Monday, March 19, 2012

Everyday Magick

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” 
Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

The Dragonfly

The grass was still wet from the morning dew even though the sun had been shining for several hours. Freshly turned dirt lay plastered to her right cheek as the tears moistened the soil into mud. She knew that she must’ve looked like a mess, but didn’t much care. 

Her cotton paisley printed dress didn’t do much to keep out the wind that was softly blowing around her and she shivered a bit as she grabbed the bottle that lay deep within her pockets. She had counted them out before she left her home, making certain not to be short any. Without sitting up, she counted them out again. Fourteen in all, she confirmed. Her hand shook as she closed the lid and waited for just the right moment. 

Movement startled her until her eyes focused through her water-filled eyes on the creature that landed near her nose. The dragonfly contemplated her for a second, as if to say that she didn’t belong, and gently flew away. Its royal blue color matched Abby’s eyes and instead of feeling comforted by the divine creature, she again broke into sobs hugging the grey marble stone that portrayed her daughter’s name; Abby Grace, age five.

Life goes on, everyone kept telling her, but how could it? Time only deepened her wounds. There was nobody left now that Abby lay buried in the beautiful white casket, holding her stuffed hippo she’d called Hickory. She would only have pictures and memories which she so feared would only fade and haunt her night and day. Life didn’t have to go on; it was a choice. A choice she continually contemplated. 

"To let a sad thought or a bad one get into your mind is as dangerous as letting a scarlet fever germ get into your body. If you let it stay there after it has got in, you may never get over it as long as you live.”
Frances Hodgson Burnett

As swiftly as the dragonfly had departed, it landed once again, perched in front of her. The moment rang serene as she looked at the sunlight, shimmering through its transparent wings and the coloring of its body, even more brilliant than seconds before. For the past few weeks she had been asking for some sort of a sign, receiving nothing, but now she wondered if perhaps there had been signs all around her and she had ignored them all out of grief. Could this be a sign, she wondered. Had Abby sent this glorious bug as a sign that she was ok and watching over her? Even if it was merely coincidence, just the thought made her feel content. She felt a little silly, now, a little wrong; this sudden peace, a betrayal against her anger for God. She smiled at the dragonfly and extended her hand out to it. Without hesitation, it crawled upon her index finger and softly fluttered its wings and flew into the tree that hovered over the burial ground.

She slowly rose, sitting she took the bottle out of her pocket and opened it. Emptying the contents into her hand, one by one she laid the colored M & Ms upon the tombstone; Abby’s favorite candy. She had promised her that they’d get them the day of the accident. She only wanted to keep her promise.

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.”
Mary Anne Radmacher
We all have our own trials and tribulations. Some of us keep our pain held deep within our soul, hidden; a mask over the trueness that smiles all is fine.  Others roar, showing their discontent with life to all within the range. And yet others may just numb their soul altogether and walk around in the muck of life. How do you handle your sadness? Do you get mad, angry, point fingers, or simply smile through it? Are you patching or fixing? Or are you even trying anymore?

I was just getting ready for bed when my phone rang and my Spirit Guide, Alto, told me to pick it up. It was after 10:00 p.m. and it had been a long and trying day, the last thing I wanted to do was talk to anyone. I honestly just wanted to cuddle up in bed, put the blankets to my chin and drift away into a magical land where nobody yelled at anybody, where nobody was upset with anybody and where I could create my own magic. I didn’t recognize the phone number, but I did as told. On the other line was a teenage girl of about sixteen years old. She told me that her name was Paige*.  She explained to me that her mother had seen me a few years back when she was going through the divorce with her father. Paige further explained that her mom had been suicidal and I had sought out assistance for her. I held my breath, expecting bad news, because after all, wouldn’t that just put a great big exclamation point on to the day? Instead, she simply said thank you.  

Thank you.

Those two words set my waterworks off. We spoke for about fifteen as she told me how her life was miserable for years and she felt she was taking care of her parents instead of being able to be a kid. When her mom came home from getting assistance, Paige said that she consciously made the decision to see magick in every moment. Almost sixteen years old and she consciously made this decision. So, before we ended our conversation, we played a bit of a game. I asked her what her magickal moments that day were. She told me that a cute boy had smiled at her, that she got a B on an exam she was sure she failed and that her car started on the first try. She asked me what my magickal moments were, and wouldn’t you know that all the bad that had piled up that day disappeared. I told her that Guinness, my Australian Shepherd who has cancer, was still alive and sleeping next to me, my kids gave me a hug, my husband did the dishes and my daffodils were in bloom. Some people may not see this as magick, but to me it is everyday magick, and we are surrounded by it every single day, but instead many sign up for the belief that life is going to stink, that all the bad that will continue to pile up, and although the magick isn’t lost, it just doesn’t sparkle as bright, that is until you consciously choose to allow to get rid of the past garbage and look around at all the good that is there.

Just as my story Dragonfly pointed out, although bad things happen, you can find the signs and the magick through the pain.

