Friday, October 5, 2012

October Energy: The Dreaming Tree


I am on vacation this week and oh did I have lofty high brow idea for all the crazy shit I was going to get done in my house! Cabinets were going to be cleaned and organized! Closets purged with bags filled for Goodwill. Art room situated properly for effective creating... and I did none of it. The day I was going to clean my art room I woke thinking I really need a shot of creativity so getting organized would be a good bet. I cannot create in chaos. Mess and disorganization affects my energy; clutter clutters my mind and *woah* is my studio one hot mess! 

I had my son home with me and normally I can give him a box of beads, twine, ribbon and some of my jewelry tools and he's fine for a good hour or so. But this day as I started working I could not get the image of a tree out of my mind. I had some personal things on my mind that morning. There was a small matter of an unbalance in my life which was bothering me a bit and I had been asking my guides to help me create balance in this particular situation. As I pondered and chatted in my head with my guides this tree continue to pop up- a tree with curly branches like the Life Spiral. Finally I could no longer concentrate on cleaning my art room; I had to find a way to purge this tree out of my mind! Next thing I knew me and PJ were outside gathering leaves to tape onto our Dreaming Tree. Dreaming is manifesting!  Each leaf has a positive word written on it and they are all affixed to the tree along with some cute little butterflies and birds- PJ's idea. It took me half a day to chalk the tree on the wall- art studio left unclean but when we were done it felt amazing! And... not long after we finished our tree and PJ was napping I sat down to journal and concentrate more on the unbalance I'd been feeling when within about a half hour the situation alleviated itself peacefully creating the balance I had hoped for.  I am so in love with our Dreaming Tree in all its round swirly circular feminine nature-based glory that I think I'm going to paint it permanently on the wall!  The swirls seem very Goddess-like to me and ironically the very next day I listened to B Devine's reading for October where she said tree energy was important to all Fire Signs for October, and I'm a Leo.  High suitable :) 

Manifestation MaJicK! I needed to immerse myself in something creative, something fall {my favorite season} and something very positive, uplifting.  Once I did this it released any blocks I'd created and allowed my energy of intention to flow freely.  I should have realized that relaxing was what I really needed this week; my guides have been telling me to relax and do nothing and once I did my mind opened.  Go figure :) 

This leads me to my October Energy report. I decided the next morning to ask my guides and angels for a message for October. This is something I've never really done before but certain changes in my life are opening up my abilities more and more. As I shed that which no longer suits me I am making room for messages and channeling to come through and this is something that I was told would happen over the course of the last twelve months although I found it hard to believe. Now it is happening and I am going to share it with you. I started by pulling my cards. I pulled six cards and only one card was for me. The other five were chosen as a general message. 

Arch Angel Michael was the first card- showing me he was guiding my channeling. The other cards all dealt with going inside the soul/heart instead of being governed by Ego, listening to inner wisdom, quieting the mind and finally- in making decisions in life always asking yourself- which decision will bring me closer to my divine purpose in life? I really got the feeling that for October we should gather our energy close to us and turn inward for guidance instead of constantly reaching out to others for reassurance on our decisions. Also we should nurture ourselves and not feel guilty for sometimes having to say no to people in need. We can't be on empty yet fill others because this will cause us to crash and burn. Self-nurturing is important for October. Trusting yourself, your inner wisdom. That first thought which pops into your mind is the guidance you need to trust. Stop doubting your intuition. Get to know your Higher Self. Maybe stay home more often if possible; create a warm strong home and hearth. Stock pile a bit on necessities such as supplies for bread making, water, simple proteins like peanut butter and tuna fish. Why? I'm not sure- I don't have all the answers. I'm just relaying what I feel, what's been given to me.  Also Madelyn has been the one to guide me on the preparation energy- she also gave me a push to make my own bread and now I'm an addict!

Also for October I have some key thoughts to share with you that were channeled to me: 

Attract, locate and experience Love by testing your own personal energy- push, pull, manipulate and stretch your energy. As I got this message I envisioned a glob of Play Doh that starts as a small ball and is flattened and stretched to be formed many different creative ways. This was a suitable thought because one of the next messages I received was... 

 "Tag you're it." Play with children! Children will teach and guide us. Kids are so pure and free and their energy is naturally of a high vibration. Children have no veils over their eyes until we, adults-society-societal "norms," force them upon little innocent adorable free-thinking wee ones. This does not have to happen. We can learn from kids- they believe. We used to once too. Trust in the innate happiness of children- have faith that in growing spiritually you can again become childlike in mind and spirit. 

A soft touch is necessary during these chaotic times of transition. Listen- it's all around us people. I will claim ignorance: I rarely watch the news, don't watch much TV at all. The more open and "sensitive" I become the more the badness is... well bad, for me. I have a hard time not taking it all in.  I absorb it and the reports of kids getting shot in gang cross fire, etc. etc. really lowers my vibration so to avoid it I simply don't watch/listen/read much of the news. I get the important stuff and skip the rest of the insanity. So- a soft loving nurturing touch, state of being, is important right now to counter-balance the chaos of our world. This means in thought AND action. Remember that thoughts are energy that swirls out into the universe attracting like energy and redirecting it right back down to earth. Keep it real. Keep it high, soft and loving. 

Forgo regret! Cease the "messy energy." Basically try to let go of the past. The past is gone. You can learn from it but let it go. Don't let your past mistakes bring you down and create messy energy. I got this image of us all like computers with the bits from our programs spread out over our hard drives. We all need a good defragging to tighten and corral our energy instead of letting it get spread out, spread too thin. Stay strong mentally, spiritually and emotionally because a time will be here sooner than we know when we will need to call upon that strength. 

Hot virtually immediate results from our thoughts is occurring. Energy turns into action turns into things, outcomes. This was the thought I got concerning manifestation and I can tell you with 100% certainty that it is true and nothing to gloss over or pooh-pooh. Right now our thoughts are becoming reality nearly instantaneously. I've had recent expereinces where I am journaling, hard core thinking, pondering, manifesting with intention and something happens- a phone call or a knock on the door or an e-mail pops into my inbox that resolves the very issue I was concentrating on. It is somewhat eerie for a doubter like myself but the truth can no longer be ignored. So clear your mind and be very aware of what you are thinking about. 

Your ideas should be joyful- NO FEAR. 

And as always... live in Light and Love. 

Keep it up! ~Jennifer