Friday, March 2, 2012

Suspension of Disbelief


This is actually a picture of my son looking out the front window at the snow; I've had the picture of the window tucked away for a while and used it to create this fantasy image of PJ The Butterfly {waiting for his mommy to let him outside to play with all his little butterfly friends.}

**Warning... Warning... Long Post Ahead**

There is a story I tell my son when we meander through the neighborhood or park concerning the numerous dragonflies that seemed to be wherever we are: in the yard, on the fence, on the antena of my car, in the flowers, etc. etc. Dragonflies are always around me and if I am quiet and patient they will gently land on me, my finger, arm, allowing for some great photo opportunities!  One even let PJ touch its wing last year!

The story is about a kingdom of the past, a land that was inhabited by fairies of every shape, size and color. Beautiful fairies with huge glorious wings that were iridescent and when caught the light glimmered like jewels in the sun. These fairies were known for their wings which were very precious and worth their weight in gold.

This kingdom of fairies reigned in peace for hundreds of years with no enemies. Their leader was the Fairy King and he was kind, fair and good. The fairies in the kingdom got along perfectly well with the wood nymphs, the mermaids and the unicorns of nearby neighboring lands. Occasionally the elves in the next kingdom over could be a bit of a problem because they liked to play their harmonicas too loudly but it was nothing the fairies couldn't handle. They all worked together to create a sweet little life for themselves. There were shoemaker fairies and baker fairies and clown fairies and jewelry fairies and chocolate-maker fairies and market-owner fairies... in other words, a fairy for everything that was needed to make a kingdom run smoothly and happily.

During the day they gathered the harvest from the fields, crops of the tiniest most delectable strawberries and the sweetest of corn {it would taken 10 fairies to harvest one ear of corn and they ate it kernel by kernel because they were so tiny.} They took buttercups and used them to collect the morning dew to drink, and at night they would have mini festivals where they sat to celebrate the wonderful day they'd experienced together. They sang the song of the Fae and played their tiny lutes and good times were had by all. Every day was a celebration in the kingdom of fairies.

Until one day a darkness fell upon the land. A terrible and most Wicked of Wicked Witches learned about the fairies and their precious wings. She cast a spell over the fairy kingdom which placed an invisible net all around the land so no fairy could escape. Immediately fairies became trapped in the net, thrashing to and fro so their little wings were torn. Luckily their friends were able to help them escape but no fairy could flee from the kingdom. The fairies were terrified. All celebration came to a screeching halt and none of the wee creatures would even venture outside of their homes for fear of being caught. For fairies this is a fate worse than death- to be deprived of the gift of nature and freedom.

The witch's second spell was to coat all the flowers and fields with a stickiness that would capture the fairies, trapping them so the Wicked Witch could grab them and snatch off their wings to sell, leaving the poor little fairies to die. This witch didn't care at all about the welfare of the sweet fairies who had lived together content and peaceful for years. All that was important to her was selfishness and greed. She would obliterate a species of creature purely for the sake of capitalism, killing them off forever. Extinction.

How sad. Makes one feel a bit despondent, doesn't it?

But what the Wicked Witch didn't realize was her sister, The Very Good and Happy Witch, knew about her evil sister's plotting and would do everything in her power to stop the madness. She couldn't banish the spells but she could counteract them with white magic of her own. She plotted and pondered until she came up with a plan but it was a plan that would change the fairies' lives forever.

She would cast a spell upon this particular kingdom of fairies, transforming them all into dragonflies. They would be disguised so the Wicked Witch wouldn't recognize them. They would also be so small they could fly through the netting and escape to find a new and better land for themselves. After consulting with their leader {they were a democracy, of course} the fairies agreed this could be their only hope and asked The Very Good and Happy Witch to work her magic upon them. That night, before the enchantment was to begin, the fairies had the hugest celebration in the history of celebrations: The Celebration of Life.

