Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Souls of The Labyrinth


As I explained in my introductory post entitled "The Enlightenment," some months back I met a new friend, D, who has an angel, Odesa, visiting him. The angel visits him during the night and takes him to different spiritual-type places showing him visions and giving him multitudes of very interesting information, that of which I will be sharing here with you with his approval that I have already been granted. I am starting now with the first vision.


My visitor’s name is Odesa. That is what he referred to himself as he and I were walking and then actually floating above a white circle. When he came to visit me I of course had many questions. I was asking him why me, and what I was supposed to be doing. He said,  "Let us walk."

He and I were walking in a bright forest which was almost all white except for outlines of the ferns and trees which were glistening gold and silver. We came upon a big circle and he asked me to follow him.  He and I lifted up and sort of hovered over a big circle; I could look down at it and it looked like a maze. I could see a golden box in one end of the maze. He said the maze was a labyrinth that only had one way in and one way out. I could see the golden box and asked him about the box.  He said it was a cradle and that there were three taps of the cradle.

We floated closer to the box; it was actually only partially golden but also was crystal-laden and had that “L” symbol I kept telling you about. Remember I told you I was seeing it everywhere?  It was an “L” but written in script and written backwards and had a line through it. He said the symbol represented the cradle of the Labyrinth. He had a crystal pendant around his neck and it hung down to about the middle of his chest; it was green in color and it had the very same “L” symbol in silver embellished on it. I asked him about the three taps coming out of the cradle.  He said each tap provided essentials to the soul. He said the three taps were Light, Love, and Longevity. Light provided life and understanding. Love provided compassion and humility, and Longevity provided sustainability and continued health. I was in awe of everything he was saying, in amazement of the brightness and glistening of everything and the flow out of each tap.

I asked him why was I chosen for him to talk with. He told me I was a “Carrier” and I was not alone. There were thousands of carriers whose souls were coming to the light. I asked what a Carries does. He said that I have been a Carrier for hundreds of years and that I was to commune with member souls and prepare. "Prepare for what?" I asked. He said that we are in a period of an Awakening. There are three parts or actions that will take place and are in progress now. The first part was The Awakening, the second part was The Communion of Souls and the third part was The Calling. I explained to him that I did not understand the communion of souls. He said that Souls of the Labyrinth recognize each other and must intertwine and commune as a final preparation prior to The Calling. I asked him if I was to physically have bodily contact with another person whose soul I was to intertwine with. He said that was not required but that simply touching another Labyrinth soul would allow the souls to intertwine. He told me that it would not hurt but actually would provide a sense of well-being.

I asked him how many souls was I supposed to be a carrier for and exactly what was a carrier anyways?  He said my soul along with other Carriers are to communicate with Labyrinth souls and bring them into communion. I told him that throughout my life I have met people with whom my soul immediately recognized their souls and then some people I could not recognize anything. He told me that some people actually have no soul or their soul is non-living. He said those are called Neomays (sounded like Knee Oh Maze) when he said it so I don’t know if I am spelling it right or not. He said the Neomays have no meaning in life, no purpose, no humanity, no longevity, no love. They only have existence until The Calling, and then they are no longer.

He explained living souls are of three types, the Souls of The Labyrinth; the dissenting souls (souls that are non obedient or rebellious) and the bereaved souls (lost souls needing direction.) He told me that I was to communicate with the souls that I am given direction to contact, and I am to organize an Assemblage of The Souls and those souls shall commune together. I told him that I have found one already and he acknowledged that he already knew of our contact. He told me to have you help with The Assemblage.

As I talked further with D I shared his information with Madelyn. As I explained I was highly doubtful of D and his messages in the beginning. I was overwhelmed and even now, as I write this, I am skeptical of certain aspects concerning the communing of souls.  Who wouldn't be? Asking me to have faith in this situation was pretty farfetched so I ran the information past Madelyn to get her opinion. She agrees that D's information appears genuine; no one person could fake all that he has shared. It's coming, being channeled, somewhere from above.  I know this is a ton of information to digest and in my next message I will explain some thoughts I have on what I have shared here. 

If anyone wants to share their opinions please do so!

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