Monday, February 13, 2012

The Beginning

When I first spoke to Madelyn Alt, I instantly felt a connection, as if I had found my long lost sister. The more we snuck emails and texts to one another throughout our crazy days of kids, dogs, cats, book deadlines, work schedules and spouses, the more the synchronicities were spelled out.

Jennifer Hupke and I spoke over the internet and I loved her spunk and her zest for life. She reminded me a bit of me from years back, an undercover Intuitive who hid it within her brilliant talent of being a gifted artist and photographer.

It was a stormy summer evening when Madelyn, Jennifer Hupke and I met at a haunted B & B near Cleveland, Ohio. The storm had brought tornadoes and downed power lines, but the three of us sat safely around a dining table with the candles burning brightly and non-stop conversation. We shared our love of lavender, old Victorian houses, baking, writing, the movie Practical Magic and ghosts, and so much more. We knew that one day we would begin a project, we just didn’t know when or what.

2012 is about finding that Soul Path and taking chances. There is no need and no time to wait any longer. The leap of faith has been taken and Madelyn, Jennifer and I have embraced a project we titled The MaJicKal Life – 3 Everyday Goddesses of the Abnormally Normal. We have no expectation, but are confident that it will lead us to successful and fun places.

For the time being we will Blog about our remarkable (sometimes remarkably incredible and sometimes remarkably boring) lives as women, as wives, as mothers, as authors and as Intuitives. I cannot speak for Mad or Jen, but I hope that we can further spotlight the beauty in being your true self, no matter what the true self is, with no apologies.

And with that, I hope that you will join us for our MaJicKal Life, wherever it may lead.


  1. Thanks for starting us off, K! Mwuah!

  2. A wonderful beginning to an exciting adventure!

  3. Ooooooooooh - I'm so excited! Bright blessings & warm wishes for a fantastic journey!

  4. I am so excited to read about this journey from you awesome ladies!