Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Source Energy

I would like to share my rudimentary thoughts on the basic fundamental idea behind the energy that makes up the universe {God} and all of us.  I am Christian so it is my belief that God created everything.  The universe.  The earth.  Mankind.  And to me God is source energy.  Source energy is God.  It is the energy that we are all created from, that everything is created from.  The earth has a soul and it is source energy.  Source energy is the power that connects us all.  It is the pure, right, clean one-and-only perfect energy that we all have access to... but as a society we fall away from being attracted to it.  The ancients, the old civilizations, they knew about it.  But then Christianity came about and spirituality became of lesser importance.  Do I believe in Jesus?  Absolutely.  God?  Yes!  But God is source energy and He sent Jesus down to save us.  Jesus' message, His teachings, were of source energy, unconditional love for God and for each other.  "Agape."  But as humans began preaching about Jesus' message they, because we are flawed and subjective in our wants and desires, started skewing His message and borne of that was rigid religion which is far from spiritual.

Greed can take over.  Greed shouldn't reside in religion but it does.  Many people die under the name of "God" and that is blasphemy and the last thing God would ever want.  Greed and personal desire for power took over spirituality in some religions.  Led people away from this idea of a source energy.  Do you know why?  Because "source energy" is POWERFUL.  And mankind as we know it, especially in developed nations, has this ultimately *male* desire to reign over people.  To rule them. Religion has stolen from people this idea of personal power or a link to source energy.  One of the largest organized religions in the world does not teach about personal power.  It, in my opinion, uses this idea of sin as a way to hold people back, causing them doubt their every thought and move.  Becoming preoccupied with sin can move a person away from source energy which is ridiculous because it is in essence moving them farther away from God. I am not saying we should not live our lives trying not to sin... but there must be a healthy balance.  We shouldn't let those efforts strip us of our love or our personal power.  Jesus wants us to concentrate more on loving God and loving others than trying not to sin.  Know why?  Because when you do love God, and you do love others, then it's hard to sin. 

My point is this- at this time in the world there is a need for people to become enlightened about source energy, God-energy.  It is a powerful energy, abundant and good.  Completely available to us... and when we know to trust it, love it because it is God and the very same energy our souls are created from, then we can USE it.  It is manifestation or The Law of Attraction.  We are all made of "good stuff."  When we trust and believe in source energy then we draw it to us and good things can happen.  Source energy is "agape love"- the love God has for his people.  Pure unconditional love.  Love is THE most powerful important energy, emotion, in the universe.  Ever.  We are all made to love and this is why in The New Testament Jesus died on the cross to have our sins forgiven.  The Ten Commandments, rules that no human can follow without consistently breaking and sinning, were made into two main commandments: Love God and Love others {as you would love yourself.}  How easy is that?  Love God.  Love others.  If your God is "different" than my God {they are all source energy} so what?  Don't you love your God/Goddess/Buddha, etc.?  Of course you do!  It is all about love- and this is source energy.  The energy the entire universe is made of.  If we all concentrated on LOVE instead of: hate, greed, fear, doubt... there would be an entire shift in the paradigm of EVERYTHING. 

Our thoughts are energy.  This is why it is so important to stay joyful.  God {mine or yours!} gives us this duty.  We may not always be happy but we should be joyful, even in the face of pain, anger and loss.  Happiness and joy are two different things; happiness is an emotion and joy is a state-of-mind.  If you woke this morning then you can be joyful.  If one extra person each day woke joyfully then that is one more person sending joyful energy out into the world... and this creates a shift in the overall consciousness of life. 

Does this make sense to you?  In my opinion, and I am by far no spiritual guru, this is what an Awakening, a spiritual ascension, is all about.  A mass positive change in group consciousness.  The more hate in the world then more the world will hate.  We will draw to us turbulent forces/energy such as earthquakes and tornadoes- all full of tumultuous angst that is a reflection of the energy we, as a whole of humanity, are emitting out to the universe.  Not only sending out to the universe but consider this.  We all stand with our feet firmly rooted to the earth.  The earth.  When we experience fear, pain, angst, worry, hate... where to you think it goes?  It leaves our bodies through our feet and our head.  We have chakra centers in our hands and feet.  Shake hands with an evil person and how does it feel?  Icky- because they have shared with you a taste of low-level energy and your high-level energy recognizes that.  So when we have negative emotions we shoot it right down into the earth through our base {feet} where it is manifested into negative energy.  It also leaves our heads and flows out to the universe.  On a personal level he who thinks only bad things will draw to him bad things.  On a larger level if you have a person who makes a conscious decision to be positive then she will draw to her positivity.  Concentrate on love and you will draw love to you.  Concentrate on love and you will draw love to you... and the you will send that love back out into the world to create more love...

You will be a Love Generator!

Now take 10,000 people and place them in an arena.  Ask them to all at the same time pray for peace... concentrate on joy.  This is why there are "prayer circles."  Praying is concentrating on source energy.  Group energy is a powerful thing.  Do you have any idea how connected to source energy they would become?  THIS is what an Enlightenment is about.  Opening the consciousness of people, one by one, about love.  Because as people begin to love, become positive and joyful, that connection with source energy can CHANGE THE WORLD.

The Bible says to love as God loves.  And that is source energy.  It IS the same thing.  We do not need to be divided based on our beliefs.

Love, my friends.  Stay positive.  Pray and be thankful.  Be joyful.  And you will change the world.



  1. This is a wonderful post!!! So very true and you worded it perfectly!! Thankyou for sharing!!

  2. Jennifer - I am speechless. This blog was like coming home. I have long held these same beliefs and have been terrified to share this part of myself with anyone. A little over a year ago I threw out to the Universe my desire to connect with someone who held similar beliefs to my own. I believe that Jesus was sent here to remind us that we are here to L-O-V-E one another...to show us how to win over our human struggle with ego and to see our fellow woman/man as part of ourselves all by tapping into "Source Energy"; our heavenly Father.
    Thank you for this. I am smiling from the inside out!

  3. Deborah- I am happy that my thoughts resonated with you! I agree with you that Jesus was sent here to teach us about unconditional love. Seriously if we all just loved each other the world would be a fine place to live. Glad to make you smile my friend :)

  4. I am just reading this for the first time today. It really rings true to me as i drive to work each day i say a prayer. I first thank God for the gifts blessings in my life. i ask for continued health and well being for my family. and then the strength to get through my day at work. i could see over 100 different people or more at my job in a day. But i actively try to put my best self forward for each and everyone of them. hoping that when we are through there day is a little better for having seen me. i have been conscientiously trying to do this for just over a month and i am noticing a lot of repeat faces. They almost seem to search me out. It is very draining to stay so positive and last for 8 hours but when i ask for the strength i seem to still have energy for my family when i get home.