Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tell Me Something

“Psychic Readings Today” read the sign.  The event was in full swing with a vast array of partygoers.  Jason, the business owner, told me to mingle and he would announce that I was available to do readings for whoever was interested a bit later.  I love talking to people, so chit chatting wasn’t an issue.
I started in one corner and had a lovely conversation with a local politician and ended up in another corner speaking with a television host.  During any of the conversations, I didn’t mention my profession, as it didn’t come up, and I don’t go around screaming that I am a Psychic Medium, but I did congratulate myself at sounding semi-intelligent and being half-way witty.
The television host began taping his segment for the show and I sat not far away watching, seated on a black leather stool.   In mid-sentence he stopped, looked at the posted sign and laughed.  “Psychic?” he said mockingly.  “Where is this psychic.”  The audience snickered, as if sharing in a private joke.
Shyly, I raised my hand and smiled.  “Sorry, I must have left gypsy outfit at home,” I answered, tongue in cheek.
The host turned a deep shade of red and nodded, returning quickly to his cue cards.  Hiding my humiliation, I got up off my seat, held my head high and walked steadily into the bathroom.
And broke down crying.
I am human and I do have feelings.  The ‘sensitive’ in me, I suppose.  If it was just a career, I could take it, but my gift (sometimes a curse) isn’t just a career, it is who I am.
After fixing my makeup and gaining my composure, I went back into the room just as the taping was ending.  Jason met me at the doorway, took my elbow and ushered me to a small card table with two chairs so that I could begin my readings.  After doing some deep breathing and asking my Guides to come assist, I was ready.
I sat at the table waiting for my next reading and guess who walks in? It was indeed the television host.  Our reading was pleasant and in the end he gave me a hug (I’ m a huggy person!) and apologized by saying, “But you look so normal.”  I took that as a compliment.
The thing with being a Psychic Medium is that I sometimes feel as if I am a circus act.  Put a coin in Kristy and out comes the fortune. If only so simple. When people discover who I am, I am immediately asked “So…tell me something” followed closely by “So who is around me?”  Sometimes instead of those words I hear instead, “So jump through a hoop, Kristy” or “Show us a trick.”  I don’t think most realize how exhausting of a process it is to read someone – to open the veil between worlds and pick up the messages that can sometimes be as complicated as translating another language. My switch doesn’t get turned up all the way all of the time unless I want it to be.  It has taken me a long time to train my switch so it wasn’t ‘on’ all of the time.  I just can’t imagine finding out that someone was a dentist and opening my mouth in front of him and telling him to check out a tooth.  Same difference?  I think so.
In all honesty, I really dislike the term ‘psychic’ to begin with.  It conjures up images of crystal balls and kooks running around with their hands upwards feeling everyone’s energy.  Well, maybe it just does for me.
I was doing a Sirius radio show when the hostess, a well known celeb, told me that she thought I was career confused and I should re-label myself as a ‘Life Coach’.  At first I was taken aback and hurt.  But as I thought more about it, I realized that she was right.  Although I talk to your loves ones, along with doing the psychic thing, I also do a fair amount of life coaching.  And my friends and family know that I have learned a lot in my short life (ha!) and that my mistakes have only helped me counsel my clients back on a path that they should be on.  But instead of changing my title of Life Coach, I have only added it on to the Psychic Medium.  It seems to take the fear out of some people who see me.  Oh, you wouldn’t believe those that shake in their boots, their eyes wide out of pure fear that I am going to see all the skeletons in their closet.  It isn’t like that!
I once had someone give me the advice on telling others that I was an insurance salesperson when asked my career to avoid the numerous, and sometimes exhausting questions. Nobody wants to speak to an insurance salesperson, right? Although I have been tempted, instead I would much rather be honest, but please understand that I don’t want to try and eat dinner and talk to your grandma who passed away three years ago. It has nothing to do with money, it has everything to do with I am probably hungry and probably did well over my allotted time in the office jumping between worlds and am tired. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, but I see tragedy multiple times a day and sometimes I just need some time off. We all need time off. It is what helps center us.
The last few weeks I haven’t felt completely centered and realized that it was because my psychic motor has been not only been turned on, it has been dialed all the way up. Today, I was reminded to dial down. We all need to dial down once in awhile. So next time you meet a a Psychic Medium, be respectful of their gift. And if you meet someone who says they are an insurance salesperson – be suspicious, they may actually be a Psychic Medium!

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  1. "...sometimes feel as if I am a circus act. Put a coin in Kristy and out comes the fortune."

    My goodness, my mother needs to read this! A friend of our neighbors lost their husband a while back, and ever since then she's obsessed with wanting readings from my Mom. She wants to hear specific answers, which makes my mother feel like she's being tested. She's not always comfortable giving readings (to family/friends), and so she shuts Spirit out a lot. She finds that really easy to do... most of the time anyway. This particular friend of our neighbors though... not so easy. I think she feels just like you said: "Jumping through hoops."

    I'm sorry this man treated you disrespectfully, initially. It sounds like he learned a big lesson though and you helped open his mind to another viewpoint. A positive one.