Sunday, December 30, 2012

Your Own Worst Enemy

I sat at the blue cafeteria table, staring into space. 

I heard the soft footsteps come up behind me, but I didn't feel the need to turn around.  It just didn't matter.

"I know you're upset. Can I explain?"

I choked back the tears.  I didn't want to give the very person who rejected me the satisfaction of showing me how upset I really was.  But my silence didn't seem to scare him off any and he sat across from me anyhow.

"It isn't that you aren't any good, Kristy.  That isn't why I didn't choose you for the group."

"Then why, Mr. V?  Why? You said yourself how well I did on my audition.  You said yourself how determined I was.  You said..."

"I know I did," he interrupted with a sigh.  Bowing his head for a moment, he grabbed my chin and made me look straight in his blue eyes.  "One day you will understand, but right now all you need to know is that this isn't yours.  It isn't because of your talent, or lack of talent, it is because you have to walk your own path.  And you aren't doing that by mulling in self pity."  My band and concert choir teacher dropped his hand, bit his lip and stood up to leave.

"If I am not walking my path, Mr. V, what path am I supposed to take?" I asked, tears flooding my eyes.  

"I am not sure, Kristy.  That is for you to discover."

Every time I watch the hit television show Glee, it brings back my memories of rejection, but most of all the conversation that I shared above.  I wanted to be a part of a small and elite choir.  I had done so well on my audition and was certain that the spot was mine, only to read the names on the list and see that my name wasn't included.  Instead of my name there was a name of another, someone who didn't belong in the group.  She couldn't sing.  And I don't say that to be cruel either..she couldn't sing!  I was devastated.   The instructor of the performing arts program was every-body's favorite and not just because he guaranteed an easy grade, but because he truly cared and went above and beyond.  It was rare that he had a temper, but when he did, you knew he meant it.  And the day he sat across from me, his temper flared just briefly, but not out of anger, but out of frustration. 

I never did get to the bottom of why I wasn't the chosen one, except perhaps that one decision could have changed the entire course of my life. 

How many times do we get caught up in the competitiveness of the situation?  Interview for a job that we really don't care to have, but when the job doesn't go to us we get angry?  Query a publisher that we know isn't right for the project and yet when the rejection comes, throw out some curse words?  Date someone who we don't really have a connection with, and yet when they call it quits eat ice cream for a week for being rejected? 

I used to look around at the other Psychic/Mediums/Paranormal Investigators/Authors and wonder why they got chosen for a television show and I didn't.  Or why they got picked up on a book deal and I was told 'no'.  I used to, until I realized that I wasn't walking my path.  They weren't the enemy, I was. 

Do you realize how much more you will get done by creating your own existence!!  By looking around you, you are wasting time in creating your path.  You don't have to be like everybody else.  In fact, you don't want to be like everybody else because that gets boring.  So stop making excuses.  Stop sabotaging yourself.  Stop comparing yourself to others.  And start.  Start what?  I will take a quote from my very wise teacher.  "I am not sure.  That is for you to discover."


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

I have always thought of Christmas as a good time; a kind, forgiving, generous, pleasant time; a time when men and women seem to open their hearts freely, and so I say, God bless Christmas!
~Charles Dickens
Merry Christmas from our home to yours! The presents have all been opened and the house is empty except for Chuck and I (and my dad) as the kids have gone off to their dad’s home.
I used to hate having a split family. At 8 a.m. every Christmas morning my ex husband would pick the kids up in order to have Christmas with his family. And at 8:01 a.m., I would be in a mess of tears. Now Connor is almost 16 and Micaela is 18, and although the sadness of not having them on Christmas Day still surrounds me, ever briefly, I am grateful for each moment that I have with them, and try to not focus on each moment that I don’t.
When I was single, I would make sure to have a huge stack of books, silly movies and magazines and spend the day on the couch, watching movies and reading. I would also have a box of Kleenex next to me and cry throughout the day and night, mourning all that I didn’t have. I would cry at all the pain that was caused me and the kids, and at the fairy tale of a life that I thought I was gifted, but felt as if it was ripped from me, without my permission and none of it in my control. I thought I was handling it properly. I thought wrong.
Last night, as we entertained family and friends, I thought back to those days that I thought were so completely miserable and saw the good within them. How could I treasure all that I have now without going through all of the pain?
So on this Christmas morning, I offer you a lesson that I learned from my own past. No matter your situation, you might not see the gifts around you, but take in the experience with open eyes (and some Kleenex next to you is okay too). It may seem like the worst Christmas or the saddest Christmas, but know that there are insights to be gained within them. And for those who are having the most perfect Christmas – send those higher thoughts and prayers to those who might be sad, because even your littlest boost of energy may help someone get through this holiday.
From our home to yours – the MERRIEST of Holidays!
"Christmas gift suggestions: To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect."
- Oren Arnold
Love, Laughter and Miracles,
Kristy Robinett

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I Predict...

