Monday, April 30, 2012

Finding Peace in Chaos

“Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.
“I just want peace”. Delores folded her hands in her laps and looked up at me with her honey brown eyes.
“And what is it that brings you peace, Delores?” I asked her.
She wrinkled her nose at me, as if I asked her to eat a food she disliked.
“All I know is that my life is filled with chaos and I am losing myself, my marriage, my children…my sanity. I just want peace,” she repeated firmly.
“If you don’t know what brings you peace, how will you ever find it?”
Now, I am not Confucius, but I do believe that it is the times when we are the most lost, the times when we are going through the most chaos - when we discover the secrets within our souls. Sure, we may cuss those times, wonder and moan why we were ever thrown into the horrible situation, but once the dust has cleared, more times than not we come out with life lessons that help us. Or help others.
“Delores, close your eyes and see yourself happy – describe it.” 
“I see my family gathered around a dining room table.”
“Do you smell anything?”
“Yes, I can smell popcorn.”
“What are you doing?”
“We are laughing about a silly joke one of the kids told.”
Delores opened her tear filled eyes. “So my peace is the very thing that is making me nuts?”
“Not exactly, but you now know that you feel peaceful when the family is together, getting along…and there is popcorn involved.”
We both started to laugh.
I have had sessions with clients who have lost spouses, children and parents. I have had sessions with clients who have had horrific experiences, and I am always in awe at their strength. When I ask them how they got through the sadness and the chaos of the situation, the answer is typically the same –You do what you have to do to find peace within, to just get through it.
What does peace mean to you? Is it a quiet home, or one filled with laughter? Is it your toes in the sand, or in the sea? Is it a hike in the woods, or a nap in the hammock? It’s so important that you define peace in your own individual life because when chaos or hard times strike, you might inadvertently turn your head away from the very thing that could help bring you peace. And that peace within can help shorten and/or calm the turbulence around you.
I suggested that Delores start a Daily Journal to note the positive things, the things that made her feel satisfied, and to start her day with thoughts of peace and end her day with the same. Peace is rarely about material things, but finding peace in simple moments.
“When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.”
Peace and Love,
Kristy Robinett

Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Chance to Win!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Messenger Between Worlds

Have you ever tried to write about your life? If you haven't, try. Choose a period of time that was difficult for you and just write. I can tell you that it is quite emotional, as you might expect, but also very healing. 

I began writing "Messenger Between Worlds" several years back as a way of healing from past relationships, both romantic and family and it evolved. As I shared the stories with friends, they gently supported me to publish it. Yes, I would be putting my entire life out for the public to see. Yes, I would be putting my own failures out in front of strangers to be judged. But my intention to do so was not only to share my story, but to teach and to inspire, even if through spotlighting my struggles.

I am proud of the outcome and hope that you can find some healing for your own life when you read “Messenger Between Worlds”.


Available on Nook and Kindle on April 25th!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day!!

One of my favorite days of the year! Not as a holiday, per se, not in the way we generally think of them. We don't put up lights or make fancy dinners, and we don't buy gifts, or visit relatives. But I do love Earth Day as a reminder to celebrate life and take care of the planet that is our home.

I used to think it was a given: you take care of your home, the land you live on; you don't throw trash out of your car or drop it in the street... Easy peasy, taking care of the Earth, right? So simple. What can I say, I was young. Shockingly enough, it is only much, muuuuuuuuuuucccccch later that I have taken a real look at what that means, and how little most of us do to help correct the problems the human race creates for our planet. I don't mean that in a shaking-my-head pointing-my-finger kind of way. More as a way of describing how oblivious I was.

I think most of us who are aware would like to do more for taking care of the Earth. I also think most of us believe we don't have the time {I know I did!}. Working full time and more, raising a family, running a household, taking care of a home, trying to squeeze every spare second out of every day and still coming up way short . . . it takes a toll, doesn't it?

Because, let's be real . . .   "What difference can one person possibly make?????"    Right?

But I just want to encourage everyone to switch up their way of thinking, just a little bit. Because if you start small, making little changes here and there that are easy for you to live with, it does make a difference. And if everyone did that, just tiny little changes, even one at a time, the differences we would see is astounding.

