Monday, July 23, 2012

I Believe

In being honest with yourself, and to others. Always.

That sleep helps heal our body, mind and spirit.

In good books, especially the old fashioned kind with actual pages.

In a good belly laugh.

In having tea in pretty teacups.

In wearing pearls with jeans and a t-shirt.

That one man’s junk is another’s treasure.

That there is good in people, even when the news shows otherwise.

That learning and exploring never gets old, and that it doesn’t necessarily have to take place in a classroom.

In playing like a child, but not playing with other’s emotions.

That glitter and sparkle can make a girl (woman) happy.
And that we all have that glitter within us even when our glitter jar is empty.

In being kind to others and being kind to oneself.

Not fitting a category or label that someone else thinks you should fit,
just being true and authentic to yourself.

In saying thank you, I am sorry (when it is true) and expressing gratitude.

Setting goals and going above the goals set.

That ice cream helps a broken heart and a sad day.

That our loved ones on the Other Side are around us even when we don’t feel them.

That angels surround us during our happy times and during the darkest times.

That we have free will and free choice and should stop blaming others life isn’t going as expected.

I believe that old doesn’t mean that you should get rid of to make room for new.
I believe in my dreams.

I believe in me.

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