This time each year I receive calls and emails from television and radio stations asking for my New Year predictions. In previous years, I have reluctantly done them. I say reluctantly because I feel as if the predictions they are looking for are drama filled like - “I see several storms in this part of the country/state and will kill this many people.”
  • Eight months ago, on a syndicated radio station, I was asked who would win the Presidential Race - I replied Obama would win. I was hung up on.
  • Seven years ago on a radio station I predicted that in 2012-2013 that Unions would begin to dissolve and a new power would rise. I was laughed at.
  • Last December I predicted an East Coast hurricane. I was told that the East Coast never gets stormed and I must be off my rocker.
Since the Connecticut shootings on Friday, I have received over twenty phone calls to do prediction shows or to offer my psychic predictions on the tragedy. I have said thanks, but no thanks, and explained that as we emerge into 2013, I want to focus on the positive road and not the tragic. On Facebook I witnessed a person trying to gather people to travel to the school in Connecticut in order to do a paranormal investigation, and I reminded him of what Emerson wrote, “The meaning of good and bad, of better and worse, is simply helping or hurting.”  I was appalled (and still am). There is a place, and a time to do paranormal investigations, and then there is common sense and compassion when that time comes. Nobody likes or wants an ‘ambulance chaser’. I sort of feel the same way about making worldly predictions. Mass predictions don’t help prepare, they only feed into the fear hysteria.  Emerson also said, “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year”.  I don’t need the ‘I told you so’ when a prediction comes to fruition, instead I would rather write the story of how I want to see things go, and make every attempt to open those doors. I would rather not put the fears out there. I want to visualize that the world is a good place, not rip it to shreds.
One of the father’s who lost his six year old little girl in Friday’s tragedy asked that we "not turn <this event> into something that defines us, but something that inspires us to be better, to be more compassionate and more humble people." And if someone who is in the midst of the devastation can ask for peace, I think we can too. We don’t have to turn this into a Civil War where society fights if guns kill or killers kill, or blame a political party. On Friday, I actually had to turn the television off and spend time with the family, hugging them, and doing what Mr. Parker said – try to become inspired instead of getting angry, because much like with 9-11, it was easy to get overwhelmed into the sadness and the despair of not being able to do anything to help take the ache away. We cannot surrender to hate and fear, however. We have to persevere. We have to grow. We have to shine.
As December 21st approaches, according to those who subscribe to the ascension belief, they would say that this is the end of the world--not the human race--but the end as we know it. We are being tested. Are we passing or failing? With the light, there is dark, but the light must shine brighter or else we all become consumed within the abyss. And so as December 21st nears, more of these dark souls will come forward and try to take as many light souls with them. Don’t let anybody or any situation take your sparkle or shine away.
In the night of death, hope sees a star, and listening love can hear the rustle of a wing. 
 ~Robert Ingersoll
So instead of offering predictions, as we prepare for the New Year, I ask instead that you shine bright, my friends, shine bright.
Kristy Robinett

Monday, December 10, 2012

Breaching The Gap of Life

As always my guides came through for me about a week or so ago with an amazingly beautiful dream.  I hate to admit it but due to some personal struggles I've fallen away from that which brings me joy.  Those little things in my life that often supplement my happiness have fallen into a void which is typical for me when I am faced with a large life situation.  I can only handle, deal with, the task at hand so I compartmentalize the rest, filing it away for a later date.  This includes my active spirit contact meaning that when I attempt to contact Spirit I put up blocks that are not conducive for letting the messages through!  But they never ever let me down {and they won't you either, I can attest to this fact!}  At those times when I cannot achieve contact through my pendulum work or meditation I turn to them by asking for a dream.  

Before I explain the dream let me share that I'm going through a personal struggle, a situation that is reaching culmination.  It's been a process that has challenged me to become a stronger woman and in the end I am so very thankful for what God has given me by way of Divine Process- everything happens for a reason.  I was told months and months ago that the struggles I was facing were all for a reason that would come together in the end with as little strife and heartache {on all ends} as possible- and Spirit did not lie.  But it's also sapped me of my energy and I'm at a point where I have to get back into the game; I've been sitting on the sidelines for far too long plotting my strategy.  One can only plan for so long before jumping in with both feet first.  This is where I am right now... except I'm dipping my toe in the water to test the temperature while I know Spirit is behind me ready to give me a rather large shove into the invigorating depths!  My spiritual eyes are veiled with a self-inflicted fog that is so very ready to feel the wind of activation blow away my old beliefs, thought processes and anything which makes me feel unnaturally vulnerable or scared- all that which holds me back from tapping into Spirit with a clear and open connection.  I know my ability is strong and I'm learning, being taught, how to let it shine.

So my dream... the above picture is a very good rendition of what I saw in the message I was given {I added the bright coloring and sunglow to a very pretty picture I found online at}  It was a simple dream but so utterly breathtakingly beautiful, and as is their way with me it included an animal.  They use animals as symbols for me, and I love it!  I was in a boat {I'll assume because it was as if I was looking through my eyes and I wasn't aware of why or how I was in the water- I just was} on the ocean, way out in the middle of the water as sunset.  The golden apricot glow of the sweet light of sunset was strong and glorious and I could feel its heat on my face, warming me to the bone.  I was gazing out over the water when suddenly a huge whale breached, jumping vertically straight up into the air before me... it was magnificent and something I've always wanted to experience but haven't yet- except in my dreams as a gift from my guides.  The whale was so close that I could feel the spray from the waves it created on my face, and it played out before me in a melted butter-smooth slow motion.  One huge aspect of the dream was color- the colors were exceptionally bright and stunning; as the whale leaped from the water the light of the setting sun reflected off the waves it was bathed in creating a magical effect, like the northern lights were dancing in the waves.  Another large part was the whale song!  Oh it was soooo moving!  I sat there stunned and thankful for being shown such a majestic gift.  It was a short dream but moving.  I woke up feeling revived, invigorated, excited and very thankful because I had asked for a message and received one.  Light, color, sound, "breaching," water {as most of my dreams are of the water,} and a truly ginormous either humpback or blue whale {of the baleen category} were the main concepts I knew to concentrate on as I worked to figure out the message- and boy do they know how I love working out the meaning behind their symbolism, makes me feel like a spiritual Sherlock Holmes figuring out an unfolding mystery.

As you might suppose I have been avoiding my writing {including the blog, so sorry!} my photography and my bead and jewelry making.  I have taken photos of my son to file for later editing but damn my inspiration went bye bye and I dislike that empty lethargic feeling.  Creating is my magic and manifestation and Spirit knows this; I am most healthy when I am being a creator... of art and of life, my life.  The symbolism behind Whale is:  Creation, Power of song, Awakening inner depths and its cycle of power is year round.  Now if anyone recalls a past dream I wrote about here it concerned frogs and their "song."  Music, sound and singing are very important to me.  Always have been but has become increasingly more important for me here lately.