By finding your everyday magick, I believe you too will be able to accomplish great things, meet great people and have a great life.

What everyday Magick have you have seen TODAY (Monday, March 19th)? Post below for your chance to win this small trinket, a Handbag Hanger that will daily remind you to believe in the magic!


  1. A wonderful husband who stayed up during the night to tend to our dog who is afraid of thunderstorms. He did it for her but also to make sure she wouldn't disturb me so that I could get a good night's sleep.

  2. My amazing 2 year old son finally sleep thru the night I'm his big boy bed! Slept in till 8 and then came straight to me gave be a big hug and kiss cuddles next to me and says "love you mommy" just him being alive is magic and he brings magic into my life every moment if every day <3 ~Jessica M.

  3. My husband who picked a few wildflowers and gave them to me just before he left for work....

  4. I love this topic....for not only do I strive to find the everday magick in my life on a daily basis, I strive to create it!! I started today the way I always do, by making my boyfriends lunch and writing a love note on his napkin. I know that his days can be rough so I try to bring a smile and the magick of our relationship into his day as well. I then go outside to feed the 'fur children', the three dogs, the wolf hybrid and the two cats that have claimed me as 'mom'. I wallow in the unconditional love that they give me, knowing that I am incredibly fortunate to have their loyalty and affection. There is no greater everyday magic than a wet nose on your knee or a purr and a demand for pets to lift your spirits when you are down! I go out front where my favorite oak trees are starting to bud and again can see the magick in the earth renewing the life around me. The wind chimes in my trees make the moment even more magickal. A stranger walks by with a small dog, so I wave and smile, watching how that little gesture spread the smile and brought a little bit of positive magick into that persons morning. I continue my day, taking note of how amazing the wind chimes sound in the breeze, of how many bees are loitering on the freshly blooming sage bush, and I stop to watch the screech owls that are nesting in one of my trees. I might find an owl or a blue jay feather,a magickal sign for sure, to be picked up and placed on my altar or worn in my hair. When I go to work, I spread the magick with an upbeat and positive attitude that I can watch spread from person to person. They always ask me, "Why are you always so happy?" My answer is simple, "Because I find everyday magick in my life and celebrate it every single day...."

  5. posted this at a great time for me!!! I have been having a pity party for myself because mercury retrograde has been out to get me.

    I was going to tell you my whole story but have decided not to put all the negativity on here and just share with you my majick for the day....

    Seeing the smile on my babyboys face after I had found his blankie that had been missing for a couple of days. Hearing the pediatrician say that my son did not need to be seen by a neurologist. Hearing my children shriek with delight when I tell them it's time to go play outside. Standing in my backyard smelling the newly opened Hyacynths in the warm breeze with the sunshine hitting my face. The feeling of freedom after tucking the kids in for their afternoon nap.

    I know that there are many more majickal moments to come since the day is only halfway done.

    1. I had my husband choose and Shannon - you are the winner! If you can email me at with your address, I will send out your gift ASAP!

    2. I just read this today and sent over my address!!! Yay and thankyou so much!! :))

  6. Oh my gosh! I love all the comments! @Annette~ AWESOME! I can just imagine these lovely things. There is so much wonder and blessings out in this crazy world that when I do stop to look around, to breathe in the outdoor air listen to the birds and seeing the flower fairies that are popping up all over right now. I'm amazed. But what makes my heart skip a beat is seeing my children. I'm in awe of the blessings I have with them. To watch them grow, hear them laugh and I cherish this short time I have with them.

    To finally know a kind love and friend has also made a wonder in my life. My path has changed in several years but the blessings around me helps clear out the everyday muck... LOVE!

  7. I attended a meeting where a very well dressed man sood up and told a room full of stangers his life story of being homeless, mentally ill, and a substance abuser. The magic is that he was able to overcome all of these challenges and is living a normal, productive life working for mental health care parity for those suffering as he once did..... Robert, you were the magic of my day! Kudos for the cou
    rage to tell your story of success.....


    1. That is awesome! WOW! It is amazing at how a person having the courage to tell their story can really make a impact on others! Prayers for Robert!

  8. I had to take a moment after reading this to get myself together. I just lost my niece recently and my godson is going in for open heart surgery next week. So Lately I feel like there hasn't been much magick.
    But as I read all of the lovely responces I thought about it. My garden is blooming, The weather is lovely, My children are happy and healthy. My godson is still here and came over today to visit. The sweetest little guy asking me a million questions followed with why? For every thing. Showing me that he is right on track developmentaly.
    I volunteered and made a difference in at least 12 peoples lives today. All is all a great day, one I can be happy to say I saw the magick in. Thank you for making me change my perspective and enjoying my day, and not just enduring it.

    1. Prayers for your family right now Vanessa! And congrats on volunteering! WAHOO!

  9. I love all of it! I will be choosing later tonight! My schedule has once again been a bit insane! Keep the everyday magick going!

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