About Jennifer

Jennifer, proud mommy to toddler PJ, is a sensitive/empath who is also an eclectic artist of glass lampwork beads, jewelry, photography and digital art. You can get a taste of her work by visiting http://www.etsy.com/shop/norlighcreations


I can never say anything in under ten words or less {or pictures for that matter!} and this truth is the best way to introduce myself so be prepared.  Don't say I didn't warn ya ;)

I love to talk yet am a good listener. I'm a wife and a mommy. I'm an artist and a photographer; I notice the way the morning sunlight illuminates the tips of the trees at about 7:04AM- it dabs the limbs with apricot paint.  I am extremely passionate about life in general and all of my "loves." I love to sing. And dance. And write. Captain Jack Sparrow is my hero. I adore country music because it never fails to express exactly what's in my heart at any given moment but with a twang ;) I'm at my best when immersed in the passion of my art whether it be melting glass at the torch, assembling a piece of jewelry, looking eye to eye at a dragonfly through the viewfinder of my Canon 7D DSLR camera, scribbling furiously in my journal or even baking chocolate chip cookies in my itty-bitty kitchen... if I am not being creative then I am not living. Not really. Not fully. 

My greatest creation is my son, PJ. We sing and dance and do art together. He's one of my favorite subjects to photograph and you, oh beloved follower of our blog, will grow to know him well. I'll introduce him to you now if you don't mind.

Look at that little grin! I know it makes you want to smile...

Yes I am addicted to my iphone camera, bless you Instamatic!

PJ's happy smiley bright pictures are a perfect representation of his adorable personality. My little toot is fabulous and I love him so much!

A few more examples of what I do... what makes me me.

My beads:

My jewelry:

Nature and country are some of my favorite subjects to photograph...

My spiritually-open side, that special part of me that listens with my heart instead of ruling my mind with my thought-based ego, that has slowly been emerging over the last ten years recently decided to speed up. Quickly. Speedy-Gonzelez-like. Guides and angels have literally been knocking on my door... and I finally decided to answer. My increasing sensitivity to their messages of love and guidance has been an interesting experience, one for which I am very thankful and grateful. I invite you to join me in my journey of spiritual enlightenment as I blog with Kristy and Madelyn~ I have a feeling it's going to be one exciting ride!

Make sure to find the MaJicK in every day; I know I do! ;)