Whale is associated with the ocean as being a symbol of ancient creation.  Their song shows us how to create through song and sound, that sound is a creative force in life which is very true for me.  Music inspires me pretty much more than anything else.  Whenever I work I listen to music, and I have created some of my best pieces while listening to specific music that has allowed my creativity to flow freely- I can't really explain it but music for me is linked with the power of creation; the power of sound can be used to accelerate the manifestation of goals.  Whales are also symbols of concealment, going "inner," only to be reborn later, like Jonah and the whale.  He lived inside the belly of a whale and was later "reborn."  This is process very much near to my heart as my entire life is changing for me.  I feel as if I am being reborn, at nearly forty years old.  Whale shows us that it is okay to go inner, deep inside of ourselves.  The creativity that awakens with a rebirthing process can resurrect our lives if we let it.

And then there is the "breaching," busting through, coming forth- leaping out from under in a majestic display. I have a tendency to retreat when I am scared of the unknown and this is not always a good thing.  The whale in my dream was showing me it is time to explode from my hiding: hiding my skills and my abilities.  I haven't been very social either- and it is time for me to breach, not be afraid of the power of my own creativity even when it means creating new friendships {I have a tendency for shyness at times.}  Creation is not only meant to make "things."  It is a power that can transform life, create a future, if we utilize the manifestation-energy properly.  I have not been concentration on manifesting my future because I've largely been keeping up with the present.  Now that I have room to breathe, another key element with Whale due to the breathing hole, I have the peace necessary to embrace the gift of intention and manifestation by creating the life I envision for myself. 

I love the last line in the whale section of "Animal-Speak" which is my go-to book for figuring out the meaning behind my dreams.  "Creativity for the sake of creativity is not what whale teaches.  It awakens great depths of creative inspiration, but so it can add color and light to your outer life to make it more wondrous."  I have to sit back and shake my head, have a good chuckle, over how AWESOME my spiritual peeps are for offering me "a-ha" moments!  Light and Color!  Both huge elements in my dream.  Light because, well I could write a whole separate blog post on Light, but because it illuminates the darkness.  The warmth of the nurturing sun- life giving properties.  Also because I looOooOove sunlight as it pertains to photography.  I notices the nuances of sunlight or lack thereof.  Lately when I meditate the "sun" peeks through in my mind's eye.  The element of color is literally half my life.  My art is such an important part of who I am.  Working with beads, glass, inks, paint... all deal with the manipulation and beauty of color.  One of the first things I notice wherever I go is color, as necessary to me in life as breathing.  God very much wants me to live a colorful life as He does us all. 

The definition of breaching is:
a. An opening, a tear, or a rupture.
b. A gap or rift, especially in or as if in a solid structure such as a dike or fortification.
I was allowed time to go inner, retreat inside fortification, while working out portions of my life, time to heal.  I needed that, and at times still do.  I enjoy my quiet time.  But now Spirit is telling me it is far time to open that enclosure, burst forth from hiding, expose my skills and abilities just as the whale did in my dream, leaping out of the water.
I feel that many people are going through a similar process right now as world-wide more and more people are being shown their own spiritual abilities and gifts so we can all work together to make the earth a more loving place.  It is time to breach, to tear through that which holds you back.  I hope you are all able to access your inner Whale, your true personal majesty, and bring forth whatever it is you have locked inside of you that deserves to see, feel, experience the Light and this rebirth will enrich your own life and the lives of those around you. 
Love and Light to all~


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An Apocalyptic Nightmare

I knew that we were in trouble in May when I was doing a National Radio show and the host asked me what my prediction for the 2012 Presidential Election was.

“Well, there are two things I don’t like doing so much – giving predictions and talking politics,” I answered, laughing.

“C’mon, Kristy, give us a glimpse into your crystal ball.”

I sighed. I didn’t have a crystal ball and I really didn’t like talking politics. I never followed one party over the other and if ever there was anyone impartial, it was me. “I see Obama winning, but it will go to the 11th hour and be a close one.”


“Hello?”  I was astounded that they actually hung up on me.  

The last few weeks of constant political talk had me feeling out of sorts. I stuck to my prediction even when my husband asked me yesterday afternoon when it showed Romney up.

"You still sure, Kristy?”

“Yup,” I answered, my mind elsewhere, trying to avoid political talk.

Even Facebook didn’t gift me a vacation from it. The fighting and name calling was like recess bullying. I just shut the internet down to write.

Oh, I was, and am, grateful for the ability to vote, and I do vote, but I have always believed that in the end our votes don’t really matter anyhow.  Call me a Conspiracy Theorist or paranoid, however I do have a strong feeling (a psychic feeling?) that many of the so-called democracy decisions aren’t voted with a democracy at all - Big Brother deciding, perhaps.

Maybe this is why I had the nightmarish night, since waking up at 2:20 a.m. (Eastern Time for those that analyze that type of thing), I have had a difficult time shaking the dream/premonition, one that I have had several times over the course of six years, but this gave way to the feeling as if it was all nearing. 

Because I am intending on writing a book on this, I am leaving out many details, but the premise is still there.

“They are coming,” I heard my husband whisper to me. “We need to hide.”

I could hear the shuffle of men outside, on the street.

“What are they searching for?” I asked, swallowing the fear.

“They aren’t searching,” he replied, “They are taking us all.”

Before we could find a place to go, the front door was kicked in and a group of men dressed in military uniforms grabbed each one of us, chaining us to others of the same sex. We were being segregated. Large military vehicles were outside the subdivision where we were caged in, like animals. Before getting into the back of the barred vehicle, I could see every street going through the exact same process.  Thousands and thousands of uniformed men, grabbing men, women and kids from their homes and imprisoning them. We knew that we couldn’t talk, or else something bad would happen to us, and the silence was deafening as we awaited our fate, and the fate of our loved ones. It was only about thirty minutes and the vehicles stopped, the back door opened and we were taken like a chain gang to a large University where we were registered and given an implant in our left hand  and left foot with our number.

I tried to shake myself from the nightmare, but couldn’t seem to get out of it. Is this perhaps a past life, I asked myself. Maybe I was in Germany in the concentration camp. But I was answered by the lady who was in the dream with me. Her black hair pasted to her tear stained face. “No, this is 2014. Here and now.”

