About Madelyn

Madelyn Alt is the national bestselling author of The Bewitching Mysteries, the groundbreaking paranormal mystery series featuring small town single girl and fledgling empath Maggie O'Neill, her witchy boss Felicity Dow, and an unlikely circle of ghosthunting friends, the N.I.G.H.T.S., as they investigate an increasing level of paranormal disturbance--not to mention a series of unrelated murders--in Maggie's hometown of Stony Mill, Indiana.

As Mad likes to say, they are: "Mysteries . . . with Hex Appeal."

The Bewitching Mysteries (Berkley Prime Crime)

#2 - A CHARMED DEATH (Dec. 2006)
#3 - HEX MARKS THE SPOT (Dec.2007)
#4 - NO REST FOR THE WICCAN (Nov. 2008)
#5 - WHERE THERE'S A WITCH (Nov. 2009)
#6 - A WITCH IN TIME (Apr. 2010 Hardcover, Jan. 2011 Paperback)
#7 - HOME FOR A SPELL (Apr. 2011 Hardcover, paperback pending)
#8 - IN CHARM'S WAY (hardcover and paperback both pending)
"One of the most refreshing and endearing protagonists to grace the amateur sleuth genre in years." ~ Paul Goat Allen, B&N Ransom Notes

"A winner from page one . . . this is enchanting entertainment at its best!" ~~ www.FreshFiction.com

"I have a feeling this is going to be a hit!" ~~ www.FreshFiction.com

Intro from Mad:
I do everything with a quiet passion. Madly, even. Writing, creating, crafting, just plain living. I'm the national bestselling mystery author of The Bewitching Mysteries, a mom, a wife, an intuitive, and just a quirky girl of a certain age who loves the idea of doing what I can to save the planet and to make life better for me and my family and friends, one day at a time. Mornings and evenings usually find me walking my dogs up quiet, mist-filled lanes. Lately I've become enamored of the idea of shunning my gas-guzzling vehicle as often as possible and taking to the streets either on foot or two wheels. My bike of choice is a lovely SixThreeZero Classic Cruiser complete with basket whose navy paint sparkles in the sun.

Because really, what girl doesn't love a bit of sparkle? I ask you. ;>