Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spiritual Signs: The Crystal


Remember that is it not only through dreams that our guides, angels and higher consciousness give us messages. We also received messages in our waking life that consist of signs, symbols and synchronicity. I've already mentioned that my guides use music to offer me messages but tonight before I go to sleep I'd like to share a recent experience of another type of sign I recently received.

What is a spiritual sign? It can really be anything that attracts your attention and speaks to your heart in a effort to communicate a specific message or point that you are supposed to know. Signs can be religious or spiritual or even something as simple as a rainbow. Recently lotuses have caught my attention. I see them everywhere and then my friend told me a dream she had all about lotus flowers. I know now I need to study the symbolism behind the lotus flower, and without even typing in the words "lotus+symbolism" into google I already know part of the message deals with the urging my guides are giving me to do yoga. I'd better be in Child's pose soon!

In my example here it was more than a reminder... it was my spirit guides giving me a gentle slap upside the head, like "duh why don't you see?" I bought the crystal, along with a few of the same, shown in the picture above a few years back at an antique store with the idea of making them into a pair of earrings. Yet a few years later they still sit in my jewelry box in their raw form, earrings unmade. In previous posts I've explained that my guides had been urging me to get back to my art, once again find my inspiration. Start creating again. So one morning I slipped on a simple necklace to wear to work. I grabbed it out of my newly organized jewelry box. It was a single strip of leather, nothing fancy or intricate. I wore it all day. At home later when I was in the kitchen making dinner I felt something slide down my back. I reached in my shirt and pulled out...

This crystal.

I looked at it laying in the palm of my hand and briefly wondered how the heck it got in my shirt. I was busy at that moment making dinner and washing dishes {my abnormally normal part of life} so I didn't give it much thought. I placed it on the counter and finished my evening routine. The following morning I walked into my perfectly clean kitchen to find this crystal standing on its side, on it's skinny little crystal edge, in the middle of my counter top.

Just standing there. Like it was waiting for me.

Yep- waiting for me balanced on its terribly thin faceted edge. It was then that it hit me- how did that crystal get in my shirt? Did it really remain accidentally connected to the necklace I wore all day without coming loose until that very moment when I would be sure to feel it on my skin? I find that hard to believe. And when I put it down on the counter, working around it for at least an hour, I did not balance it on its edge.

My guides did.

As soon as I saw it there standing on edge my mind became still and I heard my guides speaking to me. They put this crystal in my shirt as a reminder to begin working on my art again. The thing is- I am so utterly dense that finding it slipping down my back was not enough to jar my brain; I still found a way to rationalize the mysterious appearance of a rogue crystal appearing out of nowhere, on my body. Oh no- they had to take it one step further by conspicuously leaving it for me in the middle of my kitchen counter standing straight and tall. And finally I saw. It was the last nudge I needed. Since that moment I have made about fifteen new pieces of jewelry. And as always I am thankful for the divine reminder that without my art I am not fully living up to my God-given potential.

Remember that often signs and symbols are very personalized; be aware of the world around you. Really aware.  Not Jen-dense aware! If the symbol of a rose comes to you many times over the course of a week, visually, maybe in a quote or poem, or you catch the sweet scent of rose-scented perfume this may be a message to relax and slow down to smell the roses, or stop looking at a situation through rose-colored glasses. You'll know the meaning of the message once you notice it. Do not discount these signs.  Banish any second-guessing... once your intuition has sparked the thought in your mind of "wow this might be a sign!" know that it is.  Don't let your doubt wash away your intuition.  This sign came to me on the heels of my guides using my pendulum to literally spell out to me that it was time to continue on with my creativity. To anyone else the crystal would have meant nothing. To me it meant everything.

I'd love to know what signs you have noticed in your life! Please feel free to share!

Love and Light,



  1. Thanks for the reminder! Love this!

  2. Lately it's been Mermaids. I've hit a patch with lots of "interesting" obstacles that could really bring me down if I let them. The Mermaids tell me to keep swimming.