The bile again crept into my throat as I realized that what we thought was freedom, was nothing of the kind, only a façade, much like a movie set.

Over the loud speaker we heard an announcement that we were going to meet on the lawn, but would be shot dead if we tried to escape. We were released from our chains, and led group by group to the meeting place, a football field sized lawn.  I could see my husband and kids, each in a section with like kinds. I couldn’t find my dad, and felt in my heart that he was gone, and thought that was probably best. He was in a better place, while we would have to deal with this nightmare. The speaker came out, dressed in a suit, and thanked us for being there. As if we had a choice. Someone in the crowd screamed, asked what was going on, and he was shot.

I woke up to the gunshot.

This dream/nightmare/premonition never ever changes, but it has gone further than it did last night, with explanations of what will happen in the next year plus and hints of experiments in the past, from weather (storms) to medical issues. They always show me intense storms for the next year along coastal regions, as if munching away at the people, their spirit and psyche and thinning out the population.  Fires in the west and intense tornadoes in the Midwest in the summer of 2013. Those that survive the storms, the financial fall-out, the medical plagues – well, they become prisoners. Only I never see what happens afterwards to me, or the rest of the prisoners. I only pray that this is a nightmare.


Note that this in no way a political view of one party over the other, and had nothing to do with who was elected (or not elected).

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hello Hollywood!! Goodbye Hollywood!!

My last few months have been insane! Between radio segments, print and radio interviews, television and the array of events, it didn’t surprise me when I ended up in the doctor’s office sick with walking pneumonia. He blamed the plane trip to (or from) Los Angeles. I blamed that along with lack of sleep for well over 30 days.  

When I received the call that I was going to be on The Ricki Lake Show, I went through a gambit of emotion, most of all nervousness. I only had a couple days notice and I couldn’t possibly have liposuction, or a face lift (oh, don’t think I didn’t search out feasible ways of doing this!).  I had my best friend who came over and helped me choose outfits (I had to bring several choices), a husband who was telling me that I was beautiful and to stop fretting, and another person in my so-called entourage negating just about everything else.

“Don’t bring pants that make you look heavier.”
“Maybe you should color your hair another color.”
“Umm, maybe I need to coach you on what to say!”

I was ready to scream and my insecurities played out even more. Instead of being a confident forty-something year old, I felt like a freshman in high school all over again. How was a chunky - err...curvy, red-headed Midwest gal going to do a National Television program and not faint? I didn’t know. First I had to deal with my fear of flying.  

The beautifully haunted Culver Hotel
The plane trip there went smoother than I could’ve dreamed, except for the hard landing that actually made the whole plane say, “Oomph!” But we were on the ground and ground was good. Trying to figure out how to get to the car rental place was a bit of a fiasco, but after almost an hour, we found the right shuttle, got a beautiful white beater up car (I was on a budget) and headed out to find The Culver Hotel in Culver City, California. 

We had been warned that LA traffic was a nightmare, but we didn’t’ find it much different than rush hour in Michigan, and definitely not as bad as Chicago traffic. Thank goodness for Mapquest on the iPhone, which made it simple to find our way.

The Culver Hotel is a gorgeous hotel and well known for being haunted, and for being the home to the many Munchkins as they filmed The Wizard of Oz. We were given our key to a top floor room and instructions on where to park (a block and plus away). Although it was only noon LA time, it was 3:00 p.m. our time, and we hadn’t eaten and had been traveling since 3:30 a.m. our time. We were exhausted. It was also our 6th year wedding anniversary, so instead of napping like I really wanted to, we ran over to a Mexican restaurant where the food was good, but much different than the Mexican we were used to, and then headed out to see some of the sights. It was just a few hours later that both of us were ready to drop from exhaustion and we just headed back to sleep, the sun still high in the LA sky.  We woke up in the middle of the night to our hotel phone ringing. I answered, only to hear breathing. After no response, I hung up and called the front desk.
A crystal clear day!

“No, Ms. Robinett, there was no calls to your room, but this is a common complaint. We are so sorry your sleep was interrupted.”

Darn haunted hotels.

An hour later I was awakened to the noise of footsteps next to my side of the bed, and when I opened my eyes, I found the mirrored amour door opening.  I threw a pillow at the door and muttered, “Come back tomorrow night when I can talk to you – I’m tired!” Nothing else happened that night.

Both Chuck and I woke up at 4 a.m, which would’ve been our normal Michigan time, and did what every anniversary couple would do – played Words With Friends. No, really. That is until breakfast which was granola, yogurt and fresh fruit, and then a walk around town, and finally back to our car where we decided to go sight seeing some more. The show wasn’t until the following day, so we were pretty excited to have an entire day to just chill and relax, or at least try – I was still a nervous wreck.

Picture Perfect Venice Beach. No editing needed!
We made our way first to Venice Beach where they were filming a television show, then to downtown Hollywood – where they were filming a television show. And then to Rodeo Drive – where… they were filming a television show.  One of the prominent things that I took back with me from our sightseeing was that I was astounded at the magnitude of homeless people.  And how there would be a multi-millionaire dollar home right next to a slum neighborhood.  But, I have to say that everybody that we ran into was so friendly and polite – even the homeless.

We had a quick bite to eat for dinner, and then hung out at an outdoor café, drinking raspberry iced tea, and enjoying the breeze and California sun, and once again crashed early.

The studio was walking distance from the hotel, and Chuck and I walked over in the morning so that I could get my hair and makeup done, my wardrobe chosen and miked up. Everybody with the show was absolutely awesome – I can’t say enough about how lovely and friendly everybody was. As soon as I got into the studio, a gentleman came over and said, “You must be a Midwest girl – Michigan, maybe?”

I just laughed and nodded.

“I’m from Detroit!”

Small world!

