Get a glimpse of the ghost of Blanche who still haunts the Kellogg Park, see spirits who roam the land where a mental hospital stood, and a ghost who refuses to punch out permanently. Meet a winged creature, fairies in the cemetery, and demons who throw dishes. Do you believe? You will...


Messenger Between Worlds 
Kristy Robinett, an Abnormally Normal Psychic Medium, shares her incredible journey of being born able to communicate with spirits. She shares her own insecurities and struggles with trying to live a normal life with an abnormal ability. For years Intuitive Coach Kristy Robinett stayed undercover due to her Lutheran background, but after a heart to heart with her minister, a lot of soul searching, and finding support through her husband, she came out of the spook closet to embrace her soul’s destiny. Kristy Robinett shares her own journey along with stories of client interactions.

Michigan's Haunted Legends and Lore (Coming Fall 2012)

Journey across the State of Michigan, rich in history, to read over 40 tales of the strange, the unusual, and the haunted of centuries past. Discover the spectral cries of the lost souls under a bridge, spirits who haunt a Westland school, the beloved Civil War horse whose spirit lives on, a wrongly accused town witch, UFOs that frighten those at a Michigan farm, and Michael Jackson’s elaborate gravestone gift to entertainer Jackie Wilson. Listen to the waves that crash against the stony cliffs and catch a glimpse of a grisly murder or climb the steps of Joe Louis Arena and discover why Al the Octopus is so important to Detroit’s sports fans. So settle into a comfortable chair, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and explore the depths of Michigan’s Haunted Legends and Lore. And don’t worry; we understand if you need to leave your lights on tonight.

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Higher Intuitions Oracle - Coming out Winter 2012