And the next morning as they began to awaken... they felt different. Lighter, like air. Even more ethereal than they had been as fairies. As they threw off the covers and lifted into the air the first thing they noticed was their wings were even more beautiful than before. Shining and glimmering in the morning light they buzzed from house to house greeting one another in excitement. Inspecting themselves in droplets of morning dew they realized that while they looked different they felt the same if not better!

So the dragonflies flew off to find another kingdom where they flourished and lived happily ever after all the way up until today.

The End

So... whenever you see a dragonfly remember~ with those beautiful wings they are really fairies in disguise!



Imagination, oh how I love thee. Remember when we were children and anything was possible? When we believed in Santa Claus and The Tooth Fairy? Oh how easy it was back then to *believe!* Just trust and believe. We really didn't know any different, did we? Blissfully unaware.

Wouldn't you love to revert back to that old childhood state of mind? To stop the constant questioning of motives, debunking of facts and overall skepticism of everything that is beautiful in the world? To readily believe in what some call the unbelievable: UFO's, ghosts, and The Loch Ness Monster?

To believe in... magic? 

And fairy dust? 

And low-calorie chocolate?!

If my Hungarian ancestors were alive and were asked about things that go bump in the night, like ghouls and vampires, there would be no rush of doubt; they believed. What made them wrong and us right? I'm sure they had their reasons to check the graves of loved ones close to sundown to assure all was well- making damn well sure to exit the premises before the sun fell too far behind the horizon. Who knew what lurked in the dark shadows of night? What did they know, believe, that we didn't?

Now too many us waste our time disbelieving.

What happened to the magic in living?  What’s up with all the doubt and disbelief?  Often we find ourselves living in the past or worrying about the future while allowing the glory of right now to pass us right on by and that's no way to live. God didn't bless us with the gift of creation and imagination to throw those wonders away in the chaos of constant questioning. Okay, so Santa wasn't real. Or wasn't he? For those few blissfully innocent years that you did believe, wasn't the old jolly fat man much more than just a figment of your imagination? Who says that just because we grow to become adults we must leave all the open-mindedness behind? I, for one, refuse to do so.

Santa sneaks in to eat all my Oreos. The Tooth Fairy and I have tea on Tuesdays, and that darn Easter Bunny keeps stealing all my eggs and hiding them in my house...

It's called Suspension of Disbelief. The cut and dry version goes like this: to be able to enjoy fiction we, as the audience, must be able to believe in the unbelievable; we must suspend what we would normally believe to be true, allowing ourselves to accept the fiction. If a person is unable to do this then she will have a hard time getting lost in a good book or really becoming engrossed in a film. Instead she'll notice things such as "dogs can't fly" or "cats can't read!" until she's ruined any possibility of becoming swept away by story.

Revel in the fantasy my friends!

So, once again- Suspension of Disbelief. We all have the ability to do it, and some of us do it more than others. I myself am a dreamer. I don't read a book; I live it. I don't watch a movie or listen to a song- I fall in love with it. Characters become my best friends. I don't just live my life... I create it.

I create my life, too.

Which leads me to another even more exciting fact- Suspension of Disbelief needn't be applied only to fiction.  Oh no no no NO no.  It can be applied to our everyday lives.  It's all part of the process of manifestation.  This is where the magic comes into play, see?   Manifestation is the art of being able to believe in something that may not be real to you right now.

We are told to believe, believe, believe.  Even Kristy has the inspirational word hanging in her office as a reminder.  But what happens when we allow ourselves to become locked in chains of disbelief?  Maybe you are so utterly and completely broke at a particular moment in life that there is no way on God’s Green Earth you could ever believe yourself to be wealthy.  You completely disbelieve the possibility of having enough money to be comfortable, or heck- to even pay a bill {been there so I do know the feeling!}

*Allow me a moment to step up here on my soapbox*

Fellow blog readers- this disbelief will keep you lacking the funds you so desire.  It will place a serious divide between you and whatever you wish for in life.  What you long for, dream about and aspire to.  Disbelief is just not worth it.  So stop it!  Suspend the Disbelief!  You must trust and believe that what you truly want and wish for in life can be yours!  You have to believe it or else you have one helluva time achieving those goals and aspirations.

