Monday, June 18, 2012

Rock Star InSight

“Do you even realize how far you’ve come in just a few years?”
I bowed my head and stared at the stained Formica table, choking back tears of happiness.  “I wish I could say that I never ever doubted my path.  I think I sometimes even self-sabotaged myself thinking maybe that wasthe easiest way.” I laughed and looked up at my husband as he beamed back at me.  “But I am behind my drum set now, the music is synced and I am keeping the beat.” We laughed.
When I was in 4th grade my dad asked me if I wanted to play an instrument. I told him that I wanted to play piano, so he got me a small digital keyboard and then went out and bought me a drum set, a full trap, and set me up with lessons. Drums!! I never even mentioned drums, but he did it anyhow, behind my mom’s back (needless to say, she wasn’t at all happy about it). It turned out that I played drums quite well, and I loved it. The quiet and shy girl was able to be as loud and obnoxious as I wanted to be behind the drum set. I was a rock star. At least in my own head. But when I stepped away from the drum set I once again became the shy girl riddled with self esteem issues, until I realized that I didn’t need to hold the drum sticks to be in control – I just needed to take control.
Anybody who has ever played percussion is aware that it is the percussionist who keeps the tempo. It is that steady beat that guides the other instruments. If the drummer is off, the other musicians will be off on their timing.
Life is a lot like being in a rock band. Sometimes you have to trust that the drummer has the timing right, and other times you are the drummer attempting to guide the rest of the band with your own expertise. But the moment that you doubt yourself, or doubt the drummer’s beat, is when you drop the song.
Being a Professional Psychic Medium is an often difficult profession to be, and definitely a difficult one to explain. And even when I attempt to explain it, most people think that I took a drink of some funny Kool Aid or that I will be able to read their minds and they run. If you read “Messenger Between Worlds” you read about my sorrows and triumphs. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I made sure that I surrounded myself with those that lifted me up, were honest with me, and loved me for me, not for who I was or for who I was to become. I embraced my inner Rock Star and I took control.
Have you lost your inner rock star? Now is the time for you to realize that you are in control of your life. You can sing, dance or play whatever instrument and song you want and you get to choose the people you want to be in your band too. Stop worrying about what others will think - in the end it doesn’t matter - just be the ROCK STAR that YOU ARE. 
Believe (and ROCK!),
Kristy Robinett

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