About Kristy

Kristy Robinett is a world-renowned revolutionary Psychic Medium and Author of Ghosts of Southeast Michigan, Legends and Lore of Michigan (2012), Messenger Between Worlds (2012) and Higher Intuitions Oracle deck (2012). Robinett’s involvement with the paranormal began at 3 when she began playing and communicating with spirits, labeled imaginary friends by her parents. This was, however, unacceptable behavior. So at the age of 4 she was enrolled in parochial school in hopes that her ‘over active imagination’ would be stifled. It didn’t go away. It was difficult ignoring what she once referred to as her personal curse. When a ghost in the room is adamant about discussing his/her passing and is begging for help, it's a bit like having a pink polka-dotted elephant tap-dancing in your living room. You either try to ignore it while everything around you is destroyed, or you learn to embrace it. After trying corporate world for several years, Kristy cried ‘Uncle’.

Today Kristy has an office in Livonia, Michigan where she does private sessions. Kristy has been profiled on many radio and television shows. She's read for a blushing clientele of Who's Who in Hollywood along with law enforcement, clergy, politicians, physicians, attorneys, domestic goddesses, local celebrities, and everyday people and specializes in bringing humor to what most fear and inspires all ages to ignite the light within them so that the fire of inspiration continues on. It's Kristy’s down to earth style, honesty, sense of humor and warmth that makes her a sought out coach and speaker.

Kristy is a wife and mom to four children and many animals. She loves anything sparkly, fuzzy socks, ice cream and hugs. You can find her traveling around Michigan ghost hunting and researching stories. If you see her, feel free to share your own ghost experience or legend and lore.

Visit www.tangledwishes.com and www.hauntedhideaways.com to see upcoming events or to contact Kristy for a session.


It has taken me a long time to confess who I truly am, what I truly am, and even then I grow each day within the identity of who I am and who I want to be. The years haven't been without trials and tribulations, but through all of the negative, I always saw the rainbow. I hope you are ready to take this journey with me.