Everybody with the show reassured me that everything was going to be okay, and they prettied me up enough where I started to feel confident. Until I walked out on stage. I knew I was doing a séance, but I didn't have a clue with whom, and I didn't know how it was going to work on cue. And I didn't at all expect that they would have celebrities at the table, one being a comedian. So while I was trying to do a serious segment, Loni Love, dressed as Honey Boo Boo’s mom joked and I had to roll with it. Thank goodness it went well (and from what I could see, nothing was edited out), and although I was shaking and a nervous wreck, it didn't look like it (I hope). In a blink of an eye, it was over and Chuck and I were hurrying back to the airport to fly home. Just like that.

On the plane ride home, I had a lot to think of, thanks to the lady next to me – the one person on the entire humongous plane who decided to leave her light on for the entire plane ride, and who drank wine and chomped on chips, making it impossible to sleep. Yeah, thanks to her, I had time to think about what my priorities were. The first thing was that you should never ever put sand in a water bottle and put in your suitcase. TSA doesn't like it. But more importantly, I pondered how I always wanted the Hollywood life. Or I thought I did. And although my time in LA was fabulous, I realized that I am a Midwest gal through and through, and proud of it. My nose is mine, my chunk is mine, my boobs are mine – there isn't a facade like a movie set, and I don’t want to change that (well, maybe some of the chunk). I am grateful for the experience, and grateful for everybody who helped me get there, but most of all I am grateful for the new found perception because without it, I might’ve been wishing on Hollywood stars that were put together with unglued glitter waiting to be blown away.


Friday, November 2, 2012

From Grudge to Gratitude and Pieces to Peace

“To be wronged is nothing, unless you continue to remember it.”
― Confucius
“You suck!”
“I don’t love you anymore.”
“I am so disappointed in you.”
“You are ugly!”
“You aren’t at all talented.”
Those unkind words, and sometimes truthful words, can certainly hurt, but what hurts even more is hanging on to the words and that hurtful moment, as if they are ghosts of the past continually haunting you. By replaying it over and over, it becomes poison to your confidence, your self esteem and your soul and causes that grudge and a whole other array of emotion to play with your mind and your heart. It stops people from loving again, trying new things, and growing. Like a butterfly stuck in a mason jar, unable to experience the world, the more that you hold on to the grudge, the more you disassemble your life and your true purpose.
“Let today be the day you stop being haunted by the ghost of yesterday. Holding a grudge & harboring anger/resentment is poison to the soul. Get even with people...but not those who have hurt us, forget them, instead get even with those who have helped us.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free
As we enter November, the month of gratitude, take the time to write out your list of resentments.  It could be that your biggest resentment is you, yourself. In order to make room for love, you need to remove the hate. Maybe you need to email or call the person you are upset with, just remember to not remove hate with more hate. If you don’t like confrontation, or they have crossed over, simply take out a notepad and start writing. You can burn the letter, releasing the bitterness and sadness. As you watch the smoke rise, think about all the hurt and anger being carried away within the smoke. With each breath you take, you release your hurt and disappointment. It isn’t necessarily forgiving or accepting, it is removing the coal from your hand and your heart. Instead of feeling as if you are in pieces, feel the peace that comes from letting go.
"Forgiveness is a sign of positive self-esteem. We no longer identify ourselves by our past injuries and injustices. We are no longer victims."
Kristy Robinett

Friday, October 5, 2012

October Energy: The Dreaming Tree


I am on vacation this week and oh did I have lofty high brow idea for all the crazy shit I was going to get done in my house! Cabinets were going to be cleaned and organized! Closets purged with bags filled for Goodwill. Art room situated properly for effective creating... and I did none of it. The day I was going to clean my art room I woke thinking I really need a shot of creativity so getting organized would be a good bet. I cannot create in chaos. Mess and disorganization affects my energy; clutter clutters my mind and *woah* is my studio one hot mess! 

I had my son home with me and normally I can give him a box of beads, twine, ribbon and some of my jewelry tools and he's fine for a good hour or so. But this day as I started working I could not get the image of a tree out of my mind. I had some personal things on my mind that morning. There was a small matter of an unbalance in my life which was bothering me a bit and I had been asking my guides to help me create balance in this particular situation. As I pondered and chatted in my head with my guides this tree continue to pop up- a tree with curly branches like the Life Spiral. Finally I could no longer concentrate on cleaning my art room; I had to find a way to purge this tree out of my mind! Next thing I knew me and PJ were outside gathering leaves to tape onto our Dreaming Tree. Dreaming is manifesting!  Each leaf has a positive word written on it and they are all affixed to the tree along with some cute little butterflies and birds- PJ's idea. It took me half a day to chalk the tree on the wall- art studio left unclean but when we were done it felt amazing! And... not long after we finished our tree and PJ was napping I sat down to journal and concentrate more on the unbalance I'd been feeling when within about a half hour the situation alleviated itself peacefully creating the balance I had hoped for.  I am so in love with our Dreaming Tree in all its round swirly circular feminine nature-based glory that I think I'm going to paint it permanently on the wall!  The swirls seem very Goddess-like to me and ironically the very next day I listened to B Devine's reading for October where she said tree energy was important to all Fire Signs for October, and I'm a Leo.  High suitable :) 

Manifestation MaJicK! I needed to immerse myself in something creative, something fall {my favorite season} and something very positive, uplifting.  Once I did this it released any blocks I'd created and allowed my energy of intention to flow freely.  I should have realized that relaxing was what I really needed this week; my guides have been telling me to relax and do nothing and once I did my mind opened.  Go figure :) 

This leads me to my October Energy report. I decided the next morning to ask my guides and angels for a message for October. This is something I've never really done before but certain changes in my life are opening up my abilities more and more. As I shed that which no longer suits me I am making room for messages and channeling to come through and this is something that I was told would happen over the course of the last twelve months although I found it hard to believe. Now it is happening and I am going to share it with you. I started by pulling my cards. I pulled six cards and only one card was for me. The other five were chosen as a general message. 

