Monday, December 10, 2012

Breaching The Gap of Life

As always my guides came through for me about a week or so ago with an amazingly beautiful dream.  I hate to admit it but due to some personal struggles I've fallen away from that which brings me joy.  Those little things in my life that often supplement my happiness have fallen into a void which is typical for me when I am faced with a large life situation.  I can only handle, deal with, the task at hand so I compartmentalize the rest, filing it away for a later date.  This includes my active spirit contact meaning that when I attempt to contact Spirit I put up blocks that are not conducive for letting the messages through!  But they never ever let me down {and they won't you either, I can attest to this fact!}  At those times when I cannot achieve contact through my pendulum work or meditation I turn to them by asking for a dream.  

Before I explain the dream let me share that I'm going through a personal struggle, a situation that is reaching culmination.  It's been a process that has challenged me to become a stronger woman and in the end I am so very thankful for what God has given me by way of Divine Process- everything happens for a reason.  I was told months and months ago that the struggles I was facing were all for a reason that would come together in the end with as little strife and heartache {on all ends} as possible- and Spirit did not lie.  But it's also sapped me of my energy and I'm at a point where I have to get back into the game; I've been sitting on the sidelines for far too long plotting my strategy.  One can only plan for so long before jumping in with both feet first.  This is where I am right now... except I'm dipping my toe in the water to test the temperature while I know Spirit is behind me ready to give me a rather large shove into the invigorating depths!  My spiritual eyes are veiled with a self-inflicted fog that is so very ready to feel the wind of activation blow away my old beliefs, thought processes and anything which makes me feel unnaturally vulnerable or scared- all that which holds me back from tapping into Spirit with a clear and open connection.  I know my ability is strong and I'm learning, being taught, how to let it shine.

So my dream... the above picture is a very good rendition of what I saw in the message I was given {I added the bright coloring and sunglow to a very pretty picture I found online at}  It was a simple dream but so utterly breathtakingly beautiful, and as is their way with me it included an animal.  They use animals as symbols for me, and I love it!  I was in a boat {I'll assume because it was as if I was looking through my eyes and I wasn't aware of why or how I was in the water- I just was} on the ocean, way out in the middle of the water as sunset.  The golden apricot glow of the sweet light of sunset was strong and glorious and I could feel its heat on my face, warming me to the bone.  I was gazing out over the water when suddenly a huge whale breached, jumping vertically straight up into the air before me... it was magnificent and something I've always wanted to experience but haven't yet- except in my dreams as a gift from my guides.  The whale was so close that I could feel the spray from the waves it created on my face, and it played out before me in a melted butter-smooth slow motion.  One huge aspect of the dream was color- the colors were exceptionally bright and stunning; as the whale leaped from the water the light of the setting sun reflected off the waves it was bathed in creating a magical effect, like the northern lights were dancing in the waves.  Another large part was the whale song!  Oh it was soooo moving!  I sat there stunned and thankful for being shown such a majestic gift.  It was a short dream but moving.  I woke up feeling revived, invigorated, excited and very thankful because I had asked for a message and received one.  Light, color, sound, "breaching," water {as most of my dreams are of the water,} and a truly ginormous either humpback or blue whale {of the baleen category} were the main concepts I knew to concentrate on as I worked to figure out the message- and boy do they know how I love working out the meaning behind their symbolism, makes me feel like a spiritual Sherlock Holmes figuring out an unfolding mystery.

As you might suppose I have been avoiding my writing {including the blog, so sorry!} my photography and my bead and jewelry making.  I have taken photos of my son to file for later editing but damn my inspiration went bye bye and I dislike that empty lethargic feeling.  Creating is my magic and manifestation and Spirit knows this; I am most healthy when I am being a creator... of art and of life, my life.  The symbolism behind Whale is:  Creation, Power of song, Awakening inner depths and its cycle of power is year round.  Now if anyone recalls a past dream I wrote about here it concerned frogs and their "song."  Music, sound and singing are very important to me.  Always have been but has become increasingly more important for me here lately.

Whale is associated with the ocean as being a symbol of ancient creation.  Their song shows us how to create through song and sound, that sound is a creative force in life which is very true for me.  Music inspires me pretty much more than anything else.  Whenever I work I listen to music, and I have created some of my best pieces while listening to specific music that has allowed my creativity to flow freely- I can't really explain it but music for me is linked with the power of creation; the power of sound can be used to accelerate the manifestation of goals.  Whales are also symbols of concealment, going "inner," only to be reborn later, like Jonah and the whale.  He lived inside the belly of a whale and was later "reborn."  This is process very much near to my heart as my entire life is changing for me.  I feel as if I am being reborn, at nearly forty years old.  Whale shows us that it is okay to go inner, deep inside of ourselves.  The creativity that awakens with a rebirthing process can resurrect our lives if we let it.

And then there is the "breaching," busting through, coming forth- leaping out from under in a majestic display. I have a tendency to retreat when I am scared of the unknown and this is not always a good thing.  The whale in my dream was showing me it is time to explode from my hiding: hiding my skills and my abilities.  I haven't been very social either- and it is time for me to breach, not be afraid of the power of my own creativity even when it means creating new friendships {I have a tendency for shyness at times.}  Creation is not only meant to make "things."  It is a power that can transform life, create a future, if we utilize the manifestation-energy properly.  I have not been concentration on manifesting my future because I've largely been keeping up with the present.  Now that I have room to breathe, another key element with Whale due to the breathing hole, I have the peace necessary to embrace the gift of intention and manifestation by creating the life I envision for myself. 

I love the last line in the whale section of "Animal-Speak" which is my go-to book for figuring out the meaning behind my dreams.  "Creativity for the sake of creativity is not what whale teaches.  It awakens great depths of creative inspiration, but so it can add color and light to your outer life to make it more wondrous."  I have to sit back and shake my head, have a good chuckle, over how AWESOME my spiritual peeps are for offering me "a-ha" moments!  Light and Color!  Both huge elements in my dream.  Light because, well I could write a whole separate blog post on Light, but because it illuminates the darkness.  The warmth of the nurturing sun- life giving properties.  Also because I looOooOove sunlight as it pertains to photography.  I notices the nuances of sunlight or lack thereof.  Lately when I meditate the "sun" peeks through in my mind's eye.  The element of color is literally half my life.  My art is such an important part of who I am.  Working with beads, glass, inks, paint... all deal with the manipulation and beauty of color.  One of the first things I notice wherever I go is color, as necessary to me in life as breathing.  God very much wants me to live a colorful life as He does us all. 

The definition of breaching is:
a. An opening, a tear, or a rupture.
b. A gap or rift, especially in or as if in a solid structure such as a dike or fortification.
I was allowed time to go inner, retreat inside fortification, while working out portions of my life, time to heal.  I needed that, and at times still do.  I enjoy my quiet time.  But now Spirit is telling me it is far time to open that enclosure, burst forth from hiding, expose my skills and abilities just as the whale did in my dream, leaping out of the water.
I feel that many people are going through a similar process right now as world-wide more and more people are being shown their own spiritual abilities and gifts so we can all work together to make the earth a more loving place.  It is time to breach, to tear through that which holds you back.  I hope you are all able to access your inner Whale, your true personal majesty, and bring forth whatever it is you have locked inside of you that deserves to see, feel, experience the Light and this rebirth will enrich your own life and the lives of those around you. 
Love and Light to all~


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