Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Believe

Addison Logan and his grandmother, Lois, spent a Thursday afternoon perusing several garage sales. Thirteen year old Addison, from Wichita, Kansas, decided to purchase an old Polaroid Camera marked for $1, but it would end up being a supernatural shock when they got home. Inside the camera was a photo of Addison’s uncle, Lois’ son – Scott, who was killed in a car accident over 23 years ago. Lois ventured back to the garage sale, but the man who held the sale couldn’t remember where he had gotten the camera. After the surprise wore off, the family decided to take it as a sign from heaven, from Scott himself, saying that he was doing okay.

November 2011, Tim Art received an email from his childhood best friend, Jack Froese. Nothing surprising, I am sure, except that Jack passed away in June of 2011 from a heart condition. The email’s subject said, "I'm Watching." The message read, "Did you hear me? I'm at your house. Clean your <bleeping> attic!!!" Froese used to continually tease Art about his messy attic. Not long after that, another email from Froese came through to another friend that warned him of a pending ankle injury that did indeed happen. Instead of being spooked, Jack Froese’s friends and family claimed that the emails were a gift from Heaven.

It was a balmy autumn day when Cindy stared out of her office window, wishing to be anywhere but where she was. It had been 8 months since her husband had unexpectedly passed away after a minor procedure, and the grieving was still painful. Her work email pinged alerting her to new mail. When she glanced at her screen, her heart stopped. The email was from her husband, with the email’s subject, “Missing You.” The content of the message simply read, “I really miss you today. Love you lots.” Stunned, but grateful for the message, she picked up their wedding photo, stained with tears, and kissed it, whispering, “I miss and love you too”. When alive, her husband would send her a morning email when he got to work. 

Could the emails have simply been caught up in a server and just delivered late? Sure, but regardless, experiences such as these happen daily. Many chalk it up to coincidence, or are skeptical about the legitimacy of the stories, while others (including me) believe that it is pure synchronicity. They all happened at the right time.

I recently went to a gallery reading hosted by another Medium. Each time she referenced ‘the dead’, or ‘dead people’, I shuddered. Our loved ones who made the transition aren’t at all dead. Sure, they aren’t with us in the physical, but they continue to be around us in some way, shape or form. That butterfly that continues to flutter outside your window, or around you. The bird that follows you around the yard. The coins that you find on your walk. The song on the radio that reminds you of someone special. The rainbow in the sky just as you were about to give up hope. Each one of us receives signs from our loved ones on the Other Side, but often shrugs it off, and yet these are signs that they aren’t dead, but alive, just in a different way.  

So as you go through your day, take your eyes off of your phone, maybe take a walk instead of playing “Words With Friends”, and simply look around you. It is then that you may begin (or continue) to BELIEVE.

I Believe,