Arch Angel Michael was the first card- showing me he was guiding my channeling. The other cards all dealt with going inside the soul/heart instead of being governed by Ego, listening to inner wisdom, quieting the mind and finally- in making decisions in life always asking yourself- which decision will bring me closer to my divine purpose in life? I really got the feeling that for October we should gather our energy close to us and turn inward for guidance instead of constantly reaching out to others for reassurance on our decisions. Also we should nurture ourselves and not feel guilty for sometimes having to say no to people in need. We can't be on empty yet fill others because this will cause us to crash and burn. Self-nurturing is important for October. Trusting yourself, your inner wisdom. That first thought which pops into your mind is the guidance you need to trust. Stop doubting your intuition. Get to know your Higher Self. Maybe stay home more often if possible; create a warm strong home and hearth. Stock pile a bit on necessities such as supplies for bread making, water, simple proteins like peanut butter and tuna fish. Why? I'm not sure- I don't have all the answers. I'm just relaying what I feel, what's been given to me.  Also Madelyn has been the one to guide me on the preparation energy- she also gave me a push to make my own bread and now I'm an addict!

Also for October I have some key thoughts to share with you that were channeled to me: 

Attract, locate and experience Love by testing your own personal energy- push, pull, manipulate and stretch your energy. As I got this message I envisioned a glob of Play Doh that starts as a small ball and is flattened and stretched to be formed many different creative ways. This was a suitable thought because one of the next messages I received was... 

 "Tag you're it." Play with children! Children will teach and guide us. Kids are so pure and free and their energy is naturally of a high vibration. Children have no veils over their eyes until we, adults-society-societal "norms," force them upon little innocent adorable free-thinking wee ones. This does not have to happen. We can learn from kids- they believe. We used to once too. Trust in the innate happiness of children- have faith that in growing spiritually you can again become childlike in mind and spirit. 

A soft touch is necessary during these chaotic times of transition. Listen- it's all around us people. I will claim ignorance: I rarely watch the news, don't watch much TV at all. The more open and "sensitive" I become the more the badness is... well bad, for me. I have a hard time not taking it all in.  I absorb it and the reports of kids getting shot in gang cross fire, etc. etc. really lowers my vibration so to avoid it I simply don't watch/listen/read much of the news. I get the important stuff and skip the rest of the insanity. So- a soft loving nurturing touch, state of being, is important right now to counter-balance the chaos of our world. This means in thought AND action. Remember that thoughts are energy that swirls out into the universe attracting like energy and redirecting it right back down to earth. Keep it real. Keep it high, soft and loving. 

Forgo regret! Cease the "messy energy." Basically try to let go of the past. The past is gone. You can learn from it but let it go. Don't let your past mistakes bring you down and create messy energy. I got this image of us all like computers with the bits from our programs spread out over our hard drives. We all need a good defragging to tighten and corral our energy instead of letting it get spread out, spread too thin. Stay strong mentally, spiritually and emotionally because a time will be here sooner than we know when we will need to call upon that strength. 

Hot virtually immediate results from our thoughts is occurring. Energy turns into action turns into things, outcomes. This was the thought I got concerning manifestation and I can tell you with 100% certainty that it is true and nothing to gloss over or pooh-pooh. Right now our thoughts are becoming reality nearly instantaneously. I've had recent expereinces where I am journaling, hard core thinking, pondering, manifesting with intention and something happens- a phone call or a knock on the door or an e-mail pops into my inbox that resolves the very issue I was concentrating on. It is somewhat eerie for a doubter like myself but the truth can no longer be ignored. So clear your mind and be very aware of what you are thinking about. 

Your ideas should be joyful- NO FEAR. 

And as always... live in Light and Love. 

Keep it up! ~Jennifer

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September Energy


We Are All Alchemists

I'm thinking a fine way to {sorry- this is a reoccuring theme lately} explain my absence on the blog is to explain what I've learned about the upcoming energy of September.  Nipping on the heels of an explosive and tumultuous August comes a more peaceful, calm, forgiving and decisive September.  Allow me to explain...

My personal life has been going through some, er, growing pains for the last year. The changes were like the steam inside a faulty pressure cooker: building and building but with no means of escape until I finally listened the the guidance of my "helpers" {go figure} who were beseeching me to surrender my worries to the Lord.  They wanted me to quit trying to control the situation and assured me everything would work out as it should if I would only relinquish the death-grip I had on my troubles.  Well my friends I am here to tell you that I am a stubborn one; a Leo through and through.  I am perfectionist who is very hard on myself.  I should be able to handle it all!  I got this!  I don't need any help... until I'm crashing :)  I was only able to "give it up" once I hit rock bottom and was forced to hand over my pain, stress, worry and indecision over to a Higher Power because I simply could no longer handle it myself.  I would like to say I surrendered gracefully but no- I did not give up peacefully or quietly~ sometimes we have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the night to find out there is really nothing to fear in the dark after all.

We are entering a time of Enlightenment where major life problems or situations that no longer serve a higher purpose are being taken from us, resolved, in order to create space to learn and grow.  Achieving resolution can become a struggle if, like in my case, we hold on to those issues in order to control instead of letting them go with ease.       

The accumulation of months of stress are the reason for my absence.  Thank you again to Kristy for holding it all together.  I can attest to the insane energy of the last few months because my own issues finally boiled over.  The pressure cooker broke releasing weeks and weeks and weeks worth of steam very quickly.  Over the last months my situation has resolved itself and will be concluding here soon.  I can breathe again.  I am happy, free, light and very very thankful to God and my helpers for sticking with me through months, no years, worth of nearly disabling self-doubt and disbelief. Those were necessary dark dark times of sorrow and despair that taught me invaluable lessons as they helped me find answers to my problems.  Now as I look back over all that I've documented for the last year I can see a pattern of guidance: "trust, believe, surrender, have hope, banish doubt, embrace faith."  And LOVE- above all love.  "You are loved."  When I was at my worst their messages were strongest, kinda like the Footsteps Poem where Jesus explains that when we are at our weakest He then carries us.  They carried me through- and they will you also if you can find it in your heart to believe.  Have faith.  Trust.  Hear them and truly listen.  But don't let me be the pot calling the kettle black.  Believing is hard hard hard- yet know they will never ever give up on you, even when you might be tempted to give up on yourself. 

