Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spirit Communication Through Dreams

Jennifer's Dream Land


Dreams. As humans we all have them, a common trait that links us together. Even animals experience dreams. Ever observed a dog while he's dreaming of running, those cute little whines- legs working a mile a minute as he chases a phantom rabbit through a field? Funny stuff! I am a very vivid dreamer and at times my dreams take me to places otherwise unknown in my waking life. The above picture I took in northern Minnesota {sans fairies although I don't doubt pixies are plentiful up in God's country, such beautiful magical land!} This shot, a lush emerald alcove of water, is reminiscent of my dream lands... although those dreams I will explain in a future post. My flying dreams are the most wonderful nighttime visions of all.

According to Wiki dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep; these nighttime images are seen as being a link to our unconscious mind. Yet dreams are so much more than our synapses randomly firing throughout the night.  No, dreams are a form of spirit communication. Dreams can be understood as a way for our normally crazed chaotic waking minds to relaxxxxxx and unwind.

I do believe there is a direct link between our brains and our souls although some of us *koff koff* {who shall remain nameless} battle that link. I, for one, have a bad habit of disputing the information my soul communicates to my mind. Question, question, question... hey- we all have our issues, right? Well at night my mind blissfully shuts up, I mean, shuts down... and this allows my heart, mind and soul to connect. It also allows my spirit guides and angels a clear connection to my unconscious mind, my heart and my soul.

And this, my friends, is what my post is all about. Dreams as spirit communication. Not all of us are blessed with amazingly strong abilities like Kristy but this doesn't mean we have no abilities at all, just different. More... subdued.  I used to lament over the fact that I don't readily see spirits or hear them whispering in my ear.  Now my guides know darn well that if one of them were to whisper in my ear, taking me- a, well, doubter- off guard I would probably wet myself... and I know they don't desire causing me any public humiliation! In short, they offer me guidance they know I can accept.

And believe. And TRUST.

I trust my dreams. I have no control over these vivid magical images I am blessed with during the night. There is no reason for me to question the validity of my dreams or wonder if they are “only my imagination.” I am fortunate enough that my guides choose to support me, nurture and love me, through my lack of faith. And one of the ways they do this is by offering me visions and messages through my dreams. I’d like to share an example of this with you now.

I kinda hit a life roadblock last year; we all experience them from time to time don’t we? I allowed myself to become derailed from my passions. I fell into a funky abyss from which I had a hard time climbing out of. My guides allowed me time to wallow in self-pity and a perceived sense of unbalance, feeling so very “stuck,” but only for so long. Slowly signs began making themselves known to me, signaling to me that it was time to get back on track both spiritually and emotionally. They’d had enough of my sloshing around in despondency and were urging me to become unstuck from my lack of conviction because we all have the personal authority to lift ourselves out of pain simply through the power of positive thinking and a concentration on joyfulness.

In other words, my guides were telling to to grab my Big Girl Panties and slip em' on, and now!

Rainbows were the first of my signs, and that is a topic for another post on symbols. But the second sign was my dream life became increasingly vivid, the messages undeniable. During this time spirit communication through my pendulum was strong and distinct with one of their main messages concerning getting back to my passions, my art. My creativity. For me a life without creativity is not truly living. If I do not create I may breath but I do not experience life, not really.

Recently I was staying overnight at a hotel, alone, reading Doreen Virtue’s book on how to contact angels and guides. In it she specifically explains that dreams are often visions given to us from our angels. She reminds her readers to ask for those messages via our dream world because, come on let’s face it, it never hurts to remember to actually ask for help instead of just assuming it will be offered to us on a silver platter. Another important aspect to receiving messages during the night is to request we remember those dreams and know them for what they are- important insight to our waking life.

As I lay down for bed I asked God and my guides to please use my dreams as communication and to help me remember those dreams… and that night I had an amazing dreamtime experience.

I was walking down a nature trail {nature, particularly water, is very important to me} along with a bunch of other people. I looked down and noticed I wasn’t wearing any shoes, thick nasty mud squishing up between my toes. I was not happy with the mud and wondered- where the heck are my shoes? The people around me were talking about this special land of frogs we were traveling to- frogs? Hm… I often see animals in my dreams and always pay special attention to these totem messages.

I felt continuously stuck in this mud and labored to keep up with the group but although I trudged along I was not left behind.

After walking for a while and dwelling on the mud that covered my feet we entered into a magical clearing; green, lush and deliciously beautiful it was filled with square-shaped pools of “hot spring” water. These warm pools were filled with frogs, frogs that were… singing with a sonorous music instead of just ribbiting. Everyone marveled over the frogs while I walked over to a grassy area to wipe the mud off my feet. I didn't want to take the chance of "muddying the water" by dipping my feet into it so rubbing them on the grass would have to suffice.  Misty steam wafting from the pools of water where the frogs resided floated to where I stood and led me over to the frogs where I clearly experienced their genuinely beautiful sound… and then my dream was over.