For instance, no one needs me to tell them that gas prices are astronomical. You see it every time you drive down the road.  When gas that was $1.39 in 2000 suddenly jumped to over $2.00 a gallon around the time my youngest went to Kindergarten, I was shocked and appalled. How are people going to live with this, I wondered? I still wonder that, every time I drive past the gas station. How do people afford to live with so much of their wages going to gasoline? What are they sacrificing in order to afford to drive?

Dollars per gallon (8308 Bytes)

In Holland, people were faced with much the same problem, decades ago. The Dutch people came up with an alternative. Faced with high prices and too many cars on the road and traffic jams and an infrastructure that put more pedestrian ways of travel at risk, they decided to change things. They began to build in an infrastructure of wide bike lanes and wide sidewalks. What's more, they gave these things importance. They changed the laws to say that cars did not have the right of way, they always had to defer to the civilians on bikes and in crosswalks. Holland now has more bicycles on the road per capita at any given time than any other industrialized nation in the world. People view bicycling as transport, not something you do for a block or two once or twice a summer just to remind yourself that you still can. Their bicycles are built strong and durable, not throwaway like the ones we in America have been increasingly sold for the last couple of decades {have you bought a bike lately from Walmart for your active son or daughter? How much use did they get out of it before the bearings were shot or the gears gave out? I rest my case...}. They are strong and solid. They come equipped with heavy duty racks on the back, made for carrying heavy items. They come with fenders, so that water on rainy streets doesn't splash up their back. Many even have mud flaps. They also come with skirt guards built in, so that their owners can feel free to bicycle in whatever clothing they like without fear of longer items like coats and skirts cannot work their way into the rear spokes. Their bike chains come with an all-encompassing chain guard, protecting their gears from water and mud and dirt and snow. Did I mention snow? Holland has a northern climate. They receive tons of show. And they bicycle through it nonetheless.

Can you tell the Dutch people are everyday heroes to me?

"But Madly," you say, "Holland is a small country. Things are so much more spread out here! It would never work."  This is true. Americans do love their urban sprawl. But did you know that a study was done, and as it turns out, we take many, many, many trips every day that amount to 3 miles or less on the road?

"But Madly," you say, "around here a person takes their life into their own hands every time they ride on the road!" This is an unfortunate truth here as well. I would like to see that change. If no one bicycles except children on the sidewalks, how likely is it that needed change will occur? I dream of roads that are safe for us, and safe for our children. I dream of streets where pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcycles, and motor vehicles can all exist happily together. Just take a look at and for a peek at the Dutch way of life. Take a glimpse at for an example of some intrepid souls steadfastly doing the same in urban Chicago and Nashville.

What else can bicycling do? It makes your legs trim and strong. It allows you to eat cupcakes every now and then without a hint of guilt. It makes your cheeks glow. It makes you feel young and free!  So, haul your old ten speed out from the dark depths of the garage, give it a bath, grease up the chain, and add air to your tires, and take it out for a ride. Start small. A trip to the library, or up to the drug store. You might soon find yourself addicted. Add a basket to your handlebars, a rack and basket to the back, add a cheery flower and bell, and you might be surprised by the number of people who wave with a smile when they see you. And maybe, just maybe, you'll inspire them to do the same.
I mean, who can resist a smile when they see a sight like this?

Pinned Image
'Prepped' author Vanessa Kimbell, Betty and hairy friend!
pretty girl riding bike

Above all, make it fun! Life is supposed to be fun, remember? {Pffft, who needs spin classes?!}

P.S. My source for excellent quality bikes that won't break your bank account? Look for vintage on Craigslist. I bought a 1977 Schwinn Collegiate for $25, and it is in near perfect condition. A reconditioning at the local bike shop and new tires, and I am on my way. This old girl is solid, has all her original parts, and zips down a hill faster and more smoothly than my husband's new, very lightweight framed mountain bike. I also found an old Schwinn for my son that has already lasted far longer than his last four bikes from Walmart. Old American made Schwinns and Raleighs are known to be very well-made. Whatever you choose, be sure to take it for a trial run first before buying.

