Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spirit Guide Contact

You do not need to be psychic to contact your spirit guides!

I repeat:

You do not need to be psychic to contact your spirit guides!

Anyone can do it.

Are you shocked?  I was the first time I was introduced to this sweet little nugget of information.  Whenever I imagined contacting the spirit world I assumed it must be done by a full-fledged psychic.  A professional.  Someone in the know... someone much different than my lowly self. 


This is the main spiritual tool I use to contact my spirit guides and angels, a pendulum and really rough handmade letter board I whipped up one evening in an attempt to move beyond the typical "yes" or "no" questions I had been asking for a while.  I sat down, held my pendulum over the board and began asking questions.  And... nothing happened.  Needless to say it was a disappointment. Here I thought I'd sit down and ask where my new boots disappeared to and be pointed to some dusty spot under the bed but instead nothing happened.  No movement at all.

It took me a while before I realized that while I had my pendulum, letter board and even a candle lit I was still missing one very important aspect of making contact with the spirit world: a clear and sincere expressed desire to make a connection with my spirit guides.  Through doing some reading and research it became apparent to me that I had to, get this, actually ask to speak with my helpers.

From that point forward instead of plopping haphazardly down at the table with no clear intention I made sure to be prepared with a question or intention, a pen, a notebook and a healthy dose of respect.  Eventually I created a ritual of sorts that I continue to this day.  At first it was very deliberate process that slowly progressed to second nature.

**Before I continue let me stress the importance of asking for protection when attempting to make any type of spirit contact.  It would be irresponsible for me to gloss over this step.  Before I pray or ask any questions I always make sure to ask for protection from God and Archangel Michael to keep open to only high-energy spirits and guidance.  A prayer of protection can be as simple as "God please protect me as I seek guidance from you through your angels and spirit guides.  Surround me with positive energy and love."**

In the beginning, at least for me, it took a good amount of meditation and prayer to clear my mind before I could create a clear channel.  If I didn't do these things first I can compare the communication to a radio station with a lot of fuzz- the messages weren't clear because my own thoughts, doubts and fears would come through.  A word of warning to anyone out there who is interested in contacting your guides- it is not all fun and games.  Communicating with the spirit world must be treated with the utmost respect and care.  There are high-level energy spirits and low-level energy spirits and you only want to associate yourself with high-level energy.  Attempting to contact spirits while feeling down, depressed, angry, tired or any other myriad of not-so-positive states of mind is not a good idea.  I highly warn you against it.  If your energy is low you will attract low-level spirits and believe me it's no fun {and a topic for a separate blog post!}  Just make sure to have a clear sound mind and a strong positive intention when you begin.

So what do I do?  Here is my list of "tools"
  • pendulum and letter board
  • candle
  • pen and notebook
  • iphone {for music} and headphones
  • my Bible
  • clear quartz double-point crystal
I work at my dining room table, a space I routinely "cleanse" and surround with happiness and good intention.  It is the epicenter of my home, a spot where my son plays and the puppy romps.  Also using it for my "spiritual area" forces me to keep it free of the clutter that usually gathers there!  


I keep my crystals near also but forgot to move it into the shot.  Here is my newest crystal; it's very pretty with many interesting inclusions.


I always listen to music via headphones because it helps silence the voice in my head, my spinning thoughts that are rarely quiet.  Quieting your mind takes practice but listening to music is key for me.  So to begin I set up my space, light a candle and say a prayer.  I also read from my Bible.  The first time I ever attempted to contact an angel I was extremely nervous.  I grabbed my Bible and asked to be lead to a verse that would calm my soul and I opened to the first chapter of Hebrews

Hebrews 1:14 "All the angels are spirits who serve God and are sent to help those who will receive salvation."

Yep, that'll do it!  Mind calmed :)

I always think happy thoughts and surround myself with positive energy.  Often I will shut my eyes and imagine my most favorite place on earth, Ely MN.  This is just one of the hundreds of pictures I have of Ely at sunset; this is over Lake Shagawa.  I'm fairly confident heaven will feel like my son being cuddled in my arms, will smell like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, and will look like this, an apricot glow glistening off the water of Northern Minnesota, surrounded by pine trees and blissful peace.

Once my mind is set I concentrate on the candle for a while as I ask for guidance from "Team Helpers" {this is what my group calls themselves- I think of them like a bunch of spirit superheroes!} I ask for help either from specifically my guides or the guides of those I love, and always ALWAYS from the energy of God and only high-energy. It is a rare occasion where I will open my contact to just any random high-energy spirit. Because I consider myself to be a novice I like to keep it limited. 

I have a few different guides. One is my main guide and then I have others who are specific to whatever I have going on in my life or if I am getting information for someone else. I never know who may show and I rarely ask for anyone in particular; I assume they know better than I do what I need- if not I wouldn't be talking to them! Once I prepare, listen to music, and ask my question then when I use the pendulum the movement will be swift and deliberate. I can tell who it is by the "energy signature" or how the pendulum is moved. I recently had a sweet lighthearted female guide named Hope. Hope's energy was soft, feminine, loving and gentle, small circular bouncy movements; working with her felt like being immersed in the ocean, buoyant and light.  Hope helped me through a difficult time in my life and was very dear to me, and I named our new puppy after her :)   My new male guide is more matter-of-fact; his movement is swift, sharp and the downward pull so strong I must wrap the chain around my finger or else it will slip through my hand. I always keep my notebook handy to record the messages for later review. And I always make sure to say thank you. My guides never fail to amaze me and I am sincerely appreciative for all of their guidance and help. 

If you have any questions on spirit contact please let me know! 

Much love~ Jennifer


  1. I love this - I have only tried a time or two, and get a little nervous and am a bit scattered, as I have never had any real direction. If you don't mind me asking, how is it you have gotten to "know" your Team? Just by asking their names, etc? I have always wondered who is out there looking after me ...

  2. Hi! Yes I have asked their names. Years ago, maybe 7 years, I was told some names through Kristy when she did my first ever spirit guide reading. She told me I had a guide named "Thaddeus." I took many years off from using my pendulum and just recently went back to it. With a clear mind {and had completely forgotten about Thaddeus} a guide came through and told me his name was "Tad." I then realized it was Thaddeus and he'd been with me all this time. He's a long-term helper. When I first started I could not get names. Now I can. Don't be surprised if you ask and get oddities. My main guide has a strange name but it makes sense {and I'd like to keep it private if you don't mind.} His name symbolizes many things about me, my ascension and what matters to me most spiritually. "Hope" was a fitting name as well. You may not receive a name at first but absolutely try. When the expectation is so high that it makes you anxious that is when you are most unlikely to receive the information you are looking for so remember to stay relaxed and try not to have high expectations. If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask!

  3. Great post, Jennifer! I too have been curious about the individual names of my team. It seems like such a personal relationship that it would be nice to ask or thank them by name.