September Energy

Thanks to B. Devine of Devine Miracles because much of this information comes from her.

I've been doing a lot of reading on what September will bring us as individuals as well as for humanity as a whole.  I need my tools, want to be prepared with information while I allow the Divine to guide me.  Autumn is on its way, my favorite time of year and a season that I feel is highly magical.  Allow me to share what I've learned because it resonated with me and hopefully will with you as well.  The wisdom of the past is ready to be manifested into answers in the present.  Spiritual cosmic energy is strong and moving quickly which is allowing people to manifest thoughts into reality at a rapid rate.  Never before did the phrase "Be careful what you wish for!" hold more meaning than right now because our thoughts have the power to become things at an accelerated pace.  Be aware of what your are thinking about, where you are placing your energies, to ensure it is not only positive for you but also for a higher good.

New beginnings are overlapping endings this month as various cycles in our lives come together into a new level of being- a more peaceful, reassured and knowing self.  Take heart that this month will begin to feel more *still* than the rest of the year.  There should be no manipulation of Truth within you because this will impede the process of manifestation.  Do not doubt your own power to create.  Own it.  Calm your doubts.  Trust your intuition because it will become stronger and stronger.  Continue to study but also pay attention to the wisdom within- soon you will be called upon to impart that wisdom upon others with strength and self-confidence.  Right now you are nurturing your spiritual knowing so it can become second nature, who you are as a person instead of just what you are learning, hoping, to become.  Your dreams will become your reality if you simply believe and have faith.  

Love of self is very important right now.  Hunker down and reign in your energies, love and nurture yourself.  Take bubble baths.  Journal.  Read.  Indulge in good music and nurturing food.  Drink plenty of water.  A time will come for you to share with others but for right this moment go easy on yourselves.  It is a time of gathering- information and energy.  Allow yourself to be selfish with your time and energy!  Now is the perfect time to change eating habits to become lighter- lighter in person equals lighter in spirit.

Personally I was glad to read that the tempers and fiery energies that were mounting over the summer have now come to a head, been released and are tempering.  Many people experienced over the last few months physical symptoms like skin and stomach issues, anxiety or fear.  I myself had copious amounts of nervous energy and was lead to work outside in the yard or ride my bike... for miles.  My son saw more of the bike trail than ever before.  And at nearly forty years old I've been spoiled with good skin- until this past month when I felt like I was back in high school with breakouts, rashes and flare ups of my rosacea.  Yeah roiling energy!!!  This was all due to the process of being awakened and purging lower energies from the body.  Getting rid of bad stuff.  I find that when I get that nervous energy feeling I must go outside and be in nature- it is the only thing that will diffuse the"high."  Now that the energies have calmed we are beginning to let go of the old to make way for the new which is, for me personally, a huge theme in my life.  With assistance from my Divine helpers I am releasing that which no longer serves me to clear the way for my Divine purpose.  I know in the future I am meant to "help people" spiritually in some way; I don't need all the answers right now- it's in the preparation phases :)  I am simply supposed to trust, study and learn.  

We are finding relief to long standing issues in our lives which goes along with the theme of release.  Upgrades are happening within us, abilities are being awakened and strengthened.  There are new beginnings to look forward to, and September is a month to find people, those we once knew or new faces we've never met before, who will be in our lives forever so be aware of who you meet!

Embrace the joy of release and relief.  Enjoy peace within.  Be gentle on yourself and as always remember to live your lives through love!  And remember~ at those times when you think "Could this be magic?" it is!

~Love, Light & Blessings,


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Prince Charming

What happens in Vegas apparently doesn’t stay in Vegas when it comes to Royalty.

Pictures have emerged of a naked Prince Harry after spending some time in Vegas playing strip pool. Obviously, he isn’t great at it as his pictures display a less than clothed Prince. I predict that this isn’t the last ‘boys will be boys’ story that will come out on Harry. His energy screams fun and he loves to be playful, which can sometimes get him into trouble. He is witty, speaks his mind and likes to take jabs at his friends whenever he can, which can sometimes come out politically incorrect.

Will the Prince Ever Settle Down?
It is Prince Harry’s playfulness that makes him charming and well liked, and he doesn’t apologize for it either. I do see another Royal wedding in the future, but don’t hold your breath, it will be another few years before his cousins Eugenie and Beatrice can wear some any new crazy hat attire.

His Spouse
His wife will have to allow Prince Harry his freedom and independence. He doesn’t like to be told what to do, and I see his wife being intelligent, strong and opinionated too, but loving and forgiving.

Prince Harry will have to watch his weight and stay motivated to working out, or else they show his middle growing larger and he will look back on his nude pictures of today and wish to look at svelte as he did.

About Kristy Robinett
Kristy Robinett is a world-renowned revolutionary Psychic Medium and Author whose involvement with the paranormal began at the age of 3 when she began playing and communicating with spirits, labeled imaginary friends by her parents, which was totally unacceptable.

Kristy specializes in bringing humor to what most fear and inspires all ages to ignite the light within them so that the fire of inspiration continues on. It's Kristy’s down to earth style, honesty, sense of humor and warmth that makes her a sought out coach and speaker.

Kristy has worked with a number of paranormal teams throughout the United States on paranormal cases, along with law enforcement as a psychic detective and psychic profiler.

Kristy has been profiled on many radio and television shows. She's read for a blushing clientele of Who's Who in Hollywood along with law enforcement, clergy, politicians, physicians, attorneys, domestic goddesses, and local celebrities. She also teaches psychic development and paranormal investigating at local colleges.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Singing Psychic?

Call me a wannabee teenager. If you have seen my office with its bright colors and fun pictures, you already knew this.