Other things I am doing now:

* Recycling. I recycle everything I can. I also love upcycling -- using old things in interesting ways.
* Composting. This is a new endeavor for me, but one I am hoping works out, because I love, love, love gardening, and this is the first time I've had the space for both a real garden and an actual compost pile. Wish me luck!
* I gave up pop four months ago. I had been buying it in 2-liter bottles for the last few years, which I reasoned was better than buying a whole lot of smaller cans or bottles, at least. But now I've given it up entirely. Better for me, and better for the environment both. Now my drink of choice is ice cold filtered water from our well, with a healthy splash of lime. Yum!
* I am planting flowers in my garden and flower beds with an eye toward the kinds that are known for attracting bees and butterflies. In the winter, the seed heads feed the birds in a very natural way. The roses, though, those I plant for me :)   I do love heirloom roses that haven't had the scent bred right out of them!
* Did you know that newspaper can be used as an effective weed deterrent under mulch? No need for expensive weed barrier cloth rolls that are also difficult to work with.
* I cook with a lot of actual produce. My goal is to be able to grow the bulk of what I need using heirloom seeds/plants, or to purchase it from the local farmer's markets. I am also searching out a local source for grass-fed beef and free range chickens. We are trying to eat less meat these days and focus more on fruits and vegetables, whole grain bread that we make, and whole or multi-grain pasta.
* I will never, ever, EVER be found using Round-Up.

Please note, I am not an old hippie. I'm not even a young hippie. {Ba dum bum... } I love certain modern conveniences and beneficial technology. These are simply small choices my husband and I have decided are important to us for our health and our environment. There will likely be more in the future, but for now I think this is a good start. I am always looking for more, though, so please comment to share what little changes you have or are thinking of making in your life.

Little things CAN make a difference, person by person by person by person . . . :)

Love to all,

Mad {madly!}

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spirit Guide Contact

You do not need to be psychic to contact your spirit guides!

I repeat:

You do not need to be psychic to contact your spirit guides!

Anyone can do it.

Are you shocked?  I was the first time I was introduced to this sweet little nugget of information.  Whenever I imagined contacting the spirit world I assumed it must be done by a full-fledged psychic.  A professional.  Someone in the know... someone much different than my lowly self. 


This is the main spiritual tool I use to contact my spirit guides and angels, a pendulum and really rough handmade letter board I whipped up one evening in an attempt to move beyond the typical "yes" or "no" questions I had been asking for a while.  I sat down, held my pendulum over the board and began asking questions.  And... nothing happened.  Needless to say it was a disappointment. Here I thought I'd sit down and ask where my new boots disappeared to and be pointed to some dusty spot under the bed but instead nothing happened.  No movement at all.

It took me a while before I realized that while I had my pendulum, letter board and even a candle lit I was still missing one very important aspect of making contact with the spirit world: a clear and sincere expressed desire to make a connection with my spirit guides.  Through doing some reading and research it became apparent to me that I had to, get this, actually ask to speak with my helpers.

From that point forward instead of plopping haphazardly down at the table with no clear intention I made sure to be prepared with a question or intention, a pen, a notebook and a healthy dose of respect.  Eventually I created a ritual of sorts that I continue to this day.  At first it was very deliberate process that slowly progressed to second nature.

**Before I continue let me stress the importance of asking for protection when attempting to make any type of spirit contact.  It would be irresponsible for me to gloss over this step.  Before I pray or ask any questions I always make sure to ask for protection from God and Archangel Michael to keep open to only high-energy spirits and guidance.  A prayer of protection can be as simple as "God please protect me as I seek guidance from you through your angels and spirit guides.  Surround me with positive energy and love."**

In the beginning, at least for me, it took a good amount of meditation and prayer to clear my mind before I could create a clear channel.  If I didn't do these things first I can compare the communication to a radio station with a lot of fuzz- the messages weren't clear because my own thoughts, doubts and fears would come through.  A word of warning to anyone out there who is interested in contacting your guides- it is not all fun and games.  Communicating with the spirit world must be treated with the utmost respect and care.  There are high-level energy spirits and low-level energy spirits and you only want to associate yourself with high-level energy.  Attempting to contact spirits while feeling down, depressed, angry, tired or any other myriad of not-so-positive states of mind is not a good idea.  I highly warn you against it.  If your energy is low you will attract low-level spirits and believe me it's no fun {and a topic for a separate blog post!}  Just make sure to have a clear sound mind and a strong positive intention when you begin.

So what do I do?  Here is my list of "tools"
  • pendulum and letter board
  • candle
  • pen and notebook
  • iphone {for music} and headphones
  • my Bible
  • clear quartz double-point crystal
I work at my dining room table, a space I routinely "cleanse" and surround with happiness and good intention.  It is the epicenter of my home, a spot where my son plays and the puppy romps.  Also using it for my "spiritual area" forces me to keep it free of the clutter that usually gathers there!  


