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"Spirit guides can help you accomplish and achieve success in every area of your life by gently and consistently guiding and nudging you along your soul journey. Because we all have free will and free choice, you can decide to go against the current, and that is when your guides can call on others in the spirit world to give you resources in the way of people and finances, insight and love. We, however, have to be open and willing to accept it. Once there is recognition of assistance, even if there isn’t an awareness of who it is coming from, then doors can and will open wide."

Forevermore-Guided in Spirit by Edgar Allan Poe
Kristy Robinett
We all have spirit guides whether recognized or not. One of the most frequent questions that I receive in my office is “How many guides do I have?” followed by “What is his/her name?”  The term Spirit Guide refers to one or more entities that watch, teach, heal, and help us on our physical journey. Communication with our guides comes in different forms, but typically it is through telepathy, clairaudience and clairvoyance. Have you ever woken up to your name being called, or saw a shadow out of the corner of your eye? Or just felt like you should take a different route instead of your normal one? More than likely that was your spirit guide.

We often give the credit to our loved ones on the Other Side, or angels, and it isn’t that they don’t help out too, they do, but it is our spirit guides who have a humble (and frustrating) job of helping us to fulfill our highest potential while allowing free will and free choice to stay intact.

Each guide has a specific purpose to our life path. If you are going through health issues, you would have a guide who had that same ailment, or was possibly in the healing field before their passing. If you are in school for a certain major, your guide may have been an expert in that field. As we transition through our lives, our guides transition too depending upon what we need at that certain time.

When I was thirteen years old I had the most unusual spirit guide that appeared to me – Edgar Allan Poe. It took me over thirty years to admit that, even to my own husband, and not before I wrote the book Forevermore that will be coming out on October 7th, the 165th anniversary of Poe’s death; a death which has gone down in the history books as one of the most speculated deaths ever – that is until October 7, 2014 when I share his story.

Forevermore – Guided in Spirit by Edgar Allan Poe tells the story of my experience with him as a Spirit Guide, but the book also helps you discover your own guides and how you might be able to make their job easier, and in turn your life calmer. Until then, I would love to give you some suggestions now.

7 Ways to Help Your Helpers
  1.  Listen to your heart and make appropriate changes that will help you lead you closer to your goal. If things feel wrong, then probably something is wrong.
  2. Don’t cause chaos when chaos isn’t in the picture. Often people don’t know what to do when there isn’t drama, and yet beg for a drama-filled life. Don’t create chaos, enjoy the calmness.
  3. Have a clear vision. Or at least as clear as you can get. If you want a relationship, don’t be wishy washy about wanting a relationship for fear that you won’t receive a relationship. If you want a new job, don’t pretend you don’t.
  4. Take action instead of finding a reaction. So often the goal is lost because of impatience. Moving forward through action is so much more fulfilling than festering. Place yourself in the flow of action with the place and people that you see within your vision.
  5. Forgive yourself. Sit down and write yourself a letter. Let the scars heal for once and for all. We can't change the mistakes we made from the past. But we can keep moving forward to make our beautiful future.Forgiveness is the remedy. It doesn’t mean you’re erasing the past, or forgetting what happened. It means you’re letting go of the resentment.
  6. Appreciate you and all the things around you.
  7. Time Outs. Take time outs to clear your head. It helps to re-balance you so that the monster called impatience doesn’t rear its ugliness. One of my favorite quotes is “Spend time doing strange things with weird people”. I have embraced this in my own life and have to say that it makes life much more interesting, and more times than not, much more fun!

How You Know Your Guides Are Around
  1. You have a gut feeling.
  2. You have a shiver that goes down your spine.
  3. Someone tells you information that you need at the very same time and they know nothing that is going on in your life.
  4. You offer advice to someone else that is the advice that you need for your own life.
  5. You see repeated numbers or symbols.
  6. You are visited by an animal in nature that is no mistaking that it is a message.
  7. You see a shadow out of the corner of your eye. 
  8. You hear your name being called while sleeping or falling asleep.
  9. In the end, you don’t need to know your guide’s names, or know how many guides you have, just know that you have helpers and that you aren’t alone in your journey.