You must stop thinking “But that could never happen for me” because you are allowing yourself to be overwhelmed with disbelief.  So knock it off!

I own a healthy and robust imagination, and I put it to good use not only in my enjoyment of fiction but also in manifestation. I abuse my imagination really... I love to read, and I'm a writer. As an artist {jewelry, drawing, photography... a dabbler of all and a master of, ah, ahem. let's just leave it at that shall we?} I enjoy being this way. I often heard as a child, "Oh get your head out of the clouds {or your nose out of that book} and face reality! But where's the fun in that?

Obviously, thank God, I didn't listen :)

A year ago I weighed thirty pounds more than I do right now.  I was, er, "fluffier."  And I didn't appreciate the extra weight, especially not when trying to play with my son.  I could tell I was headed to the point of no return... the icky place where soon there would be no turning back weight-wise.  So I decided to change this about myself, and one of the first things I did was to change this idea I had that I could “never be thin.”  I completely disbelieved I’d ever wear a single-digit pants size again.  In doing do I was just asking the universe to hold on to those extra pounds for me!

I made a conscious effort to change my thinking first, starting with suspending my disbelief over the idea I could achieve the level of health I wanted in my life.  Then I concentrated on believing.  Yes~ it can be two very separate steps.

I lied to myself.  I refused to believe what my mirror showed me.  I changed all my passwords to words that emphasized slimming down {think about how often we type in our passwords... over and over and over again.  Intentions as passwords work very well, fyi!}  I no longer concentrated on not being fully pleased with my physical appearance... I just started ignoring it for a while.  Pretending the issue didn't exist.

I stopped telling myself it could never happen… and slowly but surely it DID happen.

Little by little I lost weight.  I took the emphasis off what I needed to change... and away it went! Now I'm not saying I didn't make lifestyle changes because I did.  Little ones.  I drank more water.  Increased my walking.  Ate smaller portions.  But it was all so much easier once I stopped fixating on the issue by not allowing myself to be convinced weight loss could not be achieved.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies, are we not?  How often do you find your negative self-talk consists of words similar to the following:

I can’t ever be as successful as…
I won’t ever be published…
I’ll never have enough money…
I’ll never be good enough, or pretty enough, or smart enough or lucky enough…

Banish all those evil words of disbelief!  Stop the madness! Toss that lack of faith right out the window and let the breeze of belief blow in!

My wish for you, our dear readers, is to practice suspending your disbelief.  If an aspect of your life is less-than-perfect do not ever feel it can’t be changed.  Don’t doubt that your life goals and dreams can be achieved.  Concentrate on the positive and take the emphasis off what you lack- in doing so you won't be drawing the lack of back to you.  Got it?

Live like a child. Dream like a child. Believe like a child... love life like a child!

Appreciate the little things in life like you once did as a child.  Children don’t disbelieve- they don’t know doubt until we teach it to them {ponder that thought for a moment!}

My Little Man!

Once you begin noticing the wonder in the world around you {again because you used to do this- I promise you did} I guarantee you will thank me for it!

Let life be majickal.  Allow.



  1. Wow!! That was a great post...great story...great advice....all around great!!! I love the majical world. I collect fairys and some unicorns too. I love to tell my kids the majical stories too...usually majic wands involved!! I think I need to come back and read this one every morning lol. Thanks again!!!

  2. Well thank you! I am glad you enjoyed the post. Having an imagination and strong belief is so important. My son will live a magical life for sure! Enjoy your own majickal world :)

  3. This is such a beautiful reminder to i should view my life and great advice for the things that shouldn't be taken from my children's lives. Thank you