Friday, February 17, 2012

Shielding: My Take

A couple of our readers asked about shielding so before I slip off to dreamland I thought I'd post my thoughts on how I protect myself from all the swirling energy of every day life. Please understand when I say I am new at this- I truly do mean it. Approximately three months ago I contacted Archangel Michael for the first time. Talk about overwhelming, especially for a doubter like myself!

(As a side note- completely impossible to deny the existence of an Archangel once one had made himself known. The spine-tingling and overwhelming love is enough to make even a seasoned Questioner-of-All like myself believe in a heartbeat.)

One of the things Michael stressed to me was that I must remember to, on a daily basis, ask God and he, Michael, for protection. That I must shield shield shield myself and my sensitivities. I've done my reading on shielding, being so sensitive it is a must in today's world. There are some great resources out there, the most recent I've read is information from Doreen Virtue. Some people imagine themselves surrounded by white light. Others imagine themselves being encased inside a globe of strong solid crystal. I would suggest you meditate and search your heart for what would seem most protective and appropriate for you. A colorful bubble of love and kindness surrounding you? Being bathed in a cleansing rose-colored light?

Maybe imagine yourself completely wrapped up in bubble wrap, the emotions of others bouncing off you like so much nothing?

Whatever you choose make sure to envision it, make it real.

My mode of protection is... angel wings. A while back I had a vision of myself as a child sitting under a tree with an angel beside me. The angel had her wings wrapped around me completely, soft and fluttery yet strong and protective all the same. I could feel the lightness of those wings, not exactly feathers but not exactly fluff- somewhere in between. But substantial. So this is the image I use to shield myself.

I am not perfect. Some mornings I am rushed and can barely find time to locate two matching shoes let alone get a two-year old ready and out the door while also remembering to shield before leaving for work. But most mornings I give myself enough time to awaken and thank God for a new day. Make my intention to have a wonderful and productive day known, and to shield. I also read a few passages from my Bible and say some general prayers... it's my morning routine. It seems long and involved but it isn't at all. How I shield and protect myself is very simple. It goes something like this:

"Dear God, Archangel Michael and my helpers, please shield and protect me as I venture out into the world today. Help guide me in loving myself enough to surrender all my doubts and fears to you while you keep me safe in your love, light and grace. Amen."

As I pray for myself I close my eyes and imagine lowering my head while being enveloped in those gleaming white, soft and protective wings. I will then keep them around me all day long while dealing with the world. They will work to block negative energy from affecting me.

As I said- I am a novice on a journey of enlightenment and learning. I hope, as a beginner, my guidance will be of some help to you but remember there are other resources out there and I am certain Kristy or Madelyn have some tried-and-true shielding methods. I often forget... and at times am still tempted to not believe. But let me tell you this: the day immediately after I first contacted Archangel Michael I was driving home from work and avoided getting into a car accident by a mere moment. A driver ran his stop sign right before I crossed through the intersection. A half second earlier and my car would have been hit, hard, with my son in the back seat. I had to pause and give thanks to God and His helpers for watching over me and my son.

So those wings? They really work! Or whatever you decide to envision as your protection may it be bubble wrap or the pages of a Bible. It doesn't matter if you fumble along but that you ask for and truly believe and accept that divine protection.

Stay safe and blessed,



  1. Wow you ladies act fast. Thank-you so much for all the excellent advice. I'm also on the journey to spirituality and enlightenment and what an exciting road it has been. I have been meditating almost daily for the past two years and before I meditate I say a white light of protection prayer that I learned from a phenomenal teacher. I usually meditate in the evenings, so I will try out your routine and start off my day with the prayer so my shields will be up throughout the day. So glad you three crafty ladies came up with such a gem of a blog. I really enjoy your posts and the pictures, they make my day!!

  2. Trisha, normally it would have taken me weeks to respond this is why I stayed up to do it last night, quickly {I'm a bit *understatement alert!* of a procrastinator! Thank you so much for your kind words. It is good that you meditate with your white light of protection prayer at night because those of us who are sensitive can have nighttime visitors while we sleep. But yes, I would suggest you shield in the morning to prepare you for your day :)

    1. Oh I also wanted to thank you for the recommendation of the Doreen Virtue books. I've heard a lot of good things about her, but I have not yet read any of her books. This gives me the nudge I need to check out her work.