When I was on Darkness Radio last week (you can listen here – click on 8/21), Tim, one of the hosts, asked if you could choose three famous spirit guides, who would they be and why? Some suggestions I heard in chat were Walt Disney, Abe Lincoln, Michael Jackson, Nelson Mandela, Anne Frank, etc.  I would love to hear who you would want by commenting over here!

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Kristy Robinett

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Belief, Joy & Love

Although the world is full of suffering,
it is full also of the overcoming of it.
My optimism, then, does not rest on the absence of evil,
but on a glad belief in the preponderance of good
and a willing effort always to cooperate with the good,
that it may prevail.
- Helen Keller

When all is said and done,
the one sole condition that makes
spiritual happiness and preserves it
is the absence of doubt.
- Mark Twain

Let me start by saying I've had an interesting last year, one that has taught me so much about love and fear that I'm writing yet another blog post about it.  I feel like I lived ten years in one, and I achieved enough spiritual healing for twelve people in that time.  It's been an intense twelve months that have brought me here to share with you because I have a few important pieces of life information to impart upon you compliments of The Divine, mainly the truth that fear is bad and belief and joy are pivotal in living a healthy happy life where we attract to us through our own divine energy, the same energy of God, that which we want most.   

One thing I've come to realize is I'm psychic.  Not Kristy psychic where I can hear people talking and see spirits but I have a direct connection with the divine and Spirit talks to me mainly through channeling.  Spirit also talks to me through signs, synchronicity and dreams.  Oh also through other people, songs, movies and... well Spirit talks to me in any way that I will pay attention!  I can be a bit, er, dense sometimes.

I feel compelled to use this blog post to give you a blanket statement that I will use forthcoming posts to explain in detail.  To describe it all here would take you, dear reader, until tomorrow morning to read.  My gems from Spirit are much better shelled out in small*ish* doses {I'm never brief!}  What I have to tell you is nothing you have not heard before but... well, let me just get to it.

You must live a life of joy with no fear or doubt if you want to be truly happy.  You must BELIEVE in your dreams, really truly believe, if you want them to come true.  If you believe in God or a divine creator you must turn your fear and doubt over to said entity and trust that you deserve and will have a happy and joyful life.  Why such a trite blanket statement?  It's all about energy and attraction.  Spirit often uses the phrase "You reap what you sow" with me and it is oh so true. What you think of most, concentrate on, where you place your energy, is what you draw to your life.  If you concentrate most on how badly your job sucks then your job will become even more unbearable.  If you begin telling yourself that you are lucky to have a job and turn the fear over to God then you will attract whatever change is coming your way.  I know it sounds very base and simple... and nearly impossible but it's truth.

I'm no physicist okay?  I can't sit here and explain to you about plank time or Big Bang Theory {the actual creation theory not the TV show- I love the TV show!} or parallel universes but I do know that were are all made of stardust, no matter that Adam and Eve story.  The earth is not 6000 years old- and we are not all separate.  We. Are. One.  We all come from the same stuff- God energy.  And it is a wonderful loving beautiful joyful energy.  We are all linked, some us more closely than others.  Soul mates, a topic for another post, exist and we interact with them sometimes on a daily basis- and these are people with whom we are energetically and soul connected.  Not only are we linked with other people but basically with everything.  Life is energy based and there are two major players: Love and fear.  Big L small f.  Love and fear are the two energies that exist on earth with all emotions stemming from each.  For example you have happiness, compassion, empathy, all love-based energies.  Then there is yucky jealousy, anger, doubt and sorrow, all fear-based energies.  When you have a love-based thought you draw to you more love.  But when you concentrate on fear the opposite is true- you bring fear into your life.  So if you flip some guy off in traffic and your blood is boiling, fists clenched... you just asked for a hot latte to spill into your lap later in the day.  Or to run out of gas.  Or for your wallet to get stolen.  But if you walk past a man sitting in the park looking hungry and ragged and you offer him some lunch, or you smile at the harried cashier and ask her with genuine concern how her day is going, or you say a prayer for someone who you know is struggling- you attract love to you, goodness.  You attract a closer parking spot, or a drawing from your child, or a much needed smile from a stranger.  Or bigger things like a promotion or a highly anticipated pregnancy. 

