Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Believe

Addison Logan and his grandmother, Lois, spent a Thursday afternoon perusing several garage sales. Thirteen year old Addison, from Wichita, Kansas, decided to purchase an old Polaroid Camera marked for $1, but it would end up being a supernatural shock when they got home. Inside the camera was a photo of Addison’s uncle, Lois’ son – Scott, who was killed in a car accident over 23 years ago. Lois ventured back to the garage sale, but the man who held the sale couldn’t remember where he had gotten the camera. After the surprise wore off, the family decided to take it as a sign from heaven, from Scott himself, saying that he was doing okay.

November 2011, Tim Art received an email from his childhood best friend, Jack Froese. Nothing surprising, I am sure, except that Jack passed away in June of 2011 from a heart condition. The email’s subject said, "I'm Watching." The message read, "Did you hear me? I'm at your house. Clean your <bleeping> attic!!!" Froese used to continually tease Art about his messy attic. Not long after that, another email from Froese came through to another friend that warned him of a pending ankle injury that did indeed happen. Instead of being spooked, Jack Froese’s friends and family claimed that the emails were a gift from Heaven.

It was a balmy autumn day when Cindy stared out of her office window, wishing to be anywhere but where she was. It had been 8 months since her husband had unexpectedly passed away after a minor procedure, and the grieving was still painful. Her work email pinged alerting her to new mail. When she glanced at her screen, her heart stopped. The email was from her husband, with the email’s subject, “Missing You.” The content of the message simply read, “I really miss you today. Love you lots.” Stunned, but grateful for the message, she picked up their wedding photo, stained with tears, and kissed it, whispering, “I miss and love you too”. When alive, her husband would send her a morning email when he got to work. 

Could the emails have simply been caught up in a server and just delivered late? Sure, but regardless, experiences such as these happen daily. Many chalk it up to coincidence, or are skeptical about the legitimacy of the stories, while others (including me) believe that it is pure synchronicity. They all happened at the right time.

I recently went to a gallery reading hosted by another Medium. Each time she referenced ‘the dead’, or ‘dead people’, I shuddered. Our loved ones who made the transition aren’t at all dead. Sure, they aren’t with us in the physical, but they continue to be around us in some way, shape or form. That butterfly that continues to flutter outside your window, or around you. The bird that follows you around the yard. The coins that you find on your walk. The song on the radio that reminds you of someone special. The rainbow in the sky just as you were about to give up hope. Each one of us receives signs from our loved ones on the Other Side, but often shrugs it off, and yet these are signs that they aren’t dead, but alive, just in a different way.  

So as you go through your day, take your eyes off of your phone, maybe take a walk instead of playing “Words With Friends”, and simply look around you. It is then that you may begin (or continue) to BELIEVE.

I Believe,


Friday, May 18, 2012

I Blog Because I Am:

*genuinely imperfect
*frustratingly complicated {just ask those who know me best!}
*lovingly nurturing
*a dreamer
*a doer
*a procrastinator
*a dreamer who ponders doing but instead often procrastinates

And the list goes on and on... but lately I have been feeling uninspired.  Yes, I hate to admit it but even an Abnormally Normal Goddess can fall into the rut of losing her inspiration.

Many days I feel both reflective and creative.  I sit at my desk contemplating while I idly chew on the end of a pen or roll a few beads in my palm considering my next project.  Like The Goddess Circe I am ready and willing to work my magic...


Enthusiasm pulses hot and strong through my veins.  Ideas spin through my mind like colorful leaves eddying on a balmy spring breeze.  On the days when I do a really bang up job of finishing a new endeavor or planning a fresh piece of jewelry or combining a variety of colors, metals and other odds and ends to create a fantastic bead I feel very powerful, a majickal goddess whose artistic talent flows from my fingertips like the most fantastic of lightning.  I have manifested artistic creativity.  I am a wordsmith.  I am an alchemist, a enchantress of beauty and light... like this:


But then there are the days when I feel frazzled and worn, like this:

Or this {a state-of-being which needs no explanation!}


Or the worst of all days... those yucky poo poo times in life when I don't blog for weeks at a time and my fingernails grow long because I have no reason to shorten them {I can't create with long nails because they get in the way of working with beads and typing with long nails annoys me, all that *clack clack clacking* on the keyboard or even worse trying to pen words onto the page with long nails, daggers digging into my palm *ouch!*}

Inspiration Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me???!!


I, my friends, have been having many of these days that are highly lacking in inspiration. The disappearance of my Mojo makes me want to hide my head under the covers while ignoring the cries of my raw materials which sit in my studio sad, neglected and collecting dust.

Now it is time to wipe the dust off my glass, organize my beads, and do that furious scribble with my favorite pen, you know that swirly scrub that makes a long-unused dried tip of a pen workable again?  Yeah- I just felt you smile.  You know the mad "man I haven't used my favorite pen in way too long" scribble I mean.  We've all been there.  Desperately seeking out our muse, knowing she scampered off somewhere and is hiding.  But not too far away.  Not hidden so deeply that she cannot be found.  With a little soul searching, some mental elbow grease and facing head on the terror of the blank page staring us in the face we can all combat a lack of creativity.  Get that first word down and more will follow.  Throw some paint on that paper for Goddess' sake!  I've fought my moments of being uninspired and won hundreds of times in my life and will continue to plug along whilst battling against inspiration killers {little demons which shall remain nameless lest I empower their wickedness!}

When I feel blah and icky and my mind is blank some things that help get the creative juices flowing are looking at the amazing works of other artists.  Deviantart.com is a wonderfully magical site filled with beautiful art.  Pinterest is a plethora of inspiration.   A good brisk walk or bike ride outside will always  rejuvenate a tired mind as well as soul; Mother Nature's palette never fails to inspire.  Grab your camera and dare yourself to view the world from a different perspective- this never fails to jump start my muse!