I got the music bug when I was in 3rd grade and I saw the Broadway show musical Annie. That same year I auditioned to be an orphan on Broadway. For the couple weeks before the audition date, I memorized each and every song, over and over, and over and over some more and daydreaming about being chosen and touring around the United States. I had never auditioned for anything and there I was, all of 10 years old (I think),dressed in a church dress, with my long hair carefully combed, and standing on the stage of the Fisher Theatre, standing in front of Broadway Producers  while hundreds of little girls were dressed in dance clothes with stage moms by their side.  Shy and nervous, I joined a group of about ten where they had us sing “Happy Birthday” instead of a song of our chose. I was heartbroken, but I made that song my own, as the judges on American Idol would say. And then we were taught some quick dance steps. I honestly couldn’t keep up as I never had dance lessons and they called the steps by name - “Do a sashay, then a chassis, a fallover, a pivot step, a ball change and finally end with a jazz split.” What? Needless to say, if you Google my name along with the Broadway show Annie, you won’t find me there. They said they liked my singing, told me to go get some dancing lessons and come back on the next audition. Afterwards, my parents signed me up for dance and I found my love of tap, jazz and my strong dislike for ballet. There would never be another Annie audition. I went on to do grade school plays, high school theatre, college theatre and finally community theatre. It helped fulfill something within my blood that I longed for.  Every time I see a Broadway show, I miss the stage. I actually ache for it. Last year when we saw Wicked, my husband saw the look in my eye, and was actually worried that I would get the ‘bug’. Doing theatre takes up so much time, and I am already limited with mine. However, when there are Broadway and singing type shows on television (or the movies), I gulp it up and regress to my stage days. The Glee Project did that for me.

I was so excited that they did a Glee Project – Season 2, after my love of the first season.  My only issue with reality television is that I don’t know how to hide my psychic abilities, and I know who the winner will be, but I still watch and I see who I think would be the best fit. Last season I agreed with the finale, this season I agreed with the final three they had, but not as a whole. Who did I want to win?

Shanna Henderson.

She was a bubbly blonde who was consistent week after week, until they paired her up to kiss another girl and said it was convincing and they didn’t know how to write her into the series.


So as I watched last night’s episode, the rest of the contestants showed up to help with the last video and Shanna shined once again. It was hard not to miss her vibrant energy and her incredible talent.

I wish all of these kids all the best and just know that there is a musical future for each of them (honestly, they are better than most that audition on American Idol or the other singing competition shows). So I thank Ryan Murphy, the creator of the show for indulging my musical fix, and allowing me to drool over the choreographer and mentor Zack Woodlee.  Hey, he’s a guy that isn’t afraid to cry! So even though my ability ruined it for me, I still was able to vicariously live through the show. 

Still Signing,
Kristy Robinett

Friday, August 10, 2012

Eighteen Years Ago

Eighteen years ago. Eighteen years ago today, August 10th, I was having incredibly horrible headaches, I had been vomiting for days, was nauseas, feeling as I was the size of a whale, couldn’t see my feet and cried constantly that the baby just needed to GET OUT OF ME.  The next next day, August 11th, after a routine OB/GYN visit, I would be sent to Labor and Delivery at Hutzel Hospital in downtown Detroit with the staff perplexed as to what to do. The baby was breach, facing the wrong way, and I had pre-eclampsia. Preeclampsia and eclampsia are most often characterized by a rapid rise in blood pressure that can lead to seizure, stroke, multiple organ failure and death of the mother and/or baby. They determined that baby was good, but I was not and so a C-Section was ordered for as soon as possible. They warned me that I would have to be in ICU for a few days just to be closely watched, but they promised that I would be able to hold her. I didn’t have time to mourn the idea of not having a normal labor, instead I found myself strapped to an operating table, covered with a paper gown with my husband holding my hand as I threw my guts up and uncontrollably shook all through the surgery. I still can remember hearing her tiny cry, them telling me that she was completely healthy, and handing her to her daddy who let me look at her beautiful face and kiss her forehead. It was love at first sight. Her blue eyes sang stories only an old soul could sing. We named her Micaela Brooke.

I was sent over to ICU for several days, and on the first day awoke to a dozen red roses that her father had brought me with a card thanking me for gifting him a beautiful daughter. The nurses awed over the sentiment. With so much pain medication, I dozed in and out, barely being able to hold her and not at all able to bond with her. I was finally switched over to a regular room where I slowly began to feel better and was able to do normal mommy things, like change her diaper, wash her, and feed her. After what felt like months, but was only 7 days, they finally let me go. I just wanted my own bed, my own home.

Micaela’s room was completed, but she was a month early, and so we didn’t have everything situated. I was actually planning on going into work the day I was sent to the hospital! Being a new mom, I just figured that she would sleep in her crib, but realizing that I was still in pain, and didn’t want her too far away from us, she ended up sleeping in her baby stroller for a couple months. And sleep was something she rarely did. She ended up having colic and cried, and cried and cried. The only thing that would calm her were car rides, but once we pulled into the driveway, shut the car off and reached to get her, the cries only started again. She was a happy baby, but bedtime was painful for all of us. Flash forward 18 years later, Micaela is a night owl and therefore I have concluded that it wasn’t colic at all, she just didn’t want to sleep when it was dark.

In a couple weeks we will pile her belongings into our car and move her into a dorm not far from the hospital she was born at. I realize it is cliché, but it is true that it seems just like yesterday when we brought her home. There are many regrets that I have of those 18 years, most of all that I wish I could’ve spent more time with her. Taken her to her field trips instead of worked. Sat down and colored with her instead of doing the dishes. Laughed more during her childhood, and not cried. Held back my temper with her (but she IS a Leo and gosh darn it, it is hard!). Set aside frustration and impatience and let things rolled off my shoulders. But regrets only make you sad and hung up on the past. Instead, I want to remember those very fast 18 years with happiness, and I suppose some happy tears too. It doesn’t matter the number, she will always be my beautiful baby girl.

Happy Birthday, Micaela Brooke.
August 11th

Mom (Kristy)