We all know there is too much fear in our world.  I don't feel the need to expand on fear.  This post is about joy and belief.  Joy and Belief... and Hope.  Hope is the confident expectation that God will answer your prayers.  God or... The Universe or The Force or whatever is your personal belief {or yes even non-belief.}  A confident expectation.  Think about it- a prayer, or positive intention or a ritual or manifestation or wish is all concentrating on what you want most so please make sure you are concentrating on the right stuff, positive energy that is for the good of all.

Doubt and fear, even in the tiniest of doses, automatically repel what you want most.  When you have a dream but you doubt that it can come true then unfortunately it won't.  It can't because you are not allowing it to come to you.  See all energy has a vibration.  Love energy has a high vibration and fear has a low vibration.  You attract to you "stuff" of a similar vibration to what you are feeling and putting out into the universe, and you can't mix high and low vibration.  If you have a positive dream {high vibration} but you doubt it {low vibration} those two are not going to jive; they cancel each other out.  Savvy?  I know this because I am living it, right here and right now.  I am living a once-in-a-lifetime, or once in twenty-five lifetimes, experience where God is showing me that dreams do come true IF I BELIEVE.  I'm being shown in small doses, lol, and it's been quite the experience.  It's all about belief and living a joyful existence.  And joy can be so difficult at times when we feel dark or dreary but I'm here to tell you, with faith and personal experience, that it is more important than the air we breathe- joy is everything.  We have to believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel, that once we turn our fear over to God and have faith, real trust, magic really does happen.

Miracles occur on a daily basis but we don't notice.  Spirit talks to all of us, urging us on with signs and messages but we write them all off as "coincidences."  We have become jaded and it is time to strip away the veils from our eyes and really *see.*  Did you know your soul is talking to you always?  Your "intuition" and "imagination"- those words are labels for soul communication.  Your soul is always trying to get through to you, to lead you on the right path to bring you happiness.  And it's all about living a joyful existence no matter what life is throwing at you, and we all know that life can throw us some struggle at times.  But the struggle will end when we finally surrender and accept that all we are in control of is our own energy- and we have to make it good energy.  God's got the rest. 

Impeccable awareness of where you place your energy is of utmost importance.  Don't throw your energy away to some silly criticism your boss tossed your away.  Or the traffic jam on the way home.  Instead count your blessings {we all have blessings even when we feel like we don't} and stay joyful.  I can't begin to express to you just how important it is- yet I am here attempting to tell you that peeps, IT'S ALL ABOUT BEING JOYFUL.  No fear.  No doubt.  Fear and doubt are insidious joy-stealers.  Manifestation-blockers.  Dream-destroyers. Fear and doubt are of the dark and should be avoided at all costs.

In another post I will explain why I feel this way, what I've experienced to make me so passionate about sharing with you the need for joy in your life.  I can tell you that recently I've been forced to strip away fear and doubt and fully believe for the first time in my life.  I always called myself a "believer" but I didn't really trust God, and I got called out on it.  In a big way.  My walls are falling, finally, and I get it.  And you will too. Protect your joyful energy at all costs.  It is the energy that helps heal the world, your world and the world around you.  

I've been manifesting lately and it comes as a shock to me because although I "know" stuff I didn't really believe it, and that ended up being a problem for me.  I've been trying, oh so hard, to be joyful.  And the happier I am the more what I ask for comes to me.  I am experimenting with it now and I see it is real.  Magic is real and it is energy-based.  I feel I am "seeing" this so I can share the truth, that we are all very powerful beings with the ability to change our own lives if we would just try and concentrate on love and joy and faith and belief and hope.  So give it a shot.  I swear it's true, and it only took me ten years to discover.  I "knew" it but I didn't believe it until my life got a shakedown like no other and I basically had no choice but to stand at attention- and I began truly seeing for the first time in my life that the world we see around us is not truly reality.  It is what we allow to happen to us instead of us creating the world for ourselves.  Don't let life happen to you- create your own world.  And start by being joyful and thankful, and trust whoever or whatever is God to you.  Love yourself and your neighbor... and that guy who just cut you off in traffic.  Dance and sing and keep your energy elevated and watch as life begins to fall into place for you.

Just try it.  Simple curiosity to start and as you notice change being created, good things happening to you or coming to you, make note and keep trying.  I promise it's worth it.  JOY.  Belief.  Love.  

So very worth it for you and because we are all connected, for the world.  

Love to all,