Finding one's creativity after it's wandered off for a while is a beautiful thing.  It makes me feel all strong and wonderful and majickal, like this...

And this, fellow blog readers, is a truly inspired way to feel ;)
"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working."
~Pablo Picasso

Love, Hope and Wishes,


Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Mother's Day Letter

Dear Mom,

Today is the sixth Mother’s Day that I haven’t been able to celebrate with you in the physical world.  I thought that it might get easier, but it still feels as sad as it did on the first one.  Passing by the cards in the stores I usually do one of two things; I quickly turn my head because it is a painful reminder that I will never buy another Mother’s Day card, or I am urged to go up to everybody looking at the cards and tell them to treasure each moment that they have their mom in their life.

I know that you are doing great on the Other Side, and I am so grateful that you can finally see and that you no longer have the pain – both physical and emotional.  We miss you here, though. And so much has happened.  Connor has grown into a man.  Micaela is graduating from high school in the next couple weeks and will be going away to college. The one thing that hasn’t changed is that dad is still a pain in the neck. Yes, I know you used to tell me that I didn’t understand since I wasn’t living with him, well now that we all live together I understand fully.  I knew that would make you laugh.

When the wind blows just right I can feel your hands gently touch my cheek and hear you whisper your love for us kids.  I am so blessed that you gave me wings to fly and although we got mad at one another often, we always loved each other.

Every year I would bring you a gift and a flower. On this Mother’s Day I will once again take your flower to your gravesite. I understand that Heaven needed you more than we did here, but I still miss you.

Happy Mother’s Day. I love you, mom.


Even though I am a Medium and I can communicate with and even see my mom in spirit, it isn’t always the same as having her here in the physical; the calls whenever I want to hear her voice, the hugs when I am having a bad day, the chicken noodle soup when I am not feeling well….  Although I’m a Medium, I’m still human and I miss.

So, I wish you all a Mother’s Day filled with hugs, phone calls, maybe some chicken noodle soup and if your mom is on the Other Side (or even your child) – I wish you signs that your mom (or child) is watching over you! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Re-Pot Your Life

If you've ever gardened, you know that after awhile that plants grow out of its pot and has to then be re-potted or separated and replanted (which is why I love Hostas so much!!!).  The plant is often deeply rooted into place and loves the pot that it is in, but in order for it to survive it must change to a brand new pot in order to flourish.  It may take a day or two for it to re-root, but then it begins to grow and blossom into its own and all is fine until it needs to be repotted or replanted again.  And it isn't as if that plant didn't like its old pot, it did, it loved the pot, but alas in order to grow, change must then occur. 

The last couple years I have been going through a similar phase in my life.  I had a really tough time leaving my corporate job. Although I didn't care for the work, I loved the people around me and because of that fear I probably waited a couple years too long.  Once I quit, though, I flourished into my own.  I am going through a similar experience now as I move on to different projects.  It is scary, but I know that I will love the new pot that I will be planted in and that it is just another phase in my life. 

Roseanne Cash is quoted as saying that the key to change is to let go of fear.  It has been fear that has kept me rooted longer than I should be.  As I let go of fear and embrace growth, I allow change and prosperity to flourish, as do you. 

What is it that you fear?  Are you holding on to something because you are afraid of change and the unknown?  Know that your Angels and Guides stand with you - you are NEVER alone!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Favorite Job: Motherhood

Having a 17 year old daughter is...interesting. As a young girl she loved to wear pink dresses and hats (it helped that she didn't have much say), but as she grew she went into a black clothes and dark phase where I felt as if lost her, involved in her own life and only giving me short answers. Conversations were painful:

Me: "What did you do today?"
Her: "Nothing."
Me: "Do you have homework?"
Her: "Some."
Me: "How was that science test."
Her: "Fine."

All the while she was rolling her eyes at me. 

Her: "Can I go to my room now?"

If she wasn't in her room, she withdrew in her own head with her iPod as her best friend. This last year I saw a slight change. With college choices, Senior pictures and increased high school activities, she needed to talk more to me. In my own "I am Mother of the Year" world I would love to hope that she enjoyed it. But that might just be wishful thinking on my part. 

No matter what phase she was in, though, I never gave up on her. Oh, I threw my hands up in the air and I admit that I yelled a few (hundred?) times out of frustration over her bad attitude, her dress choice of all black clothes, her fear of driving a car, her dislike for cleaning her room, dislike for helping around the house, and the list could forever go on, but I never stopped loving her. 

I used to drop her off at school, kiss her and tell her that she was my favorite and not to tell her brother and then do the same with my son as I dropped him off. That was until they caught on to me during one of their several million sibling arguments that they had. 

"Well, mom says I am her favorite every morning!" 
"Wait, she says the same to me!" 

It was all done in fun and they knew it. We still laugh about it (or maybe I am the only one that does!). 

Last night was Micaela's Senior Prom. She didn't want to go, but I put my foot down and said that she was going. It was a rite of passage. And so we did the dress shopping, the nail thing, the flower thing, the hair thing and finally the picture thing. It is so hard to see her looking so grown up, but I am so proud of her. And...I am proud that I got through it! 

So for all of you with toddlers wondering when it will ever get better - cherish those days because as they grow, the problems only grow with them. I wouldn't trade being a mom for anything. It is, and will forever be, my favorite job. 


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Winners are....

And the WINNERS are... (drum roll please!!!) - 

30 Minute Session:

Nancy Johnson and Lisa Buchan


A signed copy of Messenger Between Worlds

Ruth Crampton and Doreen Fallon

Thanks to everybody who posted on Facebook and Twitter!