I keep my crystals near also but forgot to move it into the shot.  Here is my newest crystal; it's very pretty with many interesting inclusions.


I always listen to music via headphones because it helps silence the voice in my head, my spinning thoughts that are rarely quiet.  Quieting your mind takes practice but listening to music is key for me.  So to begin I set up my space, light a candle and say a prayer.  I also read from my Bible.  The first time I ever attempted to contact an angel I was extremely nervous.  I grabbed my Bible and asked to be lead to a verse that would calm my soul and I opened to the first chapter of Hebrews

Hebrews 1:14 "All the angels are spirits who serve God and are sent to help those who will receive salvation."

Yep, that'll do it!  Mind calmed :)

I always think happy thoughts and surround myself with positive energy.  Often I will shut my eyes and imagine my most favorite place on earth, Ely MN.  This is just one of the hundreds of pictures I have of Ely at sunset; this is over Lake Shagawa.  I'm fairly confident heaven will feel like my son being cuddled in my arms, will smell like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, and will look like this, an apricot glow glistening off the water of Northern Minnesota, surrounded by pine trees and blissful peace.

Once my mind is set I concentrate on the candle for a while as I ask for guidance from "Team Helpers" {this is what my group calls themselves- I think of them like a bunch of spirit superheroes!} I ask for help either from specifically my guides or the guides of those I love, and always ALWAYS from the energy of God and only high-energy. It is a rare occasion where I will open my contact to just any random high-energy spirit. Because I consider myself to be a novice I like to keep it limited. 

I have a few different guides. One is my main guide and then I have others who are specific to whatever I have going on in my life or if I am getting information for someone else. I never know who may show and I rarely ask for anyone in particular; I assume they know better than I do what I need- if not I wouldn't be talking to them! Once I prepare, listen to music, and ask my question then when I use the pendulum the movement will be swift and deliberate. I can tell who it is by the "energy signature" or how the pendulum is moved. I recently had a sweet lighthearted female guide named Hope. Hope's energy was soft, feminine, loving and gentle, small circular bouncy movements; working with her felt like being immersed in the ocean, buoyant and light.  Hope helped me through a difficult time in my life and was very dear to me, and I named our new puppy after her :)   My new male guide is more matter-of-fact; his movement is swift, sharp and the downward pull so strong I must wrap the chain around my finger or else it will slip through my hand. I always keep my notebook handy to record the messages for later review. And I always make sure to say thank you. My guides never fail to amaze me and I am sincerely appreciative for all of their guidance and help. 

If you have any questions on spirit contact please let me know! 

Much love~ Jennifer

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

No Whining Allowed

"No misfortune is so bad that whining about it won't make it worse."
--Jeffrey R. Holland