This particular night I had many dreams that I remembered upon awakening. I recorded them all to further analyze their meaning. I own a wonderful animal totem book that is one of my favorite spiritual resources for decoding the animal visions that appear in my life. As I researched frogs in my book I had to laugh because Frog means “transformation through water” and I was recently baptized Christian through immersion- an experience that was foreign to my past-Catholic self. Frog also means transformation through sound which is not surprising to me as I love music and can’t live without it. Also my guides have hinted that once I become more open and trusting I will be able to “hear” more clearly- meaning there is a possibility I will be developing clairaudience. Frog is associated with both land and water, just as dragonflies are- another strong totem for me. I equate “land” as being my mind/earth-based self and “water” as being my soul/heart-based self. I need to find a balance between the two, and Frog is being shown to me as a reminder of this fact.

And finally, a direct quote from the totem book concerning Frog asks if I have become mired in the mud of everyday life. The mud of everyday life- and in my dream I was getting stuck in that yucky thick mud, battling to arrive with the rest to experience the beautiful song of Frog.

But I did make it; success was mine!

Some more information about Frog: emotions are often represented or associated with water {hence my abundance of water dreams lately, and Frog represents water.} Frog means sensitivity to the emotions of others {right!} and metamorphosis… exactly what I am currently experiencing, a spiritual metamorphosis. Frog also means coming into one’s own personal power and the connection to water can be a reminder to “keep it fresh.” Am I becoming mundane? Afraid of my uniqueness? It’s time for me to dive into new fresh creative waters, and to sing the song of my soul.

Frogs are keenly attune to sound. A recent spirit guide message for me was “it’s okay for you to see, and it’s okay for you to hear.” Water is the best conductor of sound. I know that by introducing Frog into my dream along with the serene sounds, misty ethereal pools of water and especially becoming stuck in the mud {and not liking it one single bit} were all messages from my guides. Messages to get off my butt and become unstuck creatively. To banish the doubt and allow myself to clearly hear their messages, and also to learn that I have power over the “climate” of my life- Frog represents climate control too. Also Frog represents my love for music, how important sound is to my life, and the knowledge that repetitive songs and their content/meaning are messages from my guides.

So my challenge to you, dear blog reader, is tonight take a moment to reflect on your day and any issues you may have encountered, good or bad. Reach out to God and your guides/angels and ask for your dreams to be used as a vehicle to know their messages. To decipher the meaning will take some analyzing but once you’ve received the message via your dreams your guides will assist you in clearly understanding their divine intent.  Make sure to keep a notebook close by your bed!

Happy joyful dreaming to you all, and remember to sing the Frog song of your soul.



  1. Jen and I have talked about this before -- I, too, am a Dream Walker, and I have little trouble remembering my dreams in detail . . . until my dear hubby's alarms (multiple) start going off at top volume, and it startles me out of the driftiness of sleep so badly that the details move just beyond my grasp. It is something that I've been trying to find a way around. So, if anyone has any good ideas, please share!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this great info. Sometimes I remember my dreams in great detail and sometimes I wake up and it all leaves my head very quickly. My mom passed from breast cancer a year and a half ago and I long to have her visit me in my dreams. It seems like when ever she does visit, those just happen to be the dreams I cant completely remember when I wake up. Reading these blogs has made me aware to a lot more things...especially waking up with songs in my mind lol. I had a dream the other day that I was standing on a wooden patio(thats the only way I can think of to describe it) and was surrounded by water. I could see a unicorn in the distance on a peice of land. I kept getting the feeling that someone was trying to capture her and I wanted her to run. When I woke up I was just happy to have had a dream with a unicorn in it lol. I have no idea how to decipher that one. Thankyou for sharing all of your great stories and information!!! :))

  3. Interesting. I dream about animals probably 90% of the time. Usually, I'm rescuing them.

    I used to have a lot of surreal dreams, too, - (Space, past life, ghosts, you-name-it) - but over the last few years the theater's been either pretty dark or lame/boring/mundane. I did record those previous dreams, some inside journals and all of them online, but what's strange is that it sometimes takes YEARS for me to "get" the message a dream/Spirit was trying to tell me. Lol! (I think my guides must have to be very patient with me).

    Your dream sounds marvelous! I hope to read more of them in the future.


  4. Kristin- maybe it's time to start meditating and drawing your dreams back to you again, if, of course, this is what you desire. You rescue animals in your dreams and I rescue children!

    Shannon- oh I would have a field day with your dream! Right off the bat a unicorn, this is just my opinion of course, is such a magical creature that it would be representative of your creative/open-minded/magical/whimsical soul or nature. Do you feel separated from that side of yourself right now? Or are you on a journey to get closer to it? Maybe you feel your spiritual or magical side is... not as free as you would like it to be, hence afraid the unicorn will be captured? And then there is the fact that you were separated from the unicorn by water.

    Water often represents emotions in dreams... so here you are, on a wooden {i.e. stable, completely physical, non-moveable, unchangeable} platform overlooking and surrounded by the water {your ever changing emotions} as you observe this unicorn {your fantasy-magical side} but you have some apprehension with the situation so obviously it's a message that you are working on something or through something~ not negative at all. See where I'm going with this?

    Or else I'm completely full of over-analyzed hot magical air ;)

    1. Yes, I've thought about learning how to meditate... again. Lol! The thing is, when I had all those dreams before I wasn't meditating or doing anything special at all. I guess the dreams and messages just come when they need to. I do miss those dreams, although I do have more 'flashes/visions' these days than I used to. I had one just last night.

      Which I never fully believe in anyway. It's so hard knowing when it's nothing versus something.


  5. I really wish we had "Like" buttons on the blog! LOL

  6. I've said the same thing before. Lol! "Like" buttons and smilies.


  7. Oohhh!!! I absolutely unterstand the way you have interpreted my dream. I very much understand it now!!! As a kid I used to sit in my room and fill up journal after journal about what ever was going on in my life and I would also express myself through poetry. Of course I have been facsinated with the spiritual/majical side since I can remember. I felt more open to it back then. Now that I am busy in life with 3 kids, lots of stress, trying to kick some leftover depression to the the curve...I have found myself thinking a lot about when I was younger and wanting to be back in that "happy state of mind".

    Another way of thinking about it is that I have always felt like I was odd because I have had so many odd things happen to me throughout my life(seeing sparkles, touched by orbs of light, heard a voice one time). When you three lovely ladies started these blogs I was one happy person. Reading the blogs makes me feel not so odd and YES, I have found myself thinking about how I would love for this spiritual side of me to grow!!! I am however unsure of how to make that happen and always so overwhelmed and busy with my three little blessings(children). Thankyou for sharing!!! I look forward to reading the next blog!!! :)

    1. Shannon, the odd sparkles, yes. You are not alone! And the occasional, random voice -- when I "hear" it, it's usually just as I am waking. It's a voice, in my ear (just one?), but not a voice that's in the external world. I've been told it's a sign of clairaudience.

    2. Hmmm...the voice I heard sounded exactly like the voices you would hear on the recorders while watching ghost adventures lol. Very strange sounding but it didnt scare me. I had a bowl in my arms and was getting ready to go outside and pick strawberries when a voice said "Look behind you"!!!! Soooo I looked behind me and nothing was there and I was a bit weirded out but I still went outside to do my strawberry picking while the kids were napping. After doing a lot of thinking I decided to take it as a warning and watch the kids much closer,and look behind me a lot more while driving. I didnt know how else to interpret it. The voice was loud and clear as day but sounded electronic. That following weekend my son had a close call at a pool party. I was sitting at a table with two of my children(yes, with my back turned) and my oldest son was in the pool with his dad. His dad dived under the water and while he was under my son slipped over to the deep end of the pool and went under........thank the lord his dad found him in time and all was well but I will never forget that and I most definately look behind me a lot more often!!!

  8. So funny! I just e-mailed Mad and told her I had a question as I went to bed last night. This morning I "heard" two words upon awakening... "Wildly esoteric." Yes I have an idea what they mean {and that is for another day!} I don't literally "hear" the words, no one is speaking in my ear, they are just wordlessly voiced in my head. And I love it :) Mad~ I do believe it is a form of clairaudience.

    Shannon- glad you enjoyed the dream ideas, and even happier that our blog is helpful to you!

  9. Jennifer great post, can you share the name of the animal totem book you use for interpreting your dreams. I often times remember my dreams pretty vividly, but have a hard time trying to figuring out the message my guides are trying to give me. My guides really simplified this dream I'm about to share with you. I kept on having a recurring dream of my cousin whom I hadn't talked to in 4 months because of a weird misunderstanding between the 2 of us, plus a little bit of stubbornness on both parts doesn't help. In these dreams I could feel tension and anger just stewing from her, and she did not seem to want to talk to me. Then about 2 weeks ago I had a dream that we hugged and I felt a genuine feeling of happiness and love. So I called her the next morning and after 4 months of ignoring my phone calls to my surprise she actually picked up the phone. She said she was going to call me the same day, but I beat her to it. We met up for coffee 2 days later, and all is back to normal! I thank my guides for giving me that dream and pushing me to make that phone call. It felt great to have that validation that my guides are really there to help me.

  10. Trisha what a great dream message! I am so happy you called your cousin and you are now on good terms. See? Our God and our guides know what they are doing, don't they?

    The animal totem book is: "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews. It is a wonderful book. I heartily recommend it!

  11. It was Ted Andrews that inspired Johna Bowman-Gibson and I to create Higher Intuitions Oracle - coming out at the end of the year. I believe animals give us signs daily - whether in the physical sense, spirit sense or dream state. I had an encounter yesterday but I will save it for a Blog. :)

  12. Yoga and meditation help greatly with the messages during sleep time. Those practices train the body, mind and spirit to quiet itself. Most cannot get to the point of going through the sleep cycles because of smart phones, worries, electronic devices on, etc. Practice, practice, practice and invite your guides and spirits in!

    Jen - gosh was this a beautiful post!

  13. Kristy *blush* thanks. I am enjoying sharing with everyone! I am excited about your Higher Intuitions Oracle and I'm interested to hear about your recent animal encounter. I dream about animals often- and when I do I know to whip out my "Animal Speak" to see what my guides were telling me. One of the best books I've ever purchased. I have a dream about a spider for the blog for another time.