Friday, February 24, 2012

Living Life with a MaJicKal Purpose

Some time in early adulthood, life begins to hit most of us with a wallup. Responsibilities, duties, obligations, work, stress  . . . it all takes a toll and works to keep us locked in that endless cycle. We forget that we are engaged in this process, that we can make changes, that we can make a difference, because we are encouraged to believe otherwise. We are taught all kinds of rules and belief systems that keep us locked in the cycle, without even realizing that we are in one, let alone having the presence of mind to break out and think for ourselves.

Sometimes even those of us who have remembered this universal truth falter along the path, and we have to make a conscious effort to get back to a state of balance. Because that is the key, a balance of polar opposites, meeting and working together in the middle. That's how we get things done. When we exist and work and play within "The Zone", life becomes just a little bit more MaJicKal. :)

So, for me, that means balancing the stresses of the so-called "real" world with things that make me feel happy and at peace, things that also help to make MY real world a little better. By keeping those plans and goals in the forefront of my mind, it helps me to follow MY own path through the outside world.

Today this means, I will sit on my porch and write, a pretty table cover lifting with the breeze...

Crystals beside me... accompanied by a colored glass "gem," just because...

Windchimes churning in the warm spring breezes...

Doing the occasional bit of skywatching...

A faithful friend at my feet...

Two more trying to lure me inside to come and snuggle...   :::writing schedule, schmiting schedule! Warm kitties are more important!:::   They are terrible about using their kitty wiles, aren't they?

And, last but not least, daydreaming about what I'm going to do with my new garden space this year in between writing. Right now it just looks like a patch of dirt. I want to have raised beds built, line the rows with the antique bricks we found in a tangled jumble on a hillside in our woods, and then fill them with heirloom veggies and herbs. Why heirloom? Well, for one thing, it makes me feel good to grow vegetables that my grandparents might have grown. The heirloom plants tend to be fairly bug and disease resistant without the need for any chemicals {I insist on a chemical free garden. Get thee away, Round-up!} They also have the intense flavor bursts that have unfortunately not been foremost in the minds of all the people GMO'ing the plants and seeds of today.

Speaking of heirloom plants, a couple of years ago I was "led" to research them. Okay, led is the word I will choose, but honestly my Guides are pretty insistent with the nudges until I heed their advice. At the time, heirloom veggies were only just appearing here and there at our local greenhouse. Now they are growing more and more favor, appearing even at ::gasp:: Walmart. The research was only the beginning. I am feeling very strongly that this is important.

Gardening in and of itself is essential to me, for many different reasons. On the practical side, food prices are rising as nutrition levels are dropping and processed foods become the norm in our society. As a mother, this concerns me greatly.  No longer does putting a healthy meal on the table seem to be considered our right. I aim to reclaim control of this, for my small part of the world, and you can too! Even if you only have enough space for a few tomato plants in containers on your back step, a single tomato plant yields an amazing number of  tomatoes, and all it takes is being sure to give it plenty of water every day. No muss, no fuss. And have you checked the prices of tomatoes lately? How can you lose? Also, on the soul-stirring side, there is something wonderfully satisfying about working with the earth, planting things, nurturing them, watching them grow, and giving back to the earth rather than taking away. The sunshine and being outside a bit every day don't hurt, either! {And don't forget to watch for all those wee little faeries! :) }

I grow heirloom flowers, too, though none will bloom for a while yet. All flowers appeal to me, especially those that draw butterflies and bumblebees and birds, but also roses like this one, a Gentle Hermione... {pic credited to, a wonderful site to buy old style roses from!}

Just. Beautiful!

The gardening style that speaks to me the most is a rustic French-style potager, where flowers and vegetables and herbs are grown together, and the design of the garden is meant to be pleasing to the eye {and soul!} rather than just be utilitarian.  {pic credited to}


They kind of remind me of the enviably gorgeous garden in Practical Magic, non?

Gardening is kind of like life. Whatever you put into it is what you get out of it . . . and a little bit of, um, crap tends to add strength to whatever it is you are growing. Doncha just love a good analogy? ;>

So, that's how I'm working today on conjuring a balance in my life. Because there is more to creativity than just sitting in front of a computer in isolation for hours on end every day. Creativity needs tactile and colorific experiences to maintain its health. So do we all!

Love to all and wishing you warm spring blessings,

Mad {madly!}


  1. This totally speaks to me! I could wile away the hours in my sewing room, but the duties of a wife and mother call... So, I do some housekeeping, and spend a GE minutes spreading out the fabric. A round of laundry folding, and then I lay out the pattern. Make a meal, and then pin the paper pieces down...

  2. It's all part and parcel of living our lives with a magical purpose, non? Practically, as well as spiritually? Now, think about what intentions you are "building" into your housekeeping and into your meals and into your sewing. That's what gives your work a hint of magic.

    Some of my best manifestation efforts have been done while cleaning my house. It's also when I am best able to connect psychically without effort and without question. There is something about the repetitive nature of it that occupies your more logical left brain while allowing your right brain to roam free.

    Practical Magic, at its best. :)

  3. Love the post! I've been enjoying the extremely mild winter we have been having in Northern Illinois, and at the same time anticipating spring and browsing through seed catalogs searching for new plant varieties to try out. Speaking of tomatoes if you have not tried a brandywine tomato I highly recommend it. I hosted a tomato tasting party and this one won by a long shot. It's an heirloom, and it has that old fashion tomato taste along with a touch of sweetness to balance out the acidity. Yummy, just thinking about them makes my mouth water.

  4. What an uplifting post! I'm gonna try to find myself a little "magic" to end this day, too. (Had to send a student to the principal's office. Ugh! I never have to do that).

    So far, the best thing that's relaxed me after this stressful day was my furkids greeting me when I got home. Life would be so dull without them.


    1. There you go, turn it around and spin it back to the positive! :)

      Our Furbabies are our life partners for energy reasons as well... we can learn much from them.

  5. What a truly magical post. Those kitties are adorable. And your writing area looks very peaceful. Thank you for sharing! I just wish I liked raw tomatoes :(

    1. No fresh tomatoes? Eep, Jen, say it isn't so! LOL. Grow something else, then. Mesclun lettuce. Yellow and orange peppers. Strawberry plants. Whatever you like best! :)

    2. Oh I do! I love cucumbers and pretty much everything else. Just never have acquired a taste for raw 'maters although I *wish* I loved them. They look so pretty but *shudder* I can't stand the taste, smell or texture! Cooked is fine, raw nope. I still grow 'em though! Broiled with a little olive oil, pepper and sea salt is so yummy!

    3. Broiled/roasted/grilled, yes!!! I think I could eat almost all my veggies that way!

      Honestly, when it comes to tomatoes you get from the store, I can take them or leave them. They're awfully . . . meh. But heirlooms have so many different, wonderful flavors and textures.

      My brother is like you, he hates the texture of raw tomatoes, too. Although I'm pretty sure he doesn't like them cooked much either, unless they are chopped fine or blended.

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