Saturday, March 24, 2012

Celebrating Love and Life... It's National Puppy Day!

This particular Goddess's participation is going to be noticeably sparse for a few weeks more as I finish up a long awaited IN CHARM'S WAY (hurray!) and run off to Chicago to see my #3 son graduate from Navy bootcamp, leaving you all in the very capable hands of my very charming and bewitching fellow Goddesses, Jen and Kristy. 

In the meantime and most especally in honor of National Puppy Day, I wanted to share a video with you all that celebrates the love we have for our furry friends who bring so much joy {and a few much needed lessons} into our lives, the extreme love and compassion of all caring souls who watch over them, and one wonderfully sweet puppy in particular.

Love to all,

Mad {madly}

Have you hugged your own furry friend today?


  1. Awe you will be missed, and congratulations on finishing up IN CHARMS WAY! I can't wait to read it!!! Thanks for the heart felt video it brought tears to my eyes. Safe travels to you on your journey.

  2. We will take good care of our friends while you are gone! My puppy will be here soon!