“I’m just not going to do anymore radio gigs,” I whined to my friend on the phone.
I could hear her giggle on the other end, which only frustrated me more.
I was serious. I loved doing radio, but that particular morning the reviews had been exceptionally harsh.
“I would love for the naysayers to attempt to read energy hundreds of miles away, connect to their past loved ones and guides in just a few seconds, and formulate positive advice. It is a bit like a dentist having several people with their mouths open and the dentist standing over a hundred feet away with a microscope and making a diagnosis. It isn’t easy, but I love the challenge and I love talking to people. Are you even listening to me?”
“Uh huh. Dentist. Microscope. Energy.”
“Grr,” I said and rolled my eyes, clicking off the computer. Kay had heard me complain and whine for years.  If I had a client who was exceptionally difficult, I cried to her. If I had a client who touched me to tears, I cried to her. I never gave away privileged information from the sessions, I believe in confidentiality, but she was my sounding board and for that I was eternally grateful. She became my friend after being one of my clients herself. I was mentored from the beginning of doing sessions to not get too close to my clients, and to not befriend them, but there are some rules that I think are made for breaking and this was one of them. “But I don’t like anybody thinking less of me, you know?”
“Kristy, you are in a business that will always be scrutinized. I know that your nature isn’t to have armor on, but in situations like this, you either let it roll off your shoulders, stop reading reviews or…”
“Sorry, Kay – hold that thought. My other line keeps ringing.”
With the way my morning started off, the last thing I wanted to do was answer my phone. I had every intention of letting it go to voicemail, but the same number had buzzed in over five times and the persistance, while it was agitating me even more as I wasn’t done whining my point at Kay, I thought I better see what the emergency was.
“This is Kristy, can I help you?” I answered with a sigh.
“Is this Kristy, the one on the radio?” A young voice answered back.
“Yes, how can I help you?” I repeated, wondering if perhaps one of the naysayers was going to start calling me.
“Umm…I heard you on the radio and thought maybe you could help me,” the girl said, and broke down into sobs.
I forgot all about Kay on the other line and immediately went into intuitive mode.
“Want to talk about it?” I asked, gently.
For the next half an hour, the fifteen year old confessed to me her troubles. She told me that she had pretended to be sick to stay home from school, with intensions of killing herself. My heart skipped a few beats and I started to tear up. I quietly grabbed my husband from his office, gave him a note with the circumstances on it, a phone number of the young girl’s mom to call immediately and I simply stayed on the phone until her mom got home. We talked about how she felt alone and how she didn’t have any friends. She said that she had turned on the radio as she was contemplating how to end her life when my segment came on. When she couldn’t get through, she said she felt abandoned again, but she took a chance on contacting me afterwards.
I certainly was glad that she did.
Her mom came home and immediately took her to get assistance. Since that day, I have talked to them several times and they are all getting help.
My Guides sure schooled me that day for my griping over something so petty, and put life in perspective for me in a big way. I am so grateful that I was in the right place at the right time, and I thank the radio station for having faith in me and having me on in the first place. My life wasn’t bad. My kids were healthy and happy. Sure, we’ve had our ups and downs (haven’t we all?), but the negativity of one little situation enveloped me for an hour of my life. An hour too long.
So when you are upset over something, or you are feeling like the world has gotten you down, know that the situation is there to learn from. Often times the situation has greater expectations and bigger motives than originally thought. And as you can see, I am not perfect (darn it!) and I sometimes allow myself to get only see the clouds in front, forgetting that the rainbows are all around. It can take time, or action to see through the denseness of the uck, and I know that it takes work. My mom used to say, "Someone else always has is worse than us." So, ask yourself when you are in that situation if life is really that bad, or if you are putting on the tiara and being a Drama Queen (or King). And when all else fails, I can lease out Kay to you, I am sure she wouldn’t mind. 
Kristy Robinett

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Forced Family Fun

"When you look at your life, 
the greatest happiness is 
family happiness,"

~Joyce Brothers 

I never remember saying that I wanted to be a mommy, yet I knew that I wanted to have children. Nobody is prepared (are they?) to become a parent, and I think back to the time of holding my firstborn in my arms and what a child I was myself at 23 years old. Even though I had babysat, it is no replacement for what to do and what not to do under certain circumstances. There is no manual and every child is different and demands a different parenting style. Micaela would throw tantrums as soon as I tried to get her into the cars seat. Her screams so fierce and loud it was as if I was murdering her. And then came Connor, who was calm and patient. Micaela started walking at 6 months of age, which was a nightmare with baby proofing and trying to keep her in the crib that she endlessly climbed out of. Connor, it was on his first birthday when he took his first steps.  Micaela likes her room messy, wears mismatched socks and rumbled shirts, and makes no apologies. Since the beginning of time, Connor has liked everything in order, color coordinated, and in militant order.  Every child is different, but joyful just the same. Yes, even during teething, colic and after curfew feuds. 

Because I was a single mom for so long, and spent a lot of time just trying to pay for the roof over our head by working full time and going to college, I instigated "Forced Family Fun".  When they were little, we would do it every other week, but as they get older it tends to be once a month, and/or during school breaks. No matter what, we schedule a day to do something 'fun'. It could be playing a game of Yahtzee, going to the movies, attending a museum, etc. And most of the time one of the kids would complain, but in the end we would laugh and have fun. 

Today was our Forced Family Fun Day.

Although I really wanted to go to the zoo, Michigan's weather turned on us with snow, rain and cold temperatures, so instead we ventured to Frankenmuth, Michigan.  Frankenmuth is called "The Little Bavaria" and is famous for chicken dinners and its small town charm. 

And since we didn't go to the real zoo, we pretended with the stuffed animals. Dumb? Sure. Magical? Absolutely. And just so you know, we didn't get kicked out of any stores.  

Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Magical Son - Happy Birthday Connor

Just a little over a week after Easter in 1997, on April 8th, I was told to go to the hospital, and that would be the birthday for our beautiful baby boy.  I had been having contractions on and off for a few weeks, but every time I went to the hospital, they only sent me home because I wasn’t progressing. Even though I had a C-section with Micaela, I had hoped to try natural.  Well, I wasn’t progressing because Connor wasn’t positioned right. It just had to be his way, and his way would be another C-section. 

Something told me to ask for another anesthetist, but I didn’t, trusting that those in the hospital were skilled. Always, always trust your intuition. Apparently the anesthetist didn’t have a clue what he was doing and after two times of botching up the spinal, and only my legs going numb (and severe pain), a fight broke out in the surgery room with the staff screaming, yelling and throwing things at one another, and me sitting bent over the operating table (with contractions), holding back tears of fear. Finally, another nurse took over and the spinal took and my (then) husband was ushered in.  

We had decided to name the baby boy Drake Connor, but since he was born around Easter, the family joked that they were going to call him ‘Duckie’ and images of the character from Pretty in Pink ran through my head, so unbeknownst to our family, we did a last minute name change to Connor Drake.

8 pounds, 11 ounces and 20 inches long, the nurses handed Connor over to me in the recovery room. I was doped up with pain medication and kept falling asleep with him in my arms, making me worried that I would drop him. But his even temper and quiet demeanor shined from that first moment on.  It was when I was holding him in the recovery room was when Connor’s father told me that our baby boy had a cleft palate.  I hadn’t a clue what that meant or what it entailed, all I knew was that he had ten fingers and ten toes and was beautiful.  It was when they handed me a bottle to feed when I realized that something was wrong.  They told me that they were going to have to transfer him to Children’s Hospital, without me in tow, but I said “over my dead body”, so they brought the staff of Children’s Hospital to me and showed me that I would have to feed him with a squeezable bottle, squeezing to his sucks. One of the doctors told me that Connor would never sing, whistle or suck out of a straw. And when a resident came in and asked me what I did to give my son a birth defect, I was horrified. I didn’t even take a sip of caffeine during the pregnancy!  To further dampen the happiness that should’ve been as bright as a light house, I was having problems walking because I couldn’t feel my leg.  The spinal had done permanent damage to my nerves. 

But holding that baby boy made it all worth it. And with each surgery he had to endure, he was strong and mature even at such a small age, but his soul old and wise. His grandma used to say she never saw such a sober baby. He smiled only when it was worth it. But he was happy in his soul, in his heart.

Today, Connor Drake turns 15 years old, and like most parents, I wonder where the time went.  I would give anything to turn back the hands of time and not worry about the senseless things I did back then. Laundry will always be there. Dishes will too. It is just with a blink of an eye and they grow so old that they don’t want to be held, hugged or calmed. They believe they know what is best, even when you know that the path they are walking is the wrong one, or the wrong one right then.  I am lucky because Connor still gives me hugs and still sits with me. He even comforts me when I feel sad, just like he knows I will do when he is melancholy.  I couldn’t have asked for a better child, other than his sister, my daughter, Micaela.
On this day, April 8, 2012, I wish my son and my friend, the happiest of birthdays.  

Oh, and he can whistle, sing, and use a straw just fine. 


Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Majick of Perspective & Awareness

How do you view the world? Be honest. Is it through rose-colored glasses, concentrating on the positive, or are you a "glass half empty" kinda person?  Do you notice the magic in every day?  Do you create magic in every day?  Believe me I'm not saying it's an easy endeavor or a goal I manage to accomplish at all times but how we view life deals a lot with our personal perspective.

Do you remember to use your imagination, that wonderful gift God grants us that allows us to travel, in our mind, to places we've never experienced before yet dream about?

What do you see when you look at the above picture?

~ "more snow, darn it!"
~ paw prints in the newly fallen snow {bunny prints to be exact}
~ "I can't wait for winter to be over."


Did you happen to notice the fairy wings laying in the snow, wings that are just waiting for their fairy to return from where ever she wandered off to? {you see, fairy wings are made of gossamer and silk with a dash of glitter for good measure; wings become soaked and sodden when fae frolic in the snow. Snow Fairies often leave their wings behind so they don't get wet and become a huge mess while they go, well, frolicking... engaging in mini snowball fights and fae-ish things of that nature.}

It's all about perspective. Since I bought my Canon 7D and started concentrating on learning more about photography I've learned something interesting about myself: I see the world through a camera lens. All the time.

Even when I don't have my camera slung over my shoulder or in my hand.

It's like this. The more pictures I take the more I notice beauty and magic in the normal everyday world around me. The difference in perspective is a beautiful thing {except frustrating when I don't have my camera and miss a shot- which is why I'm also getting a new point and shoot to keep on me at all times. One never knows when she might happen upon a UFO, Elvis or Johnny Depp.}

No really. I once met Captain Jack Sparrow, er- I mean Johnny Depp, and didn't have my camera on me. Thank God for the nice folk next to me who e-mailed me their photos. But I digress.

Back to perspective. Often we find ourselves plodding through life, running really, tripping over our own two feet as we zip around unaware- never taking the time to stop and smell the roses. Never being in the Now. We have our faces stuck in our smartphone... texting and e-mailing and contacting and connecting, yet we let life pass us by while never really connecting with anything truly important. Never noticing the beauty in that single rose, never pausing to take a breath.

Never noticing that person sitting next to us on the train, or standing in line behind us at the store, who could have really used a smile and a simple hello.

Well now I do. Stop and smell the roses that is.  Offer up that smile, a simple greeting.  "Hi."  Try it sometime- I promise it makes a difference.o

I don't just stop and smell the roses; I immerse myself in them. I take a moment to really inspect the roses. If it's first thing in the morning on a summer day I marvel at the way the dew lingers on the velvet petals like tiny teardrops.

Linger.  Isn't that the best word?  *sigh*  But I digress.

If it's afternoon, hot and lively so the insects have slipped from the stupor of the chilly night, then I wait until I spy a bumblebee as it flits from one flower to the next, its fat furry body dusted with pollen.

I notice how pretty the sunrise looks over Kennedy Avenue on my way to work in the morning, shimmering like diamonds on the river and reflecting off the Hammond Welcome Center. And the sunset- don't even get me started on the sunset! Everything looks gorgeous when awash in the golden light of the setting sun- in the photography world it's called "the sweet light." And sweet it is.

I took this photo in late fall 2010 when the evening air was crisp enough to wear a jacket; clean bright air {I was taking PJ for our nightly walk.} It was right before sunset and I couldn't resist the beauty of these hardy roses illuminated by the golden-peach light of the setting sun.

One day we'll be older, aged. Our eyes might begin to fail us, hearing could as well.  We'll have no need for cell phones, ipads, instant messaging or e-mail. But in our mind's eye we'll have our memories to reflect upon. Make sure your memories are vivid, untouched by the clutter of technology. Memories that are saturated with color and crystal clear, bathed in the light of the sunset.  We all have instances in our lives that we hold close to our heart.  Revel in those moments, cherish them.  But to remember we must first experience- and to experience we must be aware.  Make your awareness an active part of your life, and pay attention to your perspective... in other words- keep it positive as often as you can.  Live life with an open mind.

My wish for all who read this blog is to take the time to stop and smell the roses. Slowwwww dowwwnnn. After you make Being In The Now a priority- then take the next step, looking at life through the eyes of a child {a future blog post.} Oh, speaking of children...

My son... he always keeps life in perspective for me- my toot, the light of my life, lit by the same sunset as the roses.


If all else fails, there's always Captain Jack Sparrow's view on life: "There are times, almost constantly perhaps, when I prefer to look at life through the bottom of a glass... of rum."



Yet even Jack understands the magic of a sunset...

Friday, April 6, 2012

Full Moon Love

“Fear, uncertainty and discomfort are your compasses toward growth.”

April's Full Moon is also
called the
"Pink Moon",
named for the Phlox that
awakens from  it's sleepy slumber.
Today, April 6th, marks April's Full Moon. This Full Moon is a good one to evaluate change, renewal and rebirth in your life. Just as the flowers and plants have been dormant for several months and has to be awoken, so may your soul and spirit.

What do you want to manifest in your life? This is a question that the moon asks of you. You may feel weepy, as if you haven't done all that you wanted, but wipe the tears.  Instead of pondering all that you haven't accomplished and mourning your failure, set goals towards where you want to be. It is then that you plant those seeds for what you want. Just as you plant the flower seeds, sometimes you don't know when they will arise, and sometimes you don't know what color they will be, the soul seeds may surprise you too. The timing, however, will always be perfect, albeit not always when YOU want it to happen.