Friday, May 18, 2012

I Blog Because I Am:

*genuinely imperfect
*frustratingly complicated {just ask those who know me best!}
*lovingly nurturing
*a dreamer
*a doer
*a procrastinator
*a dreamer who ponders doing but instead often procrastinates

And the list goes on and on... but lately I have been feeling uninspired.  Yes, I hate to admit it but even an Abnormally Normal Goddess can fall into the rut of losing her inspiration.

Many days I feel both reflective and creative.  I sit at my desk contemplating while I idly chew on the end of a pen or roll a few beads in my palm considering my next project.  Like The Goddess Circe I am ready and willing to work my magic...


Enthusiasm pulses hot and strong through my veins.  Ideas spin through my mind like colorful leaves eddying on a balmy spring breeze.  On the days when I do a really bang up job of finishing a new endeavor or planning a fresh piece of jewelry or combining a variety of colors, metals and other odds and ends to create a fantastic bead I feel very powerful, a majickal goddess whose artistic talent flows from my fingertips like the most fantastic of lightning.  I have manifested artistic creativity.  I am a wordsmith.  I am an alchemist, a enchantress of beauty and light... like this:


But then there are the days when I feel frazzled and worn, like this:

Or this {a state-of-being which needs no explanation!}


Or the worst of all days... those yucky poo poo times in life when I don't blog for weeks at a time and my fingernails grow long because I have no reason to shorten them {I can't create with long nails because they get in the way of working with beads and typing with long nails annoys me, all that *clack clack clacking* on the keyboard or even worse trying to pen words onto the page with long nails, daggers digging into my palm *ouch!*}

Inspiration Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me???!!


I, my friends, have been having many of these days that are highly lacking in inspiration. The disappearance of my Mojo makes me want to hide my head under the covers while ignoring the cries of my raw materials which sit in my studio sad, neglected and collecting dust.

Now it is time to wipe the dust off my glass, organize my beads, and do that furious scribble with my favorite pen, you know that swirly scrub that makes a long-unused dried tip of a pen workable again?  Yeah- I just felt you smile.  You know the mad "man I haven't used my favorite pen in way too long" scribble I mean.  We've all been there.  Desperately seeking out our muse, knowing she scampered off somewhere and is hiding.  But not too far away.  Not hidden so deeply that she cannot be found.  With a little soul searching, some mental elbow grease and facing head on the terror of the blank page staring us in the face we can all combat a lack of creativity.  Get that first word down and more will follow.  Throw some paint on that paper for Goddess' sake!  I've fought my moments of being uninspired and won hundreds of times in my life and will continue to plug along whilst battling against inspiration killers {little demons which shall remain nameless lest I empower their wickedness!}

When I feel blah and icky and my mind is blank some things that help get the creative juices flowing are looking at the amazing works of other artists. is a wonderfully magical site filled with beautiful art.  Pinterest is a plethora of inspiration.   A good brisk walk or bike ride outside will always  rejuvenate a tired mind as well as soul; Mother Nature's palette never fails to inspire.  Grab your camera and dare yourself to view the world from a different perspective- this never fails to jump start my muse!

Finding one's creativity after it's wandered off for a while is a beautiful thing.  It makes me feel all strong and wonderful and majickal, like this...

And this, fellow blog readers, is a truly inspired way to feel ;)
"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working."
~Pablo Picasso

Love, Hope and Wishes,


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