they believed. What made them wrong and us right? I'm sure they had their reasons to check the graves of loved ones close to sundown to assure all was well- making damn well sure to exit the premises before the sun fell too far behind the horizon. Who knew what lurked in the dark shadows of night? What did they know, believe, that we didn't?

Now too many us waste our time disbelieving.

What happened to the magic in living?  What’s up with all the doubt and disbelief?  Often we find ourselves living in the past or worrying about the future while allowing the glory of right now to pass us right on by and that's no way to live. God didn't bless us with the gift of creation and imagination to throw those wonders away in the chaos of constant questioning. Okay, so Santa wasn't real. Or wasn't he? For those few blissfully innocent years that you did believe, wasn't the old jolly fat man much more than just a figment of your imagination? Who says that just because we grow to become adults we must leave all the open-mindedness behind? I, for one, refuse to do so.

Santa sneaks in to eat all my Oreos. The Tooth Fairy and I have tea on Tuesdays, and that darn Easter Bunny keeps stealing all my eggs and hiding them in my house...

It's called Suspension of Disbelief. The cut and dry version goes like this: to be able to enjoy fiction we, as the audience, must be able to believe in the unbelievable; we must suspend what we would normally believe to be true, allowing ourselves to accept the fiction. If a person is unable to do this then she will have a hard time getting lost in a good book or really becoming engrossed in a film. Instead she'll notice things such as "dogs can't fly" or "cats can't read!" until she's ruined any possibility of becoming swept away by story.

Revel in the fantasy my friends!

So, once again- Suspension of Disbelief. We all have the ability to do it, and some of us do it more than others. I myself am a dreamer. I don't read a book; I live it. I don't watch a movie or listen to a song- I fall in love with it. Characters become my best friends. I don't just live my life... I create it.

I create my life, too.

Which leads me to another even more exciting fact- Suspension of Disbelief needn't be applied only to fiction.  Oh no no no NO no.  It can be applied to our everyday lives.  It's all part of the process of manifestation.  This is where the magic comes into play, see?   Manifestation is the art of being able to believe in something that may not be real to you right now.

We are told to believe, believe, believe.  Even Kristy has the inspirational word hanging in her office as a reminder.  But what happens when we allow ourselves to become locked in chains of disbelief?  Maybe you are so utterly and completely broke at a particular moment in life that there is no way on God’s Green Earth you could ever believe yourself to be wealthy.  You completely disbelieve the possibility of having enough money to be comfortable, or heck- to even pay a bill {been there so I do know the feeling!}

*Allow me a moment to step up here on my soapbox*

Fellow blog readers- this disbelief will keep you lacking the funds you so desire.  It will place a serious divide between you and whatever you wish for in life.  What you long for, dream about and aspire to.  Disbelief is just not worth it.  So stop it!  Suspend the Disbelief!  You must trust and believe that what you truly want and wish for in life can be yours!  You have to believe it or else you have one helluva time achieving those goals and aspirations.

You must stop thinking “But that could never happen for me” because you are allowing yourself to be overwhelmed with disbelief.  So knock it off!

I own a healthy and robust imagination, and I put it to good use not only in my enjoyment of fiction but also in manifestation. I abuse my imagination really... I love to read, and I'm a writer. As an artist {jewelry, drawing, photography... a dabbler of all and a master of, ah, ahem. let's just leave it at that shall we?} I enjoy being this way. I often heard as a child, "Oh get your head out of the clouds {or your nose out of that book} and face reality! But where's the fun in that?

Obviously, thank God, I didn't listen :)

A year ago I weighed thirty pounds more than I do right now.  I was, er, "fluffier."  And I didn't appreciate the extra weight, especially not when trying to play with my son.  I could tell I was headed to the point of no return... the icky place where soon there would be no turning back weight-wise.  So I decided to change this about myself, and one of the first things I did was to change this idea I had that I could “never be thin.”  I completely disbelieved I’d ever wear a single-digit pants size again.  In doing do I was just asking the universe to hold on to those extra pounds for me!

I made a conscious effort to change my thinking first, starting with suspending my disbelief over the idea I could achieve the level of health I wanted in my life.  Then I concentrated on believing.  Yes~ it can be two very separate steps.

I lied to myself.  I refused to believe what my mirror showed me.  I changed all my passwords to words that emphasized slimming down {think about how often we type in our passwords... over and over and over again.  Intentions as passwords work very well, fyi!}  I no longer concentrated on not being fully pleased with my physical appearance... I just started ignoring it for a while.  Pretending the issue didn't exist.

I stopped telling myself it could never happen… and slowly but surely it DID happen.

Little by little I lost weight.  I took the emphasis off what I needed to change... and away it went! Now I'm not saying I didn't make lifestyle changes because I did.  Little ones.  I drank more water.  Increased my walking.  Ate smaller portions.  But it was all so much easier once I stopped fixating on the issue by not allowing myself to be convinced weight loss could not be achieved.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies, are we not?  How often do you find your negative self-talk consists of words similar to the following:

I can’t ever be as successful as…
I won’t ever be published…
I’ll never have enough money…
I’ll never be good enough, or pretty enough, or smart enough or lucky enough…

Banish all those evil words of disbelief!  Stop the madness! Toss that lack of faith right out the window and let the breeze of belief blow in!

My wish for you, our dear readers, is to practice suspending your disbelief.  If an aspect of your life is less-than-perfect do not ever feel it can’t be changed.  Don’t doubt that your life goals and dreams can be achieved.  Concentrate on the positive and take the emphasis off what you lack- in doing so you won't be drawing the lack of back to you.  Got it?

Live like a child. Dream like a child. Believe like a child... love life like a child!

Appreciate the little things in life like you once did as a child.  Children don’t disbelieve- they don’t know doubt until we teach it to them {ponder that thought for a moment!}

My Little Man!

Once you begin noticing the wonder in the world around you {again because you used to do this- I promise you did} I guarantee you will thank me for it!

Let life be majickal.  Allow.