Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Mother's Day Letter

Dear Mom,

Today is the sixth Mother’s Day that I haven’t been able to celebrate with you in the physical world.  I thought that it might get easier, but it still feels as sad as it did on the first one.  Passing by the cards in the stores I usually do one of two things; I quickly turn my head because it is a painful reminder that I will never buy another Mother’s Day card, or I am urged to go up to everybody looking at the cards and tell them to treasure each moment that they have their mom in their life.

I know that you are doing great on the Other Side, and I am so grateful that you can finally see and that you no longer have the pain – both physical and emotional.  We miss you here, though. And so much has happened.  Connor has grown into a man.  Micaela is graduating from high school in the next couple weeks and will be going away to college. The one thing that hasn’t changed is that dad is still a pain in the neck. Yes, I know you used to tell me that I didn’t understand since I wasn’t living with him, well now that we all live together I understand fully.  I knew that would make you laugh.

When the wind blows just right I can feel your hands gently touch my cheek and hear you whisper your love for us kids.  I am so blessed that you gave me wings to fly and although we got mad at one another often, we always loved each other.

Every year I would bring you a gift and a flower. On this Mother’s Day I will once again take your flower to your gravesite. I understand that Heaven needed you more than we did here, but I still miss you.

Happy Mother’s Day. I love you, mom.


Even though I am a Medium and I can communicate with and even see my mom in spirit, it isn’t always the same as having her here in the physical; the calls whenever I want to hear her voice, the hugs when I am having a bad day, the chicken noodle soup when I am not feeling well….  Although I’m a Medium, I’m still human and I miss.

So, I wish you all a Mother’s Day filled with hugs, phone calls, maybe some chicken noodle soup and if your mom is on the Other Side (or even your child) – I wish you signs that your mom (or child) is watching over you! 

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  1. What a beautiful post Kristy. I am sorry you don't have you mother with you any longer in this world. I am fortunate to have both of my parents and do consider myself blessed.