Friday, February 17, 2012

Take Flight

I didn’t feel as if anybody understood me. The negative presence in the house had already driven me to sleep on the itchy brown plaid couch in the living room, just feet away from my mom and dad’s bedroom. The taunting, nightmares and scary feelings were about driving me mad and all I wanted was to have a sanctuary of my own bedroom, but there was no haven in my home. My only escape was when my nose was in a book. It was then that I could ignore the stress of my mom’s illnesses, the stress of my sister’s drama, and the stress of my dad trying to hide from the stress. All of the emotions were a beacon to the negative energy that wanted to feed. And I was the target, or so my ego felt that way. In essence the whole family was. I prayed every night that a miracle would occur and we would move. To me moving away from the negative was my hope that my mom would get better and that my sister would find her way home. It wasn’t until later, after working similar paranormal cases, that I realized that the negative would’ve followed, but to my nine-year old brain and happily-ever-after heart and soul I saw it as an answer. The answer.

I made my bed on the couch, as I had for several years, even though I had a large room on the second floor colored in purple paint and a canopy bed. Instead I opted for the uncomfortable wool couch and knowing that my parents were just a yell away. I had just fallen asleep when I awoke to find myself drifting. I could touch the ceiling. I looked down to see my physical body on the couch, sleeping peacefully, and felt at that moment that if I didn’t pull myself back to my body that I would die and drift away – far away. I could see in the distance, something further than the ceiling itself, a white energy, and knew that the energy was going ‘home’ and I felt sad and lonely. I panicked and pulled myself down on to my physical body, took a deep breath and jerked myself awake. My heart beat fast and I felt as if I had just died and come back alive. I felt someone watching me over my shoulder and swung around to see a young girl. She had long blonde curly hair and wore all white. It was a white that I had never seen before. It didn’t just sparkle, but it emitted a sense of pureness and love. Her face was round, her cheeks rosy and she spoke to me telepathically. “You are loved, Kristy. You are safe, Kristy.” Instead of asking questions or starting any sort of communication (something I regret to this day), I leaped off the couch and ran right through her, into my mom and dad’s room, where they simply allowed me to snuggle with them and I fell asleep.

I had stopped talking to anybody about my strange happenings long ago, but I was shaken and so I confided to my mom. She turned ashen and before I fully described to her what the little girl looked like, my mom described her to me - right down to the lace on her sleeves. She said she had a dream about her that night where she told her she would lose a child and she began to tear up thinking perhaps it was a premonition of my own death, but I shared with her the message. “You are loved, Kristy. You are safe, Kristy.” That afternoon my mom miscarried a baby that she wasn’t even aware she was carrying until it happened. She called me into the bathroom to help her call the doctor and we both cried with both sadness of the loss, but also relief that it wasn’t my death that I witnessed, it was my sister’s death. No, I don’t know for sure that the baby was a girl, but both my mom and I had a knowing that it was.

To this day I can hear that angel talking to me. “You are loved, Kristy. You are safe, Kristy.” Through my difficult marriage and divorce. Through having a baby with a birth defect and going through numerous surgeries with him. And through figuring out the magick that I held within my soul and acknowledging that being abnormally normal was normal.

Angels are around us each and every day and they carry us through the happy times and the sad times too. By tuning into their channel each day, the messages become clearer and clearer. It doesn’t take a special gift, only spreading your wings so that you can take flight with your angels.


Kristy Robinett


  1. Saddening but also very interesting. I'm sorry to hear your mom lost a child but glad you were watched over.

  2. Thankyou for sharing this story. It was sad but when you three share your experiences it helps the rest of us going through these odd moments not feel so alone in the world. I hope that makes sence. I have had odd things happen all of my life and half of me believed what was happening and the other half of me thought I was losing my mind lol. Toys going off by themselves, seeing sparkles, touched by an orb of light, hearing a voice are just to name a few......