Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An Apocalyptic Nightmare

I knew that we were in trouble in May when I was doing a National Radio show and the host asked me what my prediction for the 2012 Presidential Election was.

“Well, there are two things I don’t like doing so much – giving predictions and talking politics,” I answered, laughing.

“C’mon, Kristy, give us a glimpse into your crystal ball.”

I sighed. I didn’t have a crystal ball and I really didn’t like talking politics. I never followed one party over the other and if ever there was anyone impartial, it was me. “I see Obama winning, but it will go to the 11th hour and be a close one.”


“Hello?”  I was astounded that they actually hung up on me.  

The last few weeks of constant political talk had me feeling out of sorts. I stuck to my prediction even when my husband asked me yesterday afternoon when it showed Romney up.

"You still sure, Kristy?”

“Yup,” I answered, my mind elsewhere, trying to avoid political talk.

Even Facebook didn’t gift me a vacation from it. The fighting and name calling was like recess bullying. I just shut the internet down to write.

Oh, I was, and am, grateful for the ability to vote, and I do vote, but I have always believed that in the end our votes don’t really matter anyhow.  Call me a Conspiracy Theorist or paranoid, however I do have a strong feeling (a psychic feeling?) that many of the so-called democracy decisions aren’t voted with a democracy at all - Big Brother deciding, perhaps.

Maybe this is why I had the nightmarish night, since waking up at 2:20 a.m. (Eastern Time for those that analyze that type of thing), I have had a difficult time shaking the dream/premonition, one that I have had several times over the course of six years, but this gave way to the feeling as if it was all nearing. 

Because I am intending on writing a book on this, I am leaving out many details, but the premise is still there.

“They are coming,” I heard my husband whisper to me. “We need to hide.”

I could hear the shuffle of men outside, on the street.

“What are they searching for?” I asked, swallowing the fear.

“They aren’t searching,” he replied, “They are taking us all.”

Before we could find a place to go, the front door was kicked in and a group of men dressed in military uniforms grabbed each one of us, chaining us to others of the same sex. We were being segregated. Large military vehicles were outside the subdivision where we were caged in, like animals. Before getting into the back of the barred vehicle, I could see every street going through the exact same process.  Thousands and thousands of uniformed men, grabbing men, women and kids from their homes and imprisoning them. We knew that we couldn’t talk, or else something bad would happen to us, and the silence was deafening as we awaited our fate, and the fate of our loved ones. It was only about thirty minutes and the vehicles stopped, the back door opened and we were taken like a chain gang to a large University where we were registered and given an implant in our left hand  and left foot with our number.

I tried to shake myself from the nightmare, but couldn’t seem to get out of it. Is this perhaps a past life, I asked myself. Maybe I was in Germany in the concentration camp. But I was answered by the lady who was in the dream with me. Her black hair pasted to her tear stained face. “No, this is 2014. Here and now.”

The bile again crept into my throat as I realized that what we thought was freedom, was nothing of the kind, only a fa├žade, much like a movie set.

Over the loud speaker we heard an announcement that we were going to meet on the lawn, but would be shot dead if we tried to escape. We were released from our chains, and led group by group to the meeting place, a football field sized lawn.  I could see my husband and kids, each in a section with like kinds. I couldn’t find my dad, and felt in my heart that he was gone, and thought that was probably best. He was in a better place, while we would have to deal with this nightmare. The speaker came out, dressed in a suit, and thanked us for being there. As if we had a choice. Someone in the crowd screamed, asked what was going on, and he was shot.

I woke up to the gunshot.

This dream/nightmare/premonition never ever changes, but it has gone further than it did last night, with explanations of what will happen in the next year plus and hints of experiments in the past, from weather (storms) to medical issues. They always show me intense storms for the next year along coastal regions, as if munching away at the people, their spirit and psyche and thinning out the population.  Fires in the west and intense tornadoes in the Midwest in the summer of 2013. Those that survive the storms, the financial fall-out, the medical plagues – well, they become prisoners. Only I never see what happens afterwards to me, or the rest of the prisoners. I only pray that this is a nightmare.


Note that this in no way a political view of one party over the other, and had nothing to do with who was elected (or not elected).


  1. I swear I had this dream the other night. It is so scary the similarities. I dream of storms all the time. I pray they are just dreams too.

  2. I'm so sorry you've had this recurring nightmare for so long. It must be very draining. I go through periods of having nightmares but thankfully, in the overall scheme of things, they've been rare.

    One thing I have learned is that our dreams often magnify our fears 100 fold. Hopefully, that's what this is and come the end of 2014 you can breathe a huge sigh of relief for yourself and your loved one's. One other thing I've learned - about my dreams anyway - is that oftentimes there's a kernel of truth to them but at the same time there's a lot of "white noise."

    Have you ever once had this dream and felt like you were lucid dreaming? I only ask because my father had a recurring nightmare for about 10 years, of being chased down an alley by a guy wearing this trench coat and with a knife in his hand. Finally, during one of these nightmares his dream-self said that he had had enough, and then he took the knife out of the guy's hand and stabbed him.

    That was the last time he had that dream, so I've always felt that either he was lucid dreaming at the time or he had just had enough of this nightmare that finally his mind/soul just took charge of it.

    I just really hope you can be rid of this nightmare once and for all. It sounds like an absolutely horrible dream to have, especially since you're a mother. (I've always felt glad about not being a Mom. :p I would be so obsessed with keeping the kids safe from "The Big Bad Wolf").


  3. Apocalypse
    To dream of the apocalypse signifies an emotional and dramatic change taken place within yourself. The dream may also indicate the end of one kind of lifestyle and the beginning of another.

    I used to have this dream before I moved to another state. I was running, trying to hide my nephew from the bad guys. We all know you have alot of change coming as you have been hinting. Hopefully it will be a good thing. Plus in michigan, everyone has guns, I dont think that would work to well here. ;)

    1. I guess I am in trouble, because I am in Michigan and have no gun. :)

  4. I have not even read your entire blog posting yet because it scares me! I know we are not supposed to live in fear or let fear control us, and I refuse to let fear hold any power over me. But- I've had similar dreams over the years. Once I remember specifically was being herded out of my home to join a "chain gang" of people in the street. We were being lead along like sheep... and I was obsessed with keeping track of my baby sister. This was way before I had a child of my own and for as long as I can remember, even when I thought I would ever be a mother, in my dreams I was always responsible for a child. Usually my younger sister. Two by two we trudged along a dirt road being lead somewhere. I've had many war-like dreams with battle, dreams where I am in an abandoned landscape hiding, searching. The last one was recent- a zombie dream that was so utterly terrifying that I know it was a message of preparation. The time is *now* to begin preparing for the worst. No more waiting, no more pooh-poohing. Zombies=the unawakened. Ignorance can be dangerous. I believe these to be more than just symbolic of what is going on inside me- they are messages, nudges, from the other side. Thank you for sharing yours- even for those of us who like to continue to stick our heads in the sand because it feels, wrongly, safer in the darkness.

    1. This is scary, because my mother had a zombie dream a few weeks ago. She said it was the worst nightmare she's ever had. She couldn't even talk much about it. It was pretty bad.