Monday, February 27, 2012

Take a Leap

My mind was busy wandering as I stared out of the car’s passenger seat window. I noticed the pine trees swaying in the gentle wind, shrugging off the coating of light snow that Michigan received overnight and I could hear the 70s station playing in the background as a spirited conversation ensued between my husband and my son regarding his day at school. I allowed myself to drift into a meditative state, connecting with my guides and angels, and I asked them for a sign. It was something I probably did too much. I envisioned them rolling their eyes and smirking at one another. There she goes again, folks, doubting the path we keep putting in front of her. How will we ever get her to just trust us, to trust herself? I grinned at the thought. My son’s screech roused me from my comfortable alpha state. A large bird flew off the lake towards our car, as if we were its prey. At first we thought it was an owl, but noticed as he flew perpendicular to our windshield that he was a red-tailed Hawk. Obstructing most of our view, he stared into the vehicle until he caught my eye and simply hovered. It was hard not to marvel at the size of his wings and his sharp talons as he continued to follow the car, until what felt like forever, he gave one huge swoop of his wings and flew off. The three of us all caught our breath and exclaimed how incredible the experience was and I teared up, in awe at the gravity of the message.

According to Animal Speak by Ted Andrew, the Hawk is the Messenger, the Protector and the Visionary of the air and when it shows up it is a sign to pay attention as there will be a positive event or message that will permanently affect the future. The Hawk reminds those who see it to soar to great heights while keeping the feet firmly on the ground. As smaller birds occasionally attack the hawks, there is also a message that others will attack, but to rise above the drama. The biggest message, so timely for this Leap Year, is to take a leap of faith. I couldn’t have received a better or more connected message with regards to my request for a sign and was very grateful that they didn’t send something larger. :)

I particularly love the animal signs, as they are hard to ignore, and because of that it inspired Johna Bowman Gibson and I to create the Higher Intuitions Oracle due out at the end of the year. The animals may not come to you in a waking state, but a meditation or dream state. Pay attention to what crosses your path, whether it be a mouse that runs across the road, a frog or toad that jumps out of the bushes, a sparrow that flies in front of your car, a squirrel who keeps showing up on your front porch, a butterfly that lands on your arm, and the list goes on. Each has their own message, their own meaning. Keep a journal and take note as to your life situation compared to the animal crossing your path and you might then ‘hear’ the messages your Guides and Angels are sharing.

So as February 29th, a day out of time, creeps up on us, upgrade your steps to take that leap.

Boundless Blessings,
Kristy Robinett
An Abnormally Normal Psychic Medium - Author - Life Coach


  1. I'll bet that was an amazing sight Kristy but you know what amazed me even more??? You doubt yourself?? Sorry- I had to tease you! For a "muggle" like myself it's hard to imagine you questioning. But I get it. Hawks, any raptor for that matter, are awesome creatures. I'm happy you received such a strong message.

  2. How awesome! My mother and I saw a big hawk up close a long time ago. We were walking on the road beside my grandmother's land (which we were clearing at the time) when it swoops in front of our faces and lands on the road in front of us.

    Just the other day, as I was picking up my bag to leave work and go home, I saw a silverfish of all things. (Still creeps me out. Lol!) I don't know if that was a sign, as I've looked for 'totem' info online and have found nothing about silverfish, but I so completely believe in signs from the animal kingdom. I dream about animals A LOT. Usually I'm rescuing them.


  3. I must frustrate my Guides. I seriously hope that they have hair color on the Other Side or else all of their hair will be gray!

    I am a seeing is believing kinda gal, even with the ability of knowing, seeing, hearing, feeling, etc. I am the biggest skeptic that there is. Got to love having a